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Eat It and Like It: Ele and the Chef keep things interesting with Current, Little Duck Diner

  • Major renovations are underway to convert Ele Fine Fusion on Wilmington Island into Current Kitchen and Cocktails.
  • Current Kitchen and Cocktails will feature a fire pit for marshmallow roasting, pergolas, swings and an indoor/outdoor playground for all ages.
  • Ele and the Chef will be opening Little Duck Diner in the former Moe’s space off Ellis Square.

Eat It and Like It: Ele and the Chef keep things interesting with Current, Little Duck Diner

13 Jun 2017

I am regularly in awe of the people who run a successful restaurant.

When the owner is the chef, like Mir Ali at Lili’s Restaurant & Bar on Wilmington Island, the admiration is even more than that. Especially when they are doing it well, as Mir is.

The business is not for the faint of heart. The list of issues one has to deal with when operating a restaurant are too long for the amount of space we have here. It is ridiculously hard work.

Happiest are those that can surround themselves with quality and loyalty. The kind of people who can and will operate your business as if you were there every day. Sometimes even that isn’t enough. Which is why I find myself watching Ele Tran and her chef/husband Sean from afar and regularly asking myself, “My goodness, how in the world do they do it?”

We are all familiar with the “Ele” brand in this city, from the Southside’s The King & I to Chive and Flying Monk on Broughton Street and a couple of others in between and in Charleston. The lines at Flying Monk will tell you they are consistent and popular.

They are also flexible. Their next two projects will tell you exactly how so.

If you have driven down U.S. 80 on Wilmington Island lately, chances are you’ve seen the work going on at Ele Fine Fusion. It’s a massive makeover. The main building is largely still intact; the changes are in concept. Fine dining is gone. Current Kitchen and Cocktails is moving in.

“There was really no place on the island with a nice bar to hang out,” Ele told me recently. “We love our favorite spots to eat on the island, but we wanted to make something for families.”

The vision is an indoor/outdoor playground for the kids and the adults — think pergolas and disappearing doors. There will be a fire pit so the kids can roast marshmallows and S’mores (in season, of course). There will be swings in the parking lot. Swings?

“Yes! We want people to be able to feel like they can hang out all day,” Ele says.

“Sean is becoming a grill master with the menu at Current,” she adds. “It will be affordable and casual and fun. Salmon burgers, chicken, maybe some barbecue. We are looking in the $10-15 range.”

Ele says they expect to be open no later than mid-July. “Then it’s on to the next project!”

That next project is actually already underway on Ellis Square.

I’d been hearing whispers about Ele and Sean wanting to put a diner into a space downtown for three or four years. They got close a couple of times, but the timing needs to be right and to this point, it hasn’t been. Now it is.

Little Duck Diner is going into the old Moe’s Southwest Grill space on Ellis Square, one block north of Sorry Charlie’s.

“It’s going to be a traditional diner, with some Ele twists, of course,” she says.

The name comes from her three children: “My three little duckies,” Ele says with a laugh. We’ll have more on that project later on this summer.

I don’t know how they find time for it all.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Ele designs her restaurants herself. Ele Fine Fusion was beautiful in its first incarnation. Flying Monk is a great-looking noodle spot. The Vault is the most beautiful restaurant on Bull Street by a long shot. There are no high-priced designers flying in from who knows where making this happen. Ele oversees it all herself.

“I love what I do so much,” she says.

Still, there is time for family. It is not at all uncommon to see the Tran family walking through a square or the park on a given weekend, looking impeccably cosmopolitan and happy to be where they are. When you see enough scowls from a chain-smoking chef in the lane late at night, then you realize how unique their situation is.

There is, of course, a plan for more after Current and Little Duck Diner are up and running fully, likely by the end of the summer. Nothing set in stone, so we won’t get into those details here. Suffice to say, Ele and the Chef will continue to offer up plenty of opportunities to eat it and like it.

I still don’t know how they do it all.

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