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Zach Powers is a writer and novelist. When he’s not busy imbibing, he helps run the literary arts nonprofit Seersucker Live. Get to know him at


Savannah Book Festival: National Book Award winner Colson Whitehead discusses his literary creation

15 Feb 2017

If you only read the first 66 pages of Colson Whitehead’s National Book Award-winning novel “The Underground Railroad,” you might think it was a traditional, if gut-wrenching, portrait of slave life on a Georgia cotton plantation.


Savannah Book Festival: An immigrant family rekindles the American dream in Imbolo Mbue’s debut novel

15 Feb 2017

For most people, losing one’s job during the “Great Recession” would have been a tragic occurrence. But Imbolo Mbue used it to her advantage. She began writing what would eventually become the critically acclaimed novel “Behold the Dreamers.”


Savannah Book Festival: Yaa Gyasi’s debut novel tackles hundreds of years of history

08 Feb 2017

Early in Yaa Gyasi’s New York Times bestselling novel “Homegoing,” the narrator makes an observation: “Asking if the story had been heard before was a part of the story itself.”


Savannah Book Festival: Lydia Millet brings a touch of horror into her latest novel

08 Feb 2017

Lydia Millet is an author who’s never shied away from going wherever inspiration takes her. In previous works, she included characters ranging from time-traveling physicists to a cannibal toddler to literal mermaids.


Savannah Book Festival: 2017 authors at a glance

08 Feb 2017

Enjoy a roundup of information on some of the many authors headed to the Savannah Book Festival on Feb. 18. 


The Proof: Reflections on Savannah’s watering holes old and new

27 Dec 2016

On New Year’s Day, I’ll be packing up my car and moving out of Savannah after nearly 15 years. For the past three of those, I’ve been truly fortunate to get to share my experiences in Savannah’s bar scene. 


The Proof: Get ready for Dranksgiving 2016

21 Nov 2016

Before we all go our separate ways for Thanksgiving, I like to invite my friends out for a holiday I call Dranksgiving.


The Proof: Alley Cat Lounge serves up classic cocktails and history lessons

22 Sep 2016
As a writer, part of what I do is tell stories. Maybe that’s the reason liquor appeals to me. 

The Proof: Going retro at El-Rocko

18 Aug 2016

Even if El-Rocko Lounge, on the corner of Whitaker and State streets, weren’t the closest bar to my office, it would still be one of my favorite spots to stop for happy hour.


Author Ralph Peters discovers drama in true stories of Civil War

07 Jul 2016

The Civil War is hardly an unfamiliar topic, especially in a place like Savannah, where the city’s very survival is one of the most famous parts of the war’s lore. But for Ralph Peters, the Civil War is still full of untapped potential for new stories.


The Proof: Celebrate America’s independence with Jack and Jim

30 Jun 2016

In the interest of Independence Day, I’ve decided to ignore the independents in favor of America’s most popular whiskies.


The Proof: Virgil Kaine now serving up straight whiskey

05 May 2016

In 2012, Virgil Kaine started crafting its ginger-infused bourbon in Charleston, S.C. A sweet, hearty whiskey, it quickly found a place in cocktail recipes, and several Savannah establishments now stock it behind the bar.


Muse Arts Warehouse hosts first venture of new Savannah theater project

05 Apr 2016

Theater fans should be excited by the latest project from local actors Marshall Frey and Vanessa Stipkovits. They’re finding time in their busy performing schedules to put on an evening of one-act comedies at Muse Arts Warehouse.


Lucette: Classic country from a young songwriter

09 Mar 2016

From the first note you hear Lucette sing, you know you’re in for a history lesson. She channels the heyday of country music with every phrase, every word, every syllable. It’s real country music — no artificial twang and not one mention of a pickup truck.


Des Ark meets intersection of folky and anthemic at Stopover

03 Mar 2016

“Everything Dies,” the latest album with the latest version of Des Ark, was released on Savannah’s own Graveface label. It’s an album that exists at the intersection of folky and anthemic.


Sydney Eloise & The Palms step straight out of the '70s and into Stopover

03 Mar 2016

From the font to the faux-retro quality of the photograph, the cover for “Faces,” the debut album from Sydney Eloise & The Palms, looks like it was pulled straight off a 1970s LP. 


Damon and the 'Kickers: Savannah stalwarts lead rebellion against fake country pop

03 Mar 2016

It’s not hard to see Damon and the Sh!tkickers live in Savannah. They offer up their local brand of outlaw country regularly at The Jinx, and seem to end up somewhere on the weekly soundboard more often than not.


Wet Socks: Expect 'Georgia peach fuzz' from high-energy Savannah duo

03 Mar 2016

From the very first chord you hear Wet Socks play, you have a pretty clear idea of what the band has to offer. 


Triathalon: Savannah group's latest album brings a more mellow sound

03 Mar 2016

Triathalon is only a few months past releasing their second full-length album, “Nothing Bothers Me,” but already they’re looking ahead.


Armstrong professor delves into Outkast, Southern culture during fellowship at Harvard

17 Feb 2016

When I speak to Armstrong State University professor Regina Bradley, Ph.D., on the phone, she’s just settling into her first day of a semester-long fellowship at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.


Literary journalist Michael Dirda to present essay collection in Savannah

11 Feb 2016

Literary journalist Michael Dirda is almost as well-traveled as he is well-read, but his Savannah Book Fest appearance marks his first visit to our city. Like many visitors, though, his first impression came long ago from “The Book.”


Joshua Cohen writes a novel for the Internet Age

04 Feb 2016

In the 1990s, a ceaseless string of Internet-themed films made their way into American theaters.


The Proof: Discover new Irish whiskey at O’Connell’s Pub

28 Jan 2016

Every time I go to O’Connell’s Pub, it’s as though I’ve just stumbled across it for the first time.


The Proof: A glassful of holiday spirits

16 Dec 2015

The late comedian Mitch Hedberg once observed that a severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer. A liquor bottle works pretty well, too — perfect for the grown-ups on Santa’s “nice” list, and probably a few naughty ones.