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Starlandia art supply store features repurposed items

  • You can meet Tom the doll at Starlandia's grand opening.
  • Starlandia is at 2438 Bull St.
  • Starlandia is at 2438 Bull St.
  • Starlandia owner Clinton Edminster.

Starlandia art supply store features repurposed items

26 May 2015

There’s a yin and yang to Savannah, with Forsyth Park as its pulsing center.

To the north, the Historic District shows its charm with cobblestone streets giving way to live oaks shading freshly manicured gardens.

To the south, an art district rises. Brick buildings don elaborate murals and hip coffee shops, art galleries and vintage stores pepper the streets, its residents as colorful as the neighborhood itself.


What: Starlandia grand opening

When: 5-8 p.m. May 28

Where: Starlandia, 2438 Bull St.

Cost: Free


While both have their Southern charm, it’s the latter that truly captivates the creative aspect of Savannah.

And Clinton Edminster continues to do his part to sustain the upheaval of artistry in the area coined the Starland District.

As executive director and co-founder of Art Rise Savannah, Edminster has watched the neighborhood evolve in the past few years.

His latest endeavor, a new and gently used art supply store dubbed Starlandia, will serve the community that has inspired his own brand of art.

“I went to SCAD for a few years, but it wasn’t me. I wanted to focus more on what the city had to offer rather than the studies,” he said. “We only have one chance to make these mistakes and we might as well make them in the real world.”

The concept of the store will happily help other artists achieve their merry mistakes as it acts as a catalyst for moving a variety of art supplies.

The shelves will host the basic necessities — oil paints, stencils, rulers, paintbrushes, fabrics and photography supplies — as well as the necessities you didn’t realize you needed until you came across them, like a bag of broken keyboard keys, tiny letters from a funeral home or industrial-sized Q-tips.

“If I try to make it nonsensical, you’ll make sense out of it,” Edminster said. “Right now I have these hemispherical aluminum tubes in the store and I have no idea what to do with them, but someone will.”

No art supply will be left behind with Starlandia’s process of reclamation, categorization and organization.

It cuts down on waste while making materials more accessible to the community. Everything you’d expect to find in a studio, closet or dumpster will now be in one place, Edminster said.

While in its inception, the store is encouraging donations as well as honoring its trading policy.

Bring in a half-empty can of paint or a slightly used piece of canvas and receive Starlandia dollars, which roughly equals 40 percent of resale value.

Starlandia, at 2438 Bull St., will host its grand opening from 5-8 p.m. May 28.

The free event features cake and refreshments, live music by Sunglow, Orthodox, Ross Fish and Vinay Arora, plus a free “mystery tube” with every purchase.