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Wet Socks: Expect 'Georgia peach fuzz' from high-energy Savannah duo

  • Photo by Adriana Iris Boatwright


Wet Socks: Expect 'Georgia peach fuzz' from high-energy Savannah duo

03 Mar 2016

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From the very first chord you hear Wet Socks play, you have a pretty clear idea of what the band has to offer. The Savannah-based duo cranks out high-energy, riff-heavy rock ‘n’ roll, and they do so unapologetically.

Their influences range from rockabilly to punk, and that goes for attitude as well as style. They’ve come up with their own moniker for that style, “Georgia peach fuzz,” which can best be described as a subgenre of garage rock.

Hunter Jayne’s punchy vocal style drives Wet Socks’ songs forward, and he churns out classic guitar riffs with a heavy hand. John Zimmerman’s drumming calls to mind Meg White — nothing fancy but with panache to spare.

Their songs seldom last more than a couple of minutes, plus change. 2014’s “Drips,” their most recent album, defies expectations with a few longer cuts, but the core of the album stays true to the band’s minimalist mission.

The pace rarely drops below breakneck, and for only two guys, they’re able to pump out a big, thick sound. It’s the kind of album that, if you listened to it in your car, you’d end up speeding before you even knew it.

While the album is well-produced and fun to listen to, Wet Socks is definitely an act to see live. Attitude, after all, comes as much from the stage as from a speaker.

Catch them during Stopover at 11 p.m. March 11 at Congress Street Social Club.