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Non Stop Boogie Drop features 24 hours of music to benefit Savannah Riverkeeper

  • Savannah Riverkeeper’s Jacob Oblander, from left, House of Strut’s Erica Cobb Jarman and Benjamin Umbreit, aka DJ OB-1 Kenobi, will host the Non Stop Boogie Drop from April 7-8. (Photo by Adam Messer)
  • Lo’ Kuntry
  • Laiken Love
  • The Flying Bacon Cheeseburgers
  • Jason Bible of The Train Wrecks (Photo by Jon Waits)

Non Stop Boogie Drop features 24 hours of music to benefit Savannah Riverkeeper

03 Apr 2017

Great things come from small dreams.

“I had a dream that I was dancing under my disco ball, with musicians everywhere, dancing for 24 hours for Mother Earth,” said Erica Cobb Jarman, owner of Savannah vintage clothing store House of Strut.

She said when she woke up, the dream was so vivid that it stuck in her mind.

She noted that she’s been more concerned about the environment these days and wanted to do something about it. She approached local artist and DJ Jose Ray to help her punch holes in the idea.

“I have these crazy ideas and I need people to bring me back to earth,” she said. “They help me to see what is possible and not possible with the idea.”

Jarman said she wanted to host the event in April in light of Earth Day. She said Ray thought the idea was possible, but would need to think it through.

On the same day, Benjamin Umbreit, DJ OB-1 Kenobi, decided he wanted to host a 24-hour DJ event. He took the idea to his friend, Ray, who said Jarman spoke with him earlier about her dream.

“I called her that day,” Umbreit said. The pair collaborated to create the Non Stop Boogie Drop, which will feature several local bands and regional DJs from April 7-8 at House of Strut.

Jarman said local musican Anna Chandler, lead singer for COEDS, suggested the Savannah Riverkeeper as the charity benefactor for the event.

Jacob Oblander, outreach coordinator for the Savannah Riverkeeper, said his goal this year includes developing more events with the art community.

“We want to connect the community with the Savannah Riverkeeper. It was really exciting when they reached out to us,” Oblander said. “It is a big deal when someone reaches out to us.”

He added that this is a great opportunity to introduce the Savannah Riverkeeper to a younger audience.

“We need to work with a younger crowd who want to help clean up the river and kayak on the river,” he said.

Along with the 24 featured bands, musicians and DJs, the Non Stop Boogie Drop also paired up with community partners to help raise money for the Savannah Riverkeeper.

Southbound Brewing Co.’s Carly Wiggins said they joined the event to help the local environment.

“With us being near the coast, having the beach and being able to go out to the river kayaking, and being able to do all of that amazing outdoor stuff, we have to take care of our water,” Wiggins said.

Jarman added: “The people of Savannah come together to help support charities, and it is beautiful that they help.”


What: Non Stop Boogie Drop

When: 9 p.m. April 7 to 9 p.m. April 8

Where: House of Strut, 17 W. 41st St.

Cost: $24



April 7

6-9 p.m.: Sponsor Party with The Sound Experiment

9 p.m.: Jameson the 3rd

10 p.m.: Ambrose

11 p.m.: Street Clothes

Midnight: The Train Wrecks

April 8

1 a.m.: Jose Ray

2 a.m.: Obamabo

3 a.m.: Jacob Edward Evans

4 a.m.: Blissfall

5 a.m.: Lotion In The Basket

6 a.m.: Lotion In The Basket

7 a.m.: The Flying Bacon Cheeseburgers

8 a.m.: 7’ Clarence

9 a.m.: BiRDPERSON

10 a.m.: Honeycutt

11 a.m.: Ben Keiser Blues Band with Sista Rae Rae and Erica Franklin

Noon: PressPlay

1 p.m.: Laiken Love

2 p.m.: Arenaissance

3 p.m.: Anders Band & Igor

4 p.m.: Twisty Cats

5 p.m.: Clouds & Satellites

6 p.m.: DBZ BassJunkie

7 p.m.: Lo’ Kuntry

8 p.m.: BooDoo

9 p.m.: Shines of the Sun