"Does Jennifer Hudson of 'The Voice' practice looking dumb?"

"It is ludicrous for the city council to even consider imposing a fire protection fee when our current taxes we pay are supposed to go toward that."

"A special thank you to the lovely ladies who work at Weight Watchers at Savannah Center for always smiling, caring and being there for you. Remember, it's a great feeling to lose weight. It always makes me smile."

"The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon is not welcomed by most Savannahians. It turns the town upside down for at least three days. The runners this year were griping how hot it was down here. Please take your marathon, leave our town alone so normal business can be conducted and hold your marathon in the Arctic Circle."

"Ten cars went speeding through the pedestrian cross walk on Liberty Street today while I was standing in it, even though there's a big sign that says spot for pedestrians and crosswalk, state law. When will the police start ticketing for this?"

"Why do you call them the funny papers when your 'Sally Forth' cartoon goes on for weeks about death and dying? It's depressing not amusing."