Get ready for some fuel-injected fun when North Mississippi Allstars return to the Savannah Music Festival on April 12 after playing the fest in 2016 with Charlie Musselwhite.

“I love Savannah! It’s such a wonderful vibe,” the band’s co-founder Luther Dickinson said to Do Savannah about returning to the Hostess City.

Brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson co-founded North Mississippi Allstars over 20 years ago. As this creative duo enters a third decade, there is no slacking off from creating innovative music. Their touring schedule hasn’t slowed, either.

To balance his demanding touring schedule and a bustling family life, Luther said he only focuses on family and music.

“My dad was a great example for that. He was a family music man,” he said of his father, famed musician and recording engineer Jim Dickinson, who passed away in 2009.

For their March EP release, “BDM (Blues Dance Music),” Cody added a new dimension of fun to five songs from the 2017 album “Prayer for Peace.”


One of the standout tracks on “BDM” is “Pray for Peace” with vocals by the Blind Boys of Alabama. Luther was honored to have his song chosen by the iconic vocal ensemble, saying it was “such a legit experience to have them sing that song.”

He said he wrote “Pray for Peace” from a civil rights era point of view.

“‘Prayer for Peace’ was written in response to some Southern legislation I didn’t agree with and also a lot of police violence at the time and that’s where my head was at,” Luther said. “I woke up one morning thinking about Buddy Guy and everything he’s seen in his lifetime and that generation, which led me right to Mavis Staples. But I tried to write a song for that generation.

“And so with that in mind, it makes sense that the Blind Boys of Alabama recorded it, because I wrote it for them. For our elders; the soldiers who have fought so hard for us to enjoy ourselves and to continue fighting in the name of each other.”

Even though some of the songs deal with a difficult history, Luther is quick to point out that touring is about “spreading positivity and love.”

“I don’t want to preach to anybody,” he said.

Making people happy with their live performances is a North Mississippi Allstars mission statement. The eclectic musical stylings have firm footholds in funky house blues, substantive soul, hard-driving southern rock and many other gratifying instrumental genres.

“BDM” adds to their all-embracing, get-up-and-dance musical message of family, friends, and fun.