Name: Kerry B. Stevens

Restaurant: Vic's On the River

Hometown: Savannah, Ga.

How long in Savannah:

Left for 15 years to travel through Europe and the Caribbean

How would you describe your (or your restaurant's) culinary style?

Southern Contemporary - Modern Southern Cooking with a Mediterranean twist

What is your favorite dish to make?

Bouillabaisse for the seafood components and flavor profiles, Braised artichokes, any thing with Fennel or Tarragon, Seafood of any kind

Comment on Savannah's food scene:

Savannah's food scene is taking off. We are a good competition for Charleston, which is known as the Culinary Capitol of the South. Savannah chefs are innovative and inspired.

Anything diners should be excited about on RW menu?

I'm most excited about our Pork Shank dish. We are serving a 16-18 oz. Pork Shank that is seared in rendered fat from our Vic's Farm raised Mangalitsa pigs. We are also using some of that fat to help confit the vegetables that will be served alongside to incorporate the succulent flavor profile of that type of pork.

What made you want to become a chef?

I've always had a passion for cooking. While in college for a marketing degree, I would go buy bags of leftover seafood pieces of any kind I could find at a store just to practice all of the cuts. I really enjoy seeing the joy others feel when eating. My favorite saying that I incorporate into my life every day is "Life is too short to eat bad food". Every meal can and should be enjoyed.

What's the one food item or kitchen tool that you can't live without?

99% of chefs will agree, we can't live without our knives. Two things a chef spends his money on are knives and shoes! Other than that I love to utilize the microplane to get fresh zest (lemon, orange, etc.) into a dish.