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Bloomingdale Recreation Department hosts free patriotic party

  • Eternal Vision
  • Bloomingdale Recreation Department director George Foley

Bloomingdale Recreation Department hosts free patriotic party

21 Jun 2017

With love for the community, his city and his country, Bloomingdale Recreation Department director George Foley holds back nothing for his program. The Bloomingdale Patriotic Celebration on June 24 offers the entire family a night to enjoy as Americans.

This is Foley’s 15th year in recreation, and he works diligently to improve Bloomingdale’s athletic programs each year. Foley’s wife and three children also work at Taylor Park helping with every event.

Along with a fireworks show and other features of the night, the band Eternal Vision will be playing. The group from Nashville, Tenn., is a family band and a Christian ministry that travels and performs live music.

“They are a huge draw,” said Foley. “They are good people and have a heart for the Lord.”

One priority for the rec department is the new facility building.

“We want to add new soccer fields and baseball fields,” Foley said.

His five-year vision is to expand the department’s sports to include basketball, volleyball and pickle ball, and extend the seniors program.

“Bloomingdale has a huge senior program,” Foley said. “I have a heart for all ages, not just the youngest; all ages includes the oldest as well.”

Foley’s passion for his community resonates as he speaks. He feels every child deserves a chance to learn and succeed.

“Participating is not based on skill level,” he said. “Every kid deserves the chance to advance. Everyone wants a trophy, and to be part of a team.”

The Patriotic Celebration celebrates the Fourth of July signing of the Declaration of Independence with games for kids, live music, vendors, concession stands and the grand finale fireworks show.

Foley said as the department grows, there is room for people to become involved.

“We need volunteer coaches, people to help with special projects, monetary gifts, but most importantly, giving time to help invest in the children,” he said.

Noting that people often take recreation for granted, he said investing in children helps lead to a better future.

“It helps them in all aspects of life, including their jobs when they grow up. I appreciate people who care for the park, and love it when they take care of it,” Foley said.


What: Bloomingdale Patriotic Celebration

When: 5:30-9:30 p.m. June 24

Where: Bloomingdale Recreation Department, 1824 Pine Barren Road

Cost: Free; food for sale