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6 reasons why a ladies’ night out is always a good idea

Women who have close girlfriends may find ladies' night out is the ideal way to reconnect and find the time to let loose and have fun. When done responsibly, a ladies' night out can make for the ideal evening.


Murder By Death makes special swing by Savannah’s The Jinx

03 May 2016

In a twist of fate, Savannah has been rewarded with a special show from the gothic, neo-Americana outfit Murder By Death.


Second annual SCAD Illustration Expo features more than 50 artists

03 May 2016

There’s a heck of a lot going on in the arts this Friday. In addition to the numerous gallery openings and other offshoots, you should also add SCAD’s second annual Illustration Expo to your cultural to-do list for the weekend. 


Savannah Sweet Tease team up with House of Gunt to take on ‘Disney Whirled’

04 May 2016

The pairing of Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue and House of Gunt onstage is a classic game of cat and mouse, draped in a gender-bending, burlesque-fueled drag show within the limitless boundary of the world of Disney. 


Savannah Scottish Games will make you think twice about what you can throw

04 May 2016

The competition is serious but the competitors have fun during the Savannah Scottish Games, celebrating the 40th anniversary May 7 at Bynuh’s Field at Bethesda Academy.  


Fairy & Gnome Festival offers enchanting day for little ones

03 May 2016

It may very well go down once again as the cutest festival in Savannah. Oatland Island Wildlife Center’s Fairy & Gnome Festival returns from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. May 7. 


Retro Mega Comic Con ups the ante in second year

03 May 2016

Convention season is in full force in Savannah. GnomeCon ushered in the year, followed by SwarmCon this past weekend. Up on deck now is Retro Mega Comic Con 2: Wrath of Con.