Name: Jeffrey Santos, Sushi Chef

Restaurant: 39 Rue de Jean


Originally born in the Philippines. I traveled to America and ended up in the beautiful city of Savannah, GA.

How long in Savannah:

I've been here for a good while but I've been in between towns due to travelling so much. Without the travelling, I would say five years.

How would you describe your culinary style?

My style is more of a contemporary take on the classic style of sushi.

What is your favorite dish to make?

Currently my favorite dish to prepare are those that are primarily raw fish such as sashimi or nigiri. I feel these dishes are the true soul of sushi.

Anything diners should be excited about on your Savannah Restaurant Week menu?

The Avocado & Cucumber Maki. The entire menu is delicious!

What's the one kitchen tool that you can't live without?

Believe it or not, a long handle metal spoon. When doing prep, you wouldn't believe how much a long handle metal spoon helps move thing along, whatever it be hollowing out vegetables, removing every last bit of meat from the fish, to measuring portions of sauce. Me and my partner Randy Littlefield always keep our long handle metal spoon.

What would you like to have as your last meal?

Foie grass, prepared in any way. In fact, I love foie so much I added it in the sushi menu.