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‘Pieced Together’ one of Sulfur Studios’ biggest shows to date

  • “Despair” By Diane Davis for “Pieced Together”
  • Artwork by Nicole Erthein for “Pieced Together”
  • “For Your Whispers” by Kenny Ward for “Pieced Together”
  • ”Chaosat Dusk” by Abby Schmidt for “Pieced Together”

‘Pieced Together’ one of Sulfur Studios’ biggest shows to date

12 Jun 2017

Sulfur Studios has had a fantastic run of great exhibitions in its short lifetime, and the upcoming collage and assemblage show, “Pieced Together,” opening June 16 should be no exception.

In fact, Sulfur Studios seems to be upping the ante with this exhibition, which they describe as the “most challenging exhibition to jury to date.”

Located in the heart of the Starland District, Sulfur Studios has been consistently exhibiting a diverse, high-quality selection of exhibitions and performances since its inception in 2014. This current exhibition, judged by accomplished local artist and master collagist Axelle Kieffer, along with Sulfur Studios co-founders Jennifer Moss and Emily Earl, should prove to be a show that’s not to be missed.

Culled from more than 185 entries from 62 artists in six countries, including the U.K., France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, the resulting show of 44 individual works from more than two dozen artists is something of a feat from the local powerhouse gallery.

“We decided we wanted to do a collage show after getting several really great collage entries in other recent exhibitions,” says Moss, studio and exhibitions coordinator. “I wanted to open it up to more than just traditional collage to really get a sense of what is happening in contemporary assemblage and digital construction as well.

“It was the most challenging exhibition to jury because we got so many entries. More than any call we’ve put out so far. The overall quality of all the entries was very high; there were very few that were rejected due to quality. It really came down to which pieces best showed the range of what is happening in contemporary collage, but could still fit together in a cohesive exhibition.”

As Kieffer explains, this was the perfect opportunity to put her personal artistic acumen to work.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of the jury for this show,” says Kieffer. “As a collage artist myself, I was impressed by the creativity that went into so many wonderful pieces. I feel that collage and assemblage works are in the spotlight the past few years … I was surprised by the diversity of works. We have so many different works that represent a wide range of techniques and stylistic approaches.

“The show is worthy to be seen — from analog collages to 3D assemblages. It was a difficult process to select the pieces, as many deserved to be included in the show, but I think that Emily [Earl] and I agreed on the direction to take. We tried to fit the works together in a meaningful and coherent arrangement.”

“We were excited to get so many international artists submitting to this call,” says Moss. “We hope that it will offer Savannah something new and different to see, as well as increase the city’s profile as an arts destination.”

Keiffer agrees that the scope of this exhibition is a definite boon to the local arts scene.

“I’m so grateful for all of what Sulfur Studios does,” says Keiffer. “They do so much good work in supporting local artists, giving opportunities for shows, a place for working and involving the artists in new and interesting projects. They surely are an important part of the local community.”


What: “Pieced Together”

When: June 15-July 1; opening reception 6-9 p.m. June 16;

Where: Sulfur Studios, 2301 Bull St.

Cost: Free