"If Alderman Van Johnson knew the solution to violence in our city, why has he kept it a secret all these years he’s been involved in city government? Van, where have you been?"

"To all of our city leaders: As long as you keep snakes in your backyard, you extend the chance of getting bit."

"Meg Heap should be more concerned about prosecuting these juveniles than she is about prosecuting people for sliding a dog across the gym floor."

"I think somebody needs to take Trump’s phone away from him so he can get back to the business of running this country."

"Regarding the person that wrote in on July 1 about honeybees: Honeybees don’t bother you as long as you don’t mess with the queen or with the hive directly. I know because I have them at my home in Midway on Isle of Wight."

"The very best part of the Savannah Morning News is Vox Populi and you make it the shortest part. Why don’t you enlarge so people can enjoy it?"

"I wonder if certain parts of our citizenry are trying to rewrite history, just as Joseph Stalin did by trying to remove statues and all of the past. It seems like there’s a common thread there."

"Anne Hart, darlin’, I enjoyed your article on the Piggly Wiggly in Hilton Head, but there’s one half the drive away in Black Creek, Ga., 30 minutes from Savannah. Come and see us, baby."

"The present City Council has done more for Savannah and its people than the two previous administrations ever thought of doing. They and the city manager are very proactive and they handle requests from the citizens promptly, respectfully and efficiently."