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Miquel Moure: ‘Music is stories in movement’ to this Savannah group

  • Photo by Adriana Iris Boatwright

Miquel Moure: ‘Music is stories in movement’ to this Savannah group

03 Mar 2016

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“I want to make music people can be a part of,” says Isaac Enen, lead singer and guitarist of Miquel Moure.

Enen started Miquel Moure, the indie/folk/pop/rock/Americana project, in Illinois.

Additional bandmates Josh Cook, keyboard; Mark Evans, guitar; Joe Kapcin, drums; and Ben Felker, bass; have influenced Enen’s music, changing it from mostly folk to a slightly heavier sound with a wider range.

“All guitars and basses are older than the people playing them,” Enen says. Both Felker and Enen play Taisco Del Ray guitars, describing their sound as warm with a rattle, as the microphonic pickups grab every noise. Enen plays through an overdriven Epiphone tube amp that delivers a delicate reverb and a little fuzz.

Kapcin is a heavy hitter, and his “funk and catchy creative drumming is 40 percent of what makes the band unique,” says Enen.” He plays an ’82 Tama drum set, which he describes as “boomy.”

Neither Enen nor Kapcin is from Savannah originally, but both explain that the local scene was highly accepting when they played their first gig at a house show.

“The Savannah scene is very receptive. The scene here is so accepting and supportive. In the little time we’ve played here, we’ve experienced people coming to shows and actually wanting to hear the music,” Enen says.

They started with hardly any equipment and joke about it in their Stopover biography, stating: “We became a band here in Savannah, and if you’ve played a house show with us, we’ve probably asked to use your amp. We call it rock ‘n’ roll.”

Enen grew up listening to his mother play the piano and sing church tunes with his aunt, something that taught him to harmonize from an early age and potentially contributed to his folk sound.

He loves film and writing and underscores the use of storytelling in his music.

“Music is storytelling, emphasized,” he says. “Music is stories in movement.”

This will be the first time Miquel Moure has played at Stopover and they think it will be interesting to play in a church.

The “Ape X” demo is available on Soundcloud, and keep on the lookout for their EP coming soon.

Miquel Moure will perform during Stopover at 5 p.m. March 11 at Trinity United Methodist Church.