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GnomeCon back with tournaments, film screening, cosplay and more

  • GnomeCon (Spotted photo by Adam Messer)
  • GnomeCon (Spotted photo by Adam Messer)
  • GnomeCon (Spotted photo by Adam Messer)
  • GnomeCon (Spotted photo by Adam Messer)

GnomeCon back with tournaments, film screening, cosplay and more

27 Feb 2017

Ever since a wee little group of gnomes decided to craft a gaming festival, a lavish little world of tabletop gaming, cosplay and cool shows became available to Savannah. GnomeCon was born, much to the delight of geeks, nerds and gamers alike.

GnomeCon 2017 will focus more on the games this year, said Philip Schweier, publicity gnome. Schweier said there are tons of giveaway games as well, and “If someone doesn’t go home with a game, then they are not playing games,” he said.

GnomeCon is a family-friendly gamers convention. This year will be back at the original location at the Ramada Inn in Pooler.

“We wanted to focus on what the attendees wanted,” said Schweier, which is going back to their roots of being mainly a gaming convention. The kind of games they will be playing are modern tabletop gaming, with competitions, cooperative games and some just for fun.

In addition to games, they are offering a huge list of cool things to do, including a cosplay tournament, where guests come dressed in often homemade costumes and props of favorite characters. They are also offering guest panels, fan trivia games and a lot more.

Speaking of trivia, special guests Todd and Cindy Hanson return this year for the Professor Fear and Pinky trivia show. For those who have not experienced the show before, Professor Fear is a horror host with a quick wit and silver tongue. After he lathers up the audience, he and Pinky fuel nerd rage comedy with the ultimate battle: nerd trivia. Todd Hanson (Professor Fear) said his favorite part about the show is the obscure trivia and the laughs. Cindy Hanson (Pinky) said she enjoys the audience’s hysterical replies.

Film enthusiasts will also want to make the trip to GnomeCon. Los Bastardz Productions’ Scott Tepperman and Jim O’Rear are hosting a special viewing just for GnomeCon of their movie “Nightblade,” a crime drama loaded with action. After the viewing, both directors/actors will have a question-and-answer session about the film.

Tepperman said he enjoys doing shows like GnomeCon because of the interaction with the fans, while O’Rear loves the conversations with fans and enjoys the production work of filmmaking.

Both Tepperman and O’Rear are returning this year to GnomeCon, after successfully raising over $10,000 on Indiegogo for the feature film “Nightblade.” The GnomeCon director’s cut screening offers fans a chance to fully engage in the experience.

GnomeCon’s commitment to the fans is what makes it so special. A team of dedicated volunteers works together every year to make GnomeCon special. GnomeCon is a nonprofit that donate proceeds to the Live Oak Public Libraries. Schweier said his goal is to make sure everyone is having fun.

“If I see someone who looks like they are not enjoying themselves,” said Schweier, “I will go over to them and ask them what can we do to make it better for them.”


What: GnomeCon 2017

When: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. March 3; 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. March 4; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 5

Where: Ramada Inn, 301 Governor Treutlen Drive, Pooler

Cost: $45 for weekend pass; $20 Friday only; $25 Saturday only; $15 Sunday only