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Brother/sister duo, The Fontaines, brings ‘new-wop’ sound to Stopover


Brother/sister duo, The Fontaines, brings ‘new-wop’ sound to Stopover

09 Mar 2016

The Fontaines at Stopover

3 p.m. Saturday at The Rail

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The Fontaines are a brother-and-sister duo from Los Angeles who will be bringing their doo-wop sound to Savannah Stopover. Charlotte Fontaine explains the band’s new-wave-meets-doo-wop journey.


Where are you from originally?

We aren’t really from anywhere! Hank was born in Pennsylvania; I was born in Texas. We moved a lot. We were barely in one place long enough to take a family photo.


How and why did you end up in L.A.?

Our parents had always dreamed of moving to California after spending their honeymoon in San Francisco. Somehow, they made it happen when we were both teens.


What is it like working as siblings?

We fight constantly but that’s why it works. We don’t have any fear of stepping on each other’s toes. We’ve got bruised feet but we keep walking.


How long have you been making music together?

It’s been about two years. We never really played together growing up. Music was more about sibling rivalry than the partnership it is now.


How would you describe your genre?

New-wop. A label Hank coined to describe our new-wave-meets-doo-wop sound.


Who writes the songs? How did you arrive at this unique sound?

Hank and I write the songs together. I usually bring in the bone to a piece (lyrics and/or a melody) and Hank puts the meat to it with chords or an arrangement.


Where do you get inspiration? What music do you listen to?

Our influences are a little irregular. On the car ride to a show, we’ll be listening to INXS, then The Belmonts, The Cars and The Four Seasons. Our music is just a mashup of our personal taste filtered through our perspective of it.


What do you hope your songs accomplish or invoke in listeners?

A nostalgia they can’t quite place but feels good.


Latest album “The Fontaines” is the only album so far?

“The Fontaines” is our only album out to date. That will be changing very soon, though! Our second EP, “The Fontaines ii” hasn’t been released quite yet. But we will be performing songs off of it at Stopover! Some for the first time!


Has your music changed since you first started?

We’ve remained pretty uncool. We were always fairly in touch with what kind of music we wanted to make, it was just accessing how to create that sound that took a while to find.


Have you been to Stopover before? What are you most looking forward to?

None of us have ever even been to Georgia before! We’re all looking forward to playing our very first festival and trying your peaches.


What can we expect at the show?

Fun, fun, fun (till the daddy takes the T-bird away). We’ve got a brand-new baby song I can’t wait to show off to Savannah. Our live show consists of a singer (me), lead guitarist (Hank), bass player (gent named Jason) and a drummer (curly-haired dude named Scott).


You seem to update your website and social media pages often. Do you stay connected with your fans this way?

Social media has been our best friend in music as far as being able to reach so many new people that we wouldn’t be able to without touring the world over multiple times. It’s the easiest way to interact with people who like our songs.