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A-Town Get Down Festival announces new location, date for 2017


A-Town Get Down Festival announces new location, date for 2017

22 Dec 2016

The Alex Townsend Memorial Foundation, producer of Savannah’s A-Town Get Down Festival, has announced a new date and location for the 2017 event.

The festival is set for noon-midnight March 25 on Indian Street near the Talmadge Bridge. The area is known as both a creative hub and emerging business community and is the perfect setting for an arts and music experience for all ages.

The all-day festival’s mission is to increase access to music and art to citizens of the region. In addition to expanding capacity to attract larger numbers and accommodate headlining acts, the new space will bring increased and purposeful community outreach while providing a springboard for the area’s revitalization.

“Alex ('A-Town') loved the Talmadge Bridge,” said his father and festival creator, Tom Townsend. “And we, too, see the area beneath it as having great creative potential. Just for starters, it will allow us to increase the number of live art installations, musical performances and much more, against a unique and dramatic backdrop.”

Expect to see larger stages, more bands, more live art installations and even a shipping container entertainment area under the Talmadge Bridge, with the help and support of the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority.

This year, A-Town will again be collaborating with Loop It Up Savannah to connect students from Title I school districts to free access to interactive art and music projects. The two organizations work together during the school year as well, preparing backdrops and other art for display at the festival.

“The idea is to inspire our young people who lack the resources to truly experience live art and music, and discover the talents they have inside; to help them express their passions in positive, productive ways. They have the power to inspire others, themselves,” says Townsend.

The festival was created in honor of art student and musician, Alex “A-Town” Townsend, who passed away in 2010.

From noon-5 p.m., the festival is free and open to everyone for family-friendly art and music events. From 5 p.m.-midnight, the festival becomes a ticketed event for the headlining performers and art events.

For more information, go to,  A-Town Facebook Page or email