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Pamela Shaw to preview cabaret show at Tybee Island Social Club

  • Pamela Shaw

Pamela Shaw to preview cabaret show at Tybee Island Social Club

14 Jun 2017

Pamela Shaw has worked in film, television and on and off Broadway.

On June 21 and 22, she will preview her one-woman cabaret act, “Naughty,” at Tybee Island Social Club. The idea for the cabaret came to Shaw when she returned to New York City after five years away.

“I lived in Australia for a while,” she says. “My husband is Australian, and I have a work visa there.”

Things had changed when Shaw got back to New York, and she knew she needed to get herself working again.

“I love cabaret,” she says. “I do it myself. I write it myself, gather the songs, I take responsibility for every positive and negative thing I do onstage.”

Before going any further, Shaw wants to try her cabaret act out on real live people. To do this, she’s presenting it on Tybee to see audience reactions.

Patrons dining at the club can see the show at no additional charge. Once Shaw wraps up the show on Tybee, she will take it overseas.

“It’s going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe,” Shaw says. “I couldn’t be more excited.

“Last year, a film I was in called ‘Lucky Stiff’ opened in London a week after the Edinburgh festival … I fell in love with Edinburgh,” she says. “It was like creative arts camp. It’s juicy with creativity.”

Shaw will do three one-act plays at the festival, and also perform her cabaret.

She began creating her cabaret about three months ago.

“That’s really not a lot when you consider I’m culling songs,” Shaw says. “… It can be very edgy. I’m not doing any standards. I decided this was going to be my kind of choice of irreverent material.

“Only a couple of the songs are known,” she says. “One’s by James Taylor, there’s an Amanda McBroom song and one by Lennon-McCartney.”

For the remainder of the performance, Shaw has chosen Broadway songs she will perform in her own unique way. She has titled the cabaret “Naughty.”

“The title song is from the musical play ‘Matilda,’” she says. “… I identify with the song even though it’s sung by a 5-year-old girl.”

Shaw is currently working on the cabaret along with three plays, which is not her normal schedule. Instead, she prefers to concentrate on one project at a time.

“I’m generally a serially monogamous person,” she says. “I like to focus, focus, focus.

“This is an interesting juggling act,” Shaw says. “It really has been fascinating for me to do both at once.”

The first film Shaw did was “Swingers.”

“I was cut radically,” she says. “You see me drunk, sleeping on Vince Vaughn’s shoulder. They cut you, and that’s the way it is.”

Her favorite film role was in “Splinterheads,” a film that was screened at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Originally, Shaw is from Manhattan.

“I went to many schools, as it is when you are a rebel,” she says. “I had a privileged childhood until I choked on the silver spoon and became a rebel.

“I always was performing, but not professionally. I was never encouraged to perform … It was a decision I had to make on my own. I made the decision at 20, and decided I was an actor first.

“Then I decided to dare myself to sing,” Shaw says. “I just kept daring myself.”

Without experience, Shaw had to learn the craft by herself.

“When they polish stones, they get better, but they’re gritty at first,” she says. “It was a plus and a minus at once.

“But I love what I do. Otherwise it’s ridiculous to be in the business I’m in. It’s full of disappointment and non-work,” Shaw says. “That’s why I’m not complaining about doing three plays and a cabaret at the same time.”

At the local performances, audiences will experience the first public performance of “Naughty,” a rare event for coastal Georgia.

“I want to emphasize this is first run in front of people who aren’t my near and dear,” Shaw says. “I’m giving them 17 songs that are of complete variety.

“… I do it to communicate experiences that probably a lot of people have had,” she says. “That’s what cabaret is all about.”

Emotions will be all over the place.

“It will be a lot of fun, maybe poignant in some places,” Shaw says. “I just hope they have a good time.

“I laugh, I cry, I just want to be with the audience. I’m looking forward to being with the people at Tybee.

“Savannah is like a warm bath,” she says. “I love Savannah. The people I met at the Savannah Film Festival and the reaction I got was just darling. I’m excited this is my debut in front of people.”

Shaw wants just one result.

“I want everyone in the place to feel really good about it,” she says. “… You put it out there with love and hope they relate to it.”

After the try-out on Tybee, Shaw will take “Naughty” to the 59E59 Theater in New York City for the East to Edinburgh Festival.

Then she’ll do 20 performances of her cabaret act around New York state. After Edinburgh, she is open to more performances.

“This is my life,” Shaw says. “I don’t know what I will be doing, but I would love to continue it.”


What: “Naughty,” a cabaret act with Pamela Shaw

When: 9 p.m. June 21-22

Where: Tybee Island Social Club, 1311 Butler Ave.

Cost: Open to bar/restaurant customers

Info: 912-472-4044