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South by Midwest: The happiest time of the year


South by Midwest: The happiest time of the year

10 Mar 2016

CLICK HERE to read more about Savannah Stopover.

I know many folks who anticipate the start of Savannah Stopover much like others await Christmas morning.

Even if you aren’t a rabid follower of new bands (trust me, Waylon Jennings’ greatest hits has been on repeat in my vehicle for weeks), there will still always be something fun for you to discover at Stopover.

That’s really what this three-day event is all about. And that doesn’t just apply to audiences.

This fest is a great way to showcase all the city has to offer touring bands as far as venues, food and hospitality, hopefully helping make the music calendar more robust all year long.

It also creates an avenue for local musicians to meet and plan tours with up-and-comers from around the nation.

This week, we feature just a fraction of the 100+ groups you can hear all over downtown. Keep your ears open, and happy Stopover!


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