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Un-Gala brings a grown-up night of fun to benefit Savannah Children’s Museum

  • Stratton Leopold, left, and Magic Marc are the Un-Gala ambassadors.

Un-Gala brings a grown-up night of fun to benefit Savannah Children’s Museum

09 Jun 2015

Take an adventure back to a time when being a child meant everything was an amazing journey, and a trip to the museum unlocked characters and wonders of the outside world.

The Un-Gala at Savannah Children’s Museum brings a chance to take such a journey again as an adult, while helping future generations enjoy the arts.

“The Un-Gala isn’t a formal affair and there lies the title,” said Tania Smith-Jones, site administrator for the Coastal Heritage Society.


What: The Un-Gala FUNdraiser

When: 6-10 p.m. June 12

Where: Savannah Children’s Museum, 655 Louisville Road

Cost: $50


“The goal is to raise money for operations and educational programs. We are giving adults the opportunity to reflect back to the kids at heart within themselves. We want people to come and be ready to play. That’s why we are calling it a FUNdraiser,” she said. “Emphasizing all the fun that we’re going to have. It’s an adult-only event. The purpose is to educate and cultivate. We want to show why this museum is important to our children and the importance of its completion.”

Those who attend will be able to enjoy the outdoor museum, live entertainment, food and outside games that will remind them of childhood.

“The adults will have a fabulous time with outdoor activities, including games, live entertainment and dancing,” Smith-Jones said.

“We are very fortunate to have Stratton Leopold and Magic Marc as our ambassadors. Who can refuse ice cream and magic?” she asked.

The pair’s help has been important, she said.

“These gentlemen are the epitome of selflessness. They go above and beyond for children every day. Having their support means everything,” she continued. “It motivates us to continue toward our goal. They have extended their hands and expertise to support us and we are very fortunate to have a team of this magnitude.

“The children are our future,” Smith-Jones said.

“We are in charge of how they grow and adapt to diversity. We need to get them more engaged. They need to know the importance of things from the past,” she said.

The museum helps local children from all income levels take part in the learning experiences there.

“Children need to see how fun can be had while learning. We also want to make sure we allow children from all walks of life to have the same opportunities at this museum. If they aren’t in a position to come, we want to be able to have grants/scholarships. Ideally, I would like to see every adult adopt a kid and give them a membership,” she said.

Smith-Jones said the Savannah Children’s Museum has children who are regulars.

“We are fortunate enough to have the staff at the Savannah Children’s Museum. When you have a child that comes to visit three to four times a week, that speaks volumes.”

The staff is always thinking of programs that are engaging and enjoyable yet educational. As a society, we have to embrace diversity, Smith-Jones noted.

“Children are resilient and they gravitate toward change and growth. In their world, it’s 50 shades of grey. They don’t see things in terms of black/white. They’re open to all things. We teach them now. They are our future leaders,” she said. “Bringing a variety of programs is a way to allow their horizons to be broadened.”

The Un-Gala gives adults the opportunity to enjoy the event and see things as they once saw them as children.

“We hope to have a large crowd — after all, the primary focus is the children,” Smith-Jones said. “I’m hoping our city will see how essential this site is for our children. The one thing to remember: children are willing to take risks.

“Children have the power to what they make their minds up to do.”