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Savannah Comedy Revue to present Second Saturday with Lou Angelwolf


Savannah Comedy Revue to present Second Saturday with Lou Angelwolf

07 Dec 2016

Lou Angelwolf is both a standup comedian and a radio broadcaster.

“They kind of work together,” he says. “One side kind of promotes the other.”

Angelwolf will headline Savannah Comedy Revue’s Second Saturday on Dec. 10.

After listening to the programs coming from his mother’s car radio when he was a child, Angelwolf always knew he wanted to be a broadcaster. However, school guidance counselors tried to dissuade him.

“I always wanted to be on the air,” he says. “They told me, ‘You don’t want to be in radio.’

“It’s true that the average guy who worked in a radio station then didn’t make a lot of money,” Angelwolf says. “We’re going back a few decades ago.”

Ah, if those guidance counselors could see him now.

Throughout his career as a radio show host, Angelwolf has been heard by millions of listeners. As a standup comedian, he has done more than 5,000 shows in comedy clubs, country clubs, night clubs and casinos spanning 13 time zones.

“I do an automotive show called ‘The Grease Gurus,’” Angelwolf says. “It’s kind of like ‘Car Talk’ on NPR.

“My favorite show is a podcast called ‘Loutopia.’ That’s about health, humor and wellbeing.

“It’s a 90-minute show,” he says. “I have comedians on the first half, and the second half is cohosted by Beth Snyder, a hypnotherapist from Sarasota.”

Snyder provides the health portion of the show.

“She helps people lose weight, quit smoking, all the stuff hypnotism is good for,” Angelwolf says. “She’s also a pretty brilliant gal who knows a lot of stuff.”

Current and past podcasts can be found at

“We’ve got about 55 of them in the can,” Angelwolf says. “We cover everything from rebounding from a relationship to procrastination to what makes you happy, all kinds of stuff.”

Angelwolf has been doing comedy for 33 years.

“It’s very much a treat for me,” he says. “I have other things that keep me afloat, but comedy is the thing I really enjoy.

“I used to be out 40 weeks a year, but I don’t tour as much. I live in Florida, so I do all over Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas and don’t go a lot further than that because of travel time.

“I’ve got a family, and I’m too old to live on the road anymore,” Angelwolf says.

“With standup, I really love the way you can express yourself. Comedy has been very, very good to me.”

At one time, Angelwolf opened for Tommy Chong.

“When he went out solo, instead of Cheech Marin, he had me,” Angelwolf says. “I’ve worked with Rodney Dangerfield and Tim Allen.

“Larry the Cable Guy used to open for me 25 years ago before he struck it big,” Angelwolf says. “He’s a very nice man and an old friend.”

Angelwolf has performed in all 48 continental United States and several foreign countries.

“I’ve seen the world in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to do with any other kind of job,” he says. “I do like visiting with people.”

The Savannah show will be good because it’s in the Bay Street Theatre, Angelwolf says.

“My show is sort of like a hybrid,” he says. “The first half is about traveling and observation and stuff like that. The second half is more personal and is about myself.

“The comedy clubs are good, but a theater space gives you a little more room to be professional,” Angelwolf says. “I’m ready to do a good show in Savannah.”


What: Savannah Comedy Revue Second Saturday with Lou Angelwolf

When: 8 p.m. Dec. 10

Where: Bay Street Theatre, 1 Jefferson St.

Cost: $10 or $15 VIP seating

Info: 314-503-9005,