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Battle Ball tourney raises funds for testicular cancer

  • Photo courtesy Savannah Battle Ball
  • Photo courtesy Savannah Battle Ball
  • Photo courtesy Savannah Battle Ball
  • Photo courtesy Savannah Battle Ball

Battle Ball tourney raises funds for testicular cancer

27 Feb 2017

The Battle for the Balls takes a twist on bringing attention to testicular cancer. Often, this cancer does not get much attention.

Nathan Knight, who owns Savannah Battle Ball, said cancer devastated him as a child, when he lost his father to it.

“Although it was not testicular cancer,” said Knight, “I know firsthand how absolutely disastrous cancer can be to loved ones as well as their families and how important organizations like American Cancer Society are to the regions they serve. Through awareness and support, these organizations provide a priceless service for the wellness of our communities.”

Knight’s tournament helps raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Featuring teams of four players, each team must go through double elimination during the March 4 tournament at Forsyth Park.

“Each team lines up at opposite ends of the field and battles the other team in a game of soccer while wearing the indestructible protective bubble, known as a Battle Ball,” Knight said. “There is nothing like the feeling of running full speed into an opponent, sending them flying and both end up laughing your butts off.”

Savannah Food Truck Association will be at the park serving a variety of foods.

“On top of having the food trucks, we have teamed up with Southbound Brewing Co. and Service Brewing Co. and will be serving the region’s best craft beer all day,” he added.

Southbound opens the ceremony at their brewery with an event March 3. It is a pre-game meetup where competitors can size up their opponents and help raise funds by raising a pint or two.

“We will be performing a toast to all cancer patients, survivors and those who passed from a battle with cancer,” Knight said.

Knight got the idea for the Battle for the Balls by seeing other fundraisers.

“Each year I see a bunch of great breast cancer awareness events,” he said. “I thought to myself as the owner of a company called Battle Ball, why are there no real big testicular cancer events? So I teamed up with the American Cancer Society and made one of our own.”

In addition to the 18-and-older tournament, they are going to host youth activities, including relay races, bubble soccer, last man standing, sharks and minnows and an opportunity for the little ones to just jump in and bounce around.

Their goal is to use fundraising events like the Battle for the Balls to positively impact cancer patients’ lives, all while having fun and creating awareness.

“The main objective of the event is to simply continue our mission,” Knight said, “which is not only to bring fun, new activities to the community but to give back to local charities that help so many individuals in need.”


What: The Battle for the Balls Opening Ceremony

When: 5:30-7:30 p.m. March 3

Where: Southbound Brewing Co., 107 E. Lathrop Ave.

Cost: $20; includes samples, brewery tour and souvenir



What: The Battle for the Balls

When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 4

Where: Forsyth Park

Cost: $100 per team (four to seven players)