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South by Midwest: Students take the reins

01 Mar 2017

Once again this year, it was a pleasure to get students from Do Savannah columnist Bill Dawers’ class at Armstrong State University involved in our Stopover preview coverage.


South by Midwest: Savannah women will be heard

19 Jan 2017

If you see photos or videos of the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington, keep an eye out for Savannah women.


South by Midwest: Save art in Savannah

20 Dec 2016

If you weren’t at the Savannah City Council meeting a few weeks ago, now’s the chance to show your support for cultural and social services in our fair city.


South by Midwest: Putting it all back together

19 Oct 2016

As Savannah moves on after the hurricane, our calendar for the next few weeks is doubling up with previously scheduled events as well as rescheduled dates for many popular annual happenings.


South by Midwest: We’ll stay the course

12 Oct 2016

As you’re well aware, Savannah’s events calendar has been shortened in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. 


South by Midwest: Watching and waiting in Savannah

04 Oct 2016

As the Coastal Empire gears up for whatever Hurricane Matthew is sending us, we’re all filling our gas tanks and packing supplies, of course. 


South by Midwest: A weekend for music, community in Savannah

29 Sep 2016

This week’s issue is jam-packed with fun musical events throughout the city.


South by Midwest: Jazzed for free festival in Forsyth Park

22 Sep 2016
The Savannah Jazz Festival continues through Sept. 24 with three nights of free music in Forsyth Park.

South by Midwest: Back on the Savannah airwaves

08 Sep 2016

If you’ve been watching WSAV at 11 a.m. Monday-Friday, then you already know newscaster Renee LaSalle has returned to town to co-host a new lifestyle show called “The Bridge,” along with Savannah native Kim Gusby. 


South by Midwest: Prep for a busy fall in Savannah

25 Aug 2016

August’s main events around town, the Savannah VOICE Fest and AquaCurean, have already passed or will be in the rearview mirror soon.


Review: Savannah VOICE Fest lets the music shine in ‘Romeo and Juliet’

08 Aug 2016

On opening night of its fourth season, the Savannah VOICE Fest proved you don’t need a big orchestra, elaborate costumes or extensive staging to put on a world-class opera.


Get your grub on at fall food fests in Savannah

03 Aug 2016

Savannah has plenty to offer when it comes to food fests, from humble but delicious bacon dishes to exotic offerings from across the world. 


South by Midwest: Babes in Bingoland

09 Jun 2016

I may be about to turn 30-something, but in my heart of hearts, I’m closer to 75 or so.


South by Midwest: DIY Savannah style

26 May 2016

With both Savannah Fashion Week and Savannah’s Fashion Night apparently on indefinite hiatus (organizers, feel free to prove me wrong!), it’s up to other local groups to fill the empty runways. 


South by Midwest: Going to the dogs in Forsyth Park

12 May 2016

At Sunday’s Doggie Carnival, keep an eye out for a goofy yellow Lab mix with big, floppy ears wearing a GoPro camera on a harness. 


South by Midwest: Ready for the beach

28 Apr 2016

Beyond all the fun in Savannah this weekend, it’s also a perfect time to pack up your gear for Tybee Island.


South by Midwest: Festival season rolls on

14 Apr 2016

You could almost say festival season is year-round in Savannah.


South by Midwest: Set sights on spring

07 Apr 2016

It’s almost time to wrap up another great year of the Savannah Music Festival.


South by Midwest: Summer fun takes planning

24 Mar 2016

Even though we just marked the beginning of spring, the weather has me thinking ahead to summertime. 


South by Midwest: Get your green on

17 Mar 2016

Now on to the next challenge, which is of course, St. Patrick’s weekend. 


Catching up with the crew: We talk top acts, tired feet and a little drama at this year’s Savannah Stopover

16 Mar 2016

After a whirlwind three days running around downtown listening to practically non-stop music from 100+ bands, Do caught up with Savannah Stopover’s crew as they wound down their festival work. 


South by Midwest: The happiest time of the year

10 Mar 2016

I know many folks who anticipate the start of Savannah Stopover much like others await Christmas morning.


South by Midwest: Students get in on Stopover

03 Mar 2016

I had the distinct pleasure these last few weeks of working with Bill Dawers’ editing class at Armstrong State University.