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Eat It and Like It: Expect big expansions for Savannah food scene in coming years

17 Jan 2017

People love to be in the know when it comes to new restaurants. As you might imagine, it is a popular topic of conversation when I’m out and about.


Eat It and Like It: SOHO South Cafe keeps up with demand for popular soup

10 Jan 2017

The chili recipes are getting a workout, as are those stews. A lot of people, meanwhile, like to hide behind a bowl of good soup.


Eat It and Like It: Jesse Blanco’s top seven meals of 2016

27 Dec 2016

Not a day goes by that I don’t consider myself the luckiest man in the world for carving out a little niche here in our area, being able to share with you where you might just “Eat It and Like It.”


The Proof: Reflections on Savannah’s watering holes old and new

27 Dec 2016

On New Year’s Day, I’ll be packing up my car and moving out of Savannah after nearly 15 years. For the past three of those, I’ve been truly fortunate to get to share my experiences in Savannah’s bar scene. 


Eat It and Like It: BowTie Barbecue Co. lives up to Johnny Harris legacy while forging new path

13 Dec 2016

Not too far away from the locally sourced masterpieces or fancy cocktails you can find in downtown Savannah these days was probably the biggest food-related story of the year around these parts.


Eat It and Like It: Le Cafe Gourmet adds bustling French bakery to downtown Savannah

06 Dec 2016

It isn’t very often that I feature someone on my television show and then turn around and write a separate break-out feature on them. It has happened, but not very often in the five years we have been producing “Eat It and Like It.”


St. Simons Food & Spirits Festival hosts ‘blow-out party for the ages’

06 Dec 2016

No amount of pre-planning can protect your event from a state emergency, and when Hurricane Matthew hit our coast in early October, events that had been in planning stages for a year or more were canceled or postponed.


Eat It and Like It: Alley Cat Lounge adds to Savannah’s bar scene

29 Nov 2016

There are times during the calendar year when it seems all I do is find myself writing about yet another new restaurant.


The Proof: Get ready for Dranksgiving 2016

21 Nov 2016

Before we all go our separate ways for Thanksgiving, I like to invite my friends out for a holiday I call Dranksgiving.


Eat It and Like It: Taste of Savannah just gets bigger, better

15 Nov 2016

Last week, my wife asked if I was interested in discussing our menu for Thanksgiving Day. It’s something we do every year. 


Fall Family Food Truck Fun Fest celebrates renewal of Skidaway Island State Park after hurricane

15 Nov 2016

Holly Holdsworth was the first one on the scene. As the park manager of Skidaway Island State Park, she was devastated to see the destruction Hurricane Matthew left in its path.


Taste of Savannah returns with record number of exhibitors

08 Nov 2016

If there was a ring announcer for the Savannah Food & Wine Festival, he would say, “And now for the main event!” when the gates opened for Taste of Savannah. 


Savannah Food & Wine Fest: Advice from the Master Sommeliers

08 Nov 2016

This year’s Savannah Food & Wine Festival features something special: three Master Sommeliers.


Eat It and Like It: Savannah Tech offers full Thanksgiving dinner, Turducken included

08 Nov 2016

I’ve been eyeballing the holiday scene the last few weeks. It seems like every single year, we start the holiday fast lane sooner and sooner.


Celebrate, support veterans at Q-Masters, Chefs + Vets

08 Nov 2016

While many of the events for this year’s Savannah Food & Wine Festival have sold out, there are still tickets left for the charity benefit Q-Masters, Chefs +Vets.


The Two Hundred seeks help to thank first responders at Red, White & Blue BBQ

07 Nov 2016

Rather than host a do-over, The Two Hundred Club decided to focus on its mission to serve and help local first responders.


Savannah Food & Wine Festival expands fundraising with new foundation

02 Nov 2016

The Savannah Food & Wine Festival returns for another jam-packed week of master classes, celebrity chef dinners, tastings and fundraisers featuring the best Savannah has to offer as well as some of the hottest wineries, spirit makers and chefs in the industry. 


Secret Savannah Speakeasy celebrates city’s bold cuisine, cocktails, music and craft brews

02 Nov 2016

When the Savannah Food & Wine Festival introduced the Secret Savannah Speakeasy event last year, no one knew exactly what to expect — as is the case with most new events.


Savannah Food & Wine Fest's Whisky at the Whitman pairs elegant menu with best in spirits

02 Nov 2016

An elegant dinner paired with some of the best brands of whisky at a charming Victorian mansion in the heart of the Historic District is so uniquely Savannah, you won’t want to miss this event.


New Q-Masters, Chefs + Vets festival event benefits Tiny House Project for Homeless Veterans

02 Nov 2016

When the organizers for the Savannah Food & Wine Festival realized this year’s week-long event fell on Veterans Day, it seemed obvious to reach out to veteran owned and operated craft brewery Service Brewing Co. to put together a barbecue block party to benefit a worthy cause.


Love of learning meets love of teaching at Savannah Food & Wine Fest Master Class Series

02 Nov 2016

Every year, the Savannah Food & Wine Festival gives the community a chance to get up-close and personal with renowned chefs and sommeliers through its Master Class Series.