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Bay Street Theatre’s ‘Vagina Monologues’ aims to raise awareness of violence against women

20 Feb 2017

If the word vagina makes you uncomfortable, then you’re not alone. But the mission behind the production is not to make you feel uncomfortable or to “hate on men,” but rather to help raise awareness about violence against women.


Savannah Book Festival: Get a sneak preview of Christina Baker Kline’s new novel

15 Feb 2017

Fans of bestselling author Christina Baker Kline’s “Orphan Train” are in for a real treat at this year’s Savannah Book Festival.


Savannah Book Festival: National Book Award winner Colson Whitehead discusses his literary creation

15 Feb 2017

If you only read the first 66 pages of Colson Whitehead’s National Book Award-winning novel “The Underground Railroad,” you might think it was a traditional, if gut-wrenching, portrait of slave life on a Georgia cotton plantation.


Savannah Book Festival: Dan Slater’s ‘Wolf Boys’ shines new light on war on drugs

15 Feb 2017

A story seemingly etched out for Hollywood, Dan Slater’s “Wolf Boys” is the extraordinarily true story of two American teenagers’ work as assassins for a deadly Mexican drug cartel, as well as the law enforcement agent who hunts them.


Savannah Book Festival: An immigrant family rekindles the American dream in Imbolo Mbue’s debut novel

15 Feb 2017

For most people, losing one’s job during the “Great Recession” would have been a tragic occurrence. But Imbolo Mbue used it to her advantage. She began writing what would eventually become the critically acclaimed novel “Behold the Dreamers.”


Savannah Book Festival: The late Pat Conroy leaves behind personal thoughts in ‘A Lowcountry Heart’

15 Feb 2017

When Donald Patrick “Pat” Conroy, a giant of Southern literature, passed away in March 2016 after a bout with pancreatic cancer, his fans flooded the internet with praise for his work and dismay at his death.


Savannah Book Festival: Danielle Trussoni’s love story that didn’t last is an experience to share

15 Feb 2017

After writing two New York Times bestselling books about angels, Danielle Trussoni had to put the third one on hold because she was thinking too much about the love that was lost.


Savannah Book Festival: Georgia Writers Hall of Fame member Terry Kay talks Southern literature

15 Feb 2017

Author Terry Kay was the keynote speaker at the first Savannah Book Festival, and he’s been a fan ever since. He’ll return to the 2017 festival with his newest book, “The King Who Made Paper Flowers.”


Savannah Book Festival: Tama Janowitz to discuss her exciting life in 1980s New York City

15 Feb 2017

With seven novels to her credit, Tama Janowitz is coming to the Savannah Book Festival in support of her new book, “Scream: A Memoir of Glamour and Dysfunction.”


Savannah Book Festival: More 2017 authors at a glance

15 Feb 2017

Take a look at our second week of Savannah Book Festival authors at a glance.


2017 Savannah Book Festival will be the largest in its 10-year history

15 Feb 2017

“Lose yourself in books” is the motto of the Savannah Book Festival, and it’s certainly possible to do exactly that.


Columbia City Ballet performs ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in Savannah

13 Feb 2017

Both Beauty and the Beast will waltz their way into Savannah on Feb. 18 with a performance at the Savannah Civic Center presented by Columbia City Ballet.


‘Wundercamera: Savannah’ explores role of museums as art

13 Feb 2017

Step in front of the lens, and you become the art. It’s part of the multi-layered concept allowing each viewer to look past an individual piece of work and encompass the scenery as a whole.


Shen Yun brings a rare look at majestic history of China

14 Feb 2017

The Shen Yun performers invite you to experience a divine culture with a 2017 tour that is billed as a “gift from heaven.”


Savannah Book Festival: Q&A session with the prolific James Patterson

08 Feb 2017

There’s no doubt James Patterson, who will present the sold-out opening address Feb. 16 at the Savannah Book Festival, is one busy writer.


Savannah Book Festival: Yaa Gyasi’s debut novel tackles hundreds of years of history

08 Feb 2017

Early in Yaa Gyasi’s New York Times bestselling novel “Homegoing,” the narrator makes an observation: “Asking if the story had been heard before was a part of the story itself.”


Savannah Book Festival: Jonathan Rabb tackles Savannah in latest novel

08 Feb 2017

There are two stories in the history of the world: Stranger comes to town, or someone leaves on a quest,” Jonathan Rabb said. 


Savannah Book Festival: Jennifer Keishin Armstrong chronicles history of ‘Seinfeld’

08 Feb 2017

For author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, telling the story of the beloved television sitcom “Seinfeld” was a real joy.


Savannah Book Festival: Lydia Millet brings a touch of horror into her latest novel

08 Feb 2017

Lydia Millet is an author who’s never shied away from going wherever inspiration takes her. In previous works, she included characters ranging from time-traveling physicists to a cannibal toddler to literal mermaids.


Savannah Book Festival: Thomas Dolby shares a life intersecting technology and art

08 Feb 2017

Thomas Dolby has spent his life and career at the vanguard of technology, exploring new electronic and synthetic worlds through his art.


Savannah Book Festival: Molly Prentiss’ debut novel looks at redefining life, career, goals

08 Feb 2017

In Molly Prentiss’ debut novel, “Tuesday Nights in 1980,” she taps into a universal problem faced by many people through the years. Reaching success, being defined by it, losing it, and then having to figure out how to live without what made them successful.


Savannah Book Festival: SCAD president Paula Wallace shares her own dreams

08 Feb 2017

Paula Wallace thought she was writing the history of Savannah College of Art and Design, the “University for Creative Careers,” whose doors opened in 1979. The content morphed into her memoir.