Zach Starr, Executive Chef


The Ordinary Pub


Born and raised in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

How long in Savannah:

Two years now.

How would you describe your culinary style?

We are reimagined pub fare. My whole background is in private clubs and fine dining, so I give that a pub-style twist to make it fit that gastropub feel. We like making ordinary things "unordinary."

What is your favorite dish to make?  

Here at the pub, best reviews are for our Savannah Burger. It's a 50/50 beef and pork burger with a bacon weave on a Baker's Pride bun. But the big favorite here lately is our Lowcountry Mac and Cheese. It's  creamy macaroni, sauteed shrimp, and andouille sausage, topped with a baked Gouda cheese sauce.

Any comments on Savannah's growing food scene?

Savannah's food scene is definitely changing for the better. You're getting new restaurants in every day. I like to compare it to Austin, where I went to culinary school. The food scene there has just exploded. I feel the same way about Savannah. Everyone is doing their own twist on southern flair. It's not just regular southern food. Everyone is adding their own touch to put together some unique culinary offerings.

Anything diners should be excited about on your Savannah Restaurant Week menu?

I'm really excited about a Red Wine Poached Swordfish that you'll see on the menu. I'm looking at using a really dark merlot so the deep color just pops on the plate. The first thing you do is eat with your eyes and this will be a feast for them.

What's the one food item or kitchen tool that you can't live without?

My team in the kitchen; this environment is great. We are all here for a goal. Our people here have bought into the culture, and what our food is, and how we want to be perceived, and that's why our food and pub is so great.

What would you like to have as your last meal?

Steak Diane, finished tableside at Seagers in Sandestin. That is one of the best meals I've ever had.