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South by Midwest: Save art in Savannah

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South by Midwest: Save art in Savannah

20 Dec 2016

If you weren’t at the Savannah City Council meeting a few weeks ago, now’s the chance to show your support for cultural and social services in our fair city.

Like, right now. Today. The council is set to host a second and final public hearing on the new budget at 2 p.m. Dec. 22 at City Hall, 2 E. Bay St. (That’s the big gold dome, if this is your first foray into civic duties.)

While it’s encouraging that council plans to restore funding cut in the first version of the budget, none of the options on the table are ideal, including raising property taxes.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a property owner myself. But if it comes down to making sure organizations like West Broad YMCA and Art Rise are funded, I’ll willingly take the hit.

Our community members — and especially our children — are more than worth it.

You can read more about this issue from city reporter Eric Curl and columnists Bill Dawers and Dare Dukes.

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