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Jim Reed directs the award-winning Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah — presenting indie, foreign, classic and cult cinema year-round. Read more from Jim about Savannah’s film scene at


Film Scene: Festivals, arthouse thrills and a Girls Night Out on the agenda

18 Jan 2017

Those of you who could not view esteemed British filmmaker Nicolas Roeg’s arthouse classic “The Man Who Fell to Earth” last week missed a truly impressive and resoundingly potent motion picture experience.


Savannah Jewish Film Fest returns with uplifting roster

18 Jan 2017

It’s been more than a decade since the Joan and Murray Gefen Memorial Savannah Jewish Film Festival began, and over that span of time, this annual showcase of Jewish-themed cinema has slowly but steadily grown in both notoriety and scope.


Film Scene: Week’s alternative screenings include David Bowie, John Carpenter, ‘The Love Witch’

11 Jan 2017

As that great old song by the Parliaments says, “I just wanna testify” that this next week’s worth of alternative cinema screenings in our area is easily one of the most varied and intriguing as Film Scene has heralded in many a moon.


Mountainfilm on Tour Savannah brings stories from around the globe

11 Jan 2017

There’s an undeniable power in visualizing faraway places and lifestyles that are different from your own. 


Film Scene: Plan for many great indie, obscure screenings in the new year

28 Dec 2016

This column marks the final Film Scene of 2016, and it’s not entirely surprising there are few notable alternative cinema events taking place in the greater Savannah area over the next seven days.


Film Scene: Upcoming closure of Muse Arts Warehouse a blow to Savannah’s indie arts scene

14 Dec 2016

Muse Art Warehouse’s shuttering in just a few short months will be a very heavy blow to the local indie cinema scene in this town.


Film Scene: Lucas screens Christmas classics for charity

07 Dec 2016

Allow me to impress upon you just how cool it is that the Tybee Post Theater is screening the infamously steamy 1981 neo-noir “Body Heat” on Dec. 8.


Film Scene: Week brings horror premiere, birthday salute and neo-noir

30 Nov 2016

Welcome back, dear readers. I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was free from any and all unnecessary family drama and strife.


Psychotronic Film Society offers local premiere of Savannah-filmed ‘SiREN’

29 Nov 2016

When director Gregg Bishop first read the script for “SiREN,” it occurred to him that Savannah might make an ideal setting for the tale of dark and evil forces.


Film Scene: Horror, music and sci-fi films all coming up in Savannah

22 Nov 2016

Well, folks, it looks like the people, organizations and venues broadly responsible for providing most of the noteworthy alternative cinema events in our neck of the woods have started binging on tryptophan a little early this year. 


Film Scene: Screenings include ‘Saving Private Ryan’ to follow up Veterans Day

09 Nov 2016

Over the past several weeks, you may have noticed more than a few mentions of local film organization CinemaSavannah’s exclusive area engagement of “Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World."


Review: 'Other People' a low-key triumph of intelligent filmmaking

03 Nov 2016

It’s a deft trick to successfully blend pathos with humor on screen. Writer-director Chris Kelly’s debut feature “Other People” handles that delicate balancing act – and it does so with grace and charm.


Review: 'Off the Rails' a highlight of Savannah Film Fest's 'Docs to Watch'

03 Nov 2016

The 2016 Savannah Film Fest could hardly have chosen a better feature film to kick off this year’s 19th annual installment of the celebrated, juried international film festival. 


Film Scene: Documentaries, foreign films and hurricane makeup dates on

02 Nov 2016

I hope all you loyal Film Scene readers (and yes, I have met a couple) had the opportunity to catch at least a few screenings at the Savannah Film Festival. 


Film Scene: Savannah Film Fest, more providing big week of movies

26 Oct 2016

Greetings, all. By the time this issue of Do hits the stands, the 2016 Savannah Film Festival will be in full swing, and I will have already written and posted a handful of reviews online right here.


Film Scene: Savannah gets exclusive screening of critically acclaimed ‘American Honey'

20 Oct 2016
For those of you keeping score at home, please be aware that another worthwhile, left-of-mainstream foreign feature film has unexpectedly made its way into one of our local multiplexes without any sort of advance notice — let alone publicity.

Film Scene: Check out a double dose of films made in Savannah, Tybee

06 Oct 2016
Well, folks, the big news for local film lovers this week must surely be the long-awaited lineup and schedule announcement for the 2016 Savannah Film Festival. 

Film Scene: The Beatles, Werner Herzog, Japanese horror and more on display this week

29 Sep 2016

Ron Howard’s acclaimed rock music documentary “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week — The Touring Years” has been playing for the past week at the Cine Grand on Eisenhower Drive.


Review: The Pixies offer renewed sense of cohesion with latest album, 'Head Carrier'

28 Sep 2016

A focused pre-production with a fully integrated bassist has resulted in a renewed sense of cohesion and teamwork that shines through in the Pixies' new "Head Carrier."