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‘The Original Tybee Island Coloring Book’ a hit with locals and visitors

  • “The Original Tybee Island Coloring Book” will launch with a party June 10 at Tybee Island Social Club.
  • “The Original Tybee Island Coloring Book” will launch with a party June 10 at Tybee Island Social Club.
  • Inside page from “The Original Tybee Island Coloring Book.”

‘The Original Tybee Island Coloring Book’ a hit with locals and visitors

05 Jun 2017

There’s no better way to start off a romance than with a business plan.

For Ashley Logan Wilson and Jeremy Scheinbart, it’s a dream come true. They formed a business, Color My City, to produce coloring books and have already released their very first: “The Original Tybee Island Coloring Book.”

“I have often thought this would be a good idea to do a comic book about Tybee and surrounding cities,” Scheinbart says. “I grew up on Tybee and I remember putt-putt golf and the waterslide and a lot more activities and fun for kids to have.

“Hopefully, this coloring book will help families have a good time and spread the word about Tybee,” he says. “I thought a coloring book would be a very good activity to do at the table at restaurants, at the inn, even on the beach.”

On June 10 at Tybee Island Social Club, the coloring book will get its official launch. There will be children’s activities, food, live music and more.

The images feature some of Tybee’s most iconic views and were all created by Wilson. Originally from Fayetteville, N.C., she has always loved the beach.

Wilson works in painting, drawing and mixed media. She also is a classically trained opera singer.

“I grew up loving art and music equally,” Wilson says. “When I was 18, it was hard to decide what to major in.

“My undergraduate degree is in vocal performance. I love singing; I love performing.

“Eventually, as our business grows and we do more cities, I will have more time to perform in Savannah,” she says. “We’re getting the business off the ground for now, although I do sing for charity events, so I still get to do music.”

The book isn’t just for children. In recent years, adult coloring books have become quite popular.

“We haven’t forgotten about adults,” Scheinbart says. “We designed it to make it accessible to children all the way up to adults.”

“It has some drawings that are a little more detailed,” Wilson adds. “We wanted adults to have fun coloring it, as well.”

Tybee Island is the perfect subject for a coloring book.

“I’m putting in things I see every day in a form that is interactive,” Wilson says.

“They can go by the lighthouse and then get to color it,” Scheinbart says. “What a great memory.”

Other cities will have their own comic books in the future.

“We have Savannah in the works already,” Scheinbart says. “… We’ll concentrate on cities that have strong tourism.”

The couple shares a love of creativity.

“The two of us met in Savannah,” Scheinbart says. “Ashley was in grad school at SCAD in illustration. We hit it off and began to work together.”

“I think that’s what makes our relationship so strong,” Wilson says. “We love to work together.

“He has a niece and nephew we like to do things with,” she says. “He’s going to write children’s books and I’m going to illustrate them.”

The two are looking forward to the launch party.

“It will be a lot of fun for people of all ages,” Scheinbart says. “There will be activities for kids, live music and we’ll raffle off prizes.”

The coloring book makes a great souvenir.

“This is something people can have to remember their trip,” Wilson says. “They can also give it as a gift.”

The book is now available on Tybee at IGA, Hotel Tybee and Chu’s Market. In Savannah, look for it at E. Shaver, Bookseller. It will also be available online sometime this month.

Those who have already seen the book are ecstatic.

“The response so far has been overwhelming,” Scheinbart says. “It’s been amazing.

“The business owners on Tybee to a person have been over the moon about it. Friends and family with kids have been really just ecstatic about it.

“They’ve wondered why it hasn’t happened before,” he says. “The response has been very, very positive.”

“We’re really excited,” Wilson says. “We had a lot of fun making it.

“It’s also a lot of work. It’s been about year and a half in the making, from the beginning idea.

“We talked about it the first night we met,” she says. “It’s been coming to fruition since then and we’re really excited to share it with everyone.”


What: Launch party for “The Original Tybee Island Coloring Book”

When: 1-4 p.m. June 10

Where: Tybee Island Social Club, 1311 Butler Ave.

Cost: Free