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New Southern Family Festival to feature music, food and fun

  • Last year’s Food Day Festival is shown in Daffin Park. Massive Events brings the Southern Family Festival back to the park July 1. (Photos by Geoff L Johnson)
  • Last year’s Food Day Festival in Daffin Park. The Southern Family Food + Music Festival comes to the park July 1. (Photo by Geoff L Johnson)

New Southern Family Festival to feature music, food and fun

27 Jun 2017

A brand-new festival is coming to town.

The Southern Family Festival will be July 1 in Daffin Park. Designed to appeal to all kinds of families, it was created by Massive Events in partnership with area schools, churches and civic organizations.

Joanne Morton is director of operations for Massive Events.

“We were formerly Well FED Savannah … We did the Earth Day Festival and the Food Day Festival,” she says.

“I personally love doing the Earth Day and Food Day festivals,” Morton says. “I get the opportunity to write about all these community organizations, whether they’re social or environmental, and giving them a platform to come out and be connected to the community.”

There will be a concert with XuluProphet, the Stardust Pixxies, Josephine Johnson, Tybee Blues Band, Famle’ and the Hip Hop Kids.

The event is intended to foster a sense of pride within the community.

“I love encouraging and connecting people,” Morton says. “There are so many beautiful, amazing, kind people doing good work in Savannah.

“I know there is a lack of money,” she says. “But in the volunteer sector, we can keep growing the way we want to keep growing.”

With the success of the Earth Day and Food Day festivals, Massive Events wanted to create a new fest.

“We know July is hot, but at the same time, there are not a lot of events in summer like there are in spring or fall,” Morton says. “… This might become a new Fourth of July tradition. Daffin Park is great to do events in. We’re going to be underneath the trees in the shade.”

The festival’s organizers want it to be as diverse as possible.

“We chose the name Southern Family Festival because family is the glue that holds the community together,” Morton says. “There are so many types of families who all love food and music.

“This year, we’ve got six food trucks coming. Four will have food and one will have cupcakes and another will have Kona Ice. We really want to support the food trucks.

“We’ll have local bands and we’re going to Art Rise and Loop It Up Savannah to make a giant American flag,” she says. “We’re going to have a cornhole competition and games people can play. The Savannah Art Association will bring plein-air painting.”

Sales of draft beer will benefit the Ogeechee Riverkeeper.

“We’ll have almost 60 vendors who are going to be selling and demonstrating,” Morton says. “We’ve got lots of jewelry, an herb apothecary and candy sellers.

“Alice and Pearl is a local woman who sells aprons. She just bought a vintage Airstream trailer and is going to set up as a shop at the event. Traveling Chic Boutique is bringing a trailer, too.

“There are so many amazing vendors with talent and a level of commitment,” Morton says. “I’ve worked with these people at all three of our events.”

Planning for the Southern Family Festival has been underway for some time.

“We started planning this right after Earth Day,” Morton says. “We want to show what it means to be working together as a community.

“If everything goes well this year, it will be an annual event,” she says. “A lot of families have family reunions on the Fourth of July, and we think of this as Savannah’s family reunion.”


What: Southern Family Festival

When: 1-7 p.m. July 1

Where: Daffin Park

Cost: Free admission and parking