Do Savannnah



Eat It and Like It: The Westin has plenty to add to holidays

19 Nov 2014

We’ve all cracked the jokes about retailers getting a jump on the holidays.


The Proof: Food and wine and spirits

10 Nov 2014

Liquor may not be in the title of the Savannah Food and Wine Festival, but it’s definitely on the agenda. For fans of the hard stuff, let me preview a couple of events that might be of interest.


Taste of Savannah brings state's second largest culinary event to city

10 Nov 2014

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more “Savannah,” then perhaps Taste of Savannah is for you.


Church brings Pecan & Honey Harvest to Savannah

10 Nov 2014

A generous donation to Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church has resulted in a new and unique event: The Pecan & Honey Harvest, set for Nov. 15 in Madison Square.


Eat It and Like It: Food and wine fest is Savannah’s time to shine

05 Nov 2014

When I sat down to write this particular piece of work, I had to give it some thought.


Beer Buzz: Show Georgia legislators you support brewers

05 Nov 2014

The craft beer revolution has continued to boom here in the United States, with more than $14.3 billion in craft beer sales in 2013.


How to get the most of Savannah festival's wine tastings

05 Nov 2014

Winemaker Jim Foley Jr., co-owner of Seamus Wines and a local resident, has attended some of the best food and wine festivals around the country.


Savannah Food and Wine Festival brings a week of culinary delights

05 Nov 2014

The second annual Savannah Food and Wine Festival kicks off Nov. 10, and you won’t want to wait until the last minute to get your tickets.


Bluffton Beer Festival offers samples from around the world

29 Oct 2014

The Bluffton Beer Festival is hosting its fourth annual international and craft beer event to offer a taste of new flavors to locals.


Savannah Food Day Festival keeps you eating well all year long

29 Oct 2014

Over the last four years, the Savannah Food Day Festival has grown from roughly 3,000 attendees to the single largest Food Day celebration in the country.


The Proof: Rye is just right for fall

22 Oct 2014

You can keep your pumpkin spice lattes. The only spice I need this fall is rye whiskey.


Shalom, Y’all Jewish Food Festival back in Forsyth for 26th year

22 Oct 2014

The Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 26 in Forsyth Park.


Eat It and Like It: Chef transforms options at The Landings

15 Oct 2014

If you’ve been around the area for a while, then you remember Matt Roher when he was owner/executive chef at Cha Bella from 2007-11. He had quite a following there.


Eat Squad: Cohen’s Retreat stimulates all the senses, especially taste

13 Oct 2014

As someone who just moved back to Savannah after being away for 15 years, I am blown away by all the new growth in this area.


Eat It and Like It: Lulu Cakes adds to dessert bar’s Savannah empire

08 Oct 2014

It’s become a frequently asked question from visitors to the new cake shop on Hodgson Memorial Drive: “Oh wow, did you know there is a Lulu’s Chocolate Bar downtown?”


The Proof: Drink makers mix it up in Bartenders Challenge

06 Oct 2014

One advantage of writing a column about liquor is that sometimes I get asked to judge cocktail competitions.


Eat It and Like It: Italian ‘boot camp’ influences chef at The Florence

01 Oct 2014

I find it amusing that for all the attention The Florence has gotten since its doors opened in June, we have yet to see the name of the guy that, you know, actually makes the food.


Eat It and Like It: Enjoy a ‘fabulous’ Monday evening

24 Sep 2014

There is fabulous food around a good many corners in our fine city, but there is also good music, as well.


Eat Squad: The Collins Quarter exceeds expectations

22 Sep 2014

When I got the call to review The Collins Quarter, I was really excited. There was already a buzz just two weeks after its opening, but would it live up to expectations?


Eat It and Like It: Fill up fall calendar with foodie fun

17 Sep 2014

If you are familiar with the calendar around these parts, then you know September typically marks the start of festival season.