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Garden Giant: Young Savannah band plans to focus on recording after Stopover

  • Photo by Adriana Iris Boatwright

Garden Giant: Young Savannah band plans to focus on recording after Stopover

03 Mar 2016

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Local band Garden Giant rose from a successful Craigslist connection after drummer Luis Salazar met his match with bass player Brad Shields.

The two began playing together in 2014, writing a few songs Salazar describes as “heavier shoegaze.” They rounded out their sound shortly after that first initial meeting, adding guitarist Devin Smith into the mix.

“We didn’t really have a vision of what we wanted to do,” Salazar admits. “We all came from different directions, but now everything is falling into place.”

The trio doesn’t yet have any music available to listen to online, but they are in the process of recording with Smith, who graduated with a degree in sound design from SCAD.

“Devin has a lot of knowledge about sound design, and a lot of really good equipment,” Salazar says. “We initially wanted to do an LP and have a physical release on vinyl with 11 songs.”

The group has begun to receive recognition a little faster than they originally planned.

“It’s a little hard to go anywhere without having music out,” Luis said. “We’ve been rethinking things, so we’re going to put a couple of songs online and then reconfigure the whole idea that we had for the record.”

The young band has been doing relatively well for themselves, despite a rather slow start. The trio opened for the esteemed Nana Grizol (featuring members of Neutral Milk Hotel) at Sulfur Studios back in December.

They’re also one of the bands preceding London-based rock band Yuck during Stopover. Catch Garden Giant at 9 p.m. March 11 at Wild Wing Café.