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Win tickets to AquaCurean

16 Apr 2014

Are you ready for Savannah's new gourmet seafood and spirits celebration?


Eat It and Like It: Adam Turoni offers tasty twist on Easter treats

16 Apr 2014

“I don’t want to do anything seasonal for Easter unless it’s fun.” That’s the answer I got from Adam Turoni last month when I asked him if he was doing anything special for Easter.


Forsyth Farmers' Market seeks donations for cookbook library

11 Apr 2014

Rain or shine, you can guarantee vendors and volunteers will be out at Forsyth Park come Saturday morning to offer some of their best fruits, vegetables, plants and more.


Offer your nominations for Eat It and Like It Foodie Awards

10 Apr 2014

Find out how to submit your favorite Savannah restaurants for Eat It and Like It's new Foodie Awards.


Savannah Dining: FORM II Table, Ampersand work as a team at 36 MLK

09 Apr 2014

“We specialize in catering to the great people in this city with creative food and wine pairing showcase dinners and lots of catering. There is also no way to talk about what we have accomplished without mentioning our famous cheesecake,” Chef John Osborne said.


Eat It and Like It: Hosting a celebration for Savannah’s best

09 Apr 2014

Every once in a blue moon — say, three times a year — I’ll be approached by a foodie, tried and true.


Junior Merino, 'The Liquid Chef,' to headline AquaCurean

08 Apr 2014

AquaCurean, Savannah's new gourmet seafood, spirits and music celebration, will be taking place at The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa from April 25-27. The final schedule of events and talent for the weekend celebration has been confirmed.


Grab a cup of Joe at this week's Forsyth Farmers' Market

04 Apr 2014

Rain or shine, vendors will be out at Forsyth Park come Saturday morning to offer some of their best fruits, vegetables, plants and coffee.

That's right - coffee.


Eat It and Like It: Answering your questions

02 Apr 2014

If I had a nickel for every time someone has stopped me on the street and said, “Hey, news man!” I’d be driving that new Range Rover right now. I left the 10 p.m. news in June.


Tybee Tales: Island makes time for a little wine

31 Mar 2014

With its shiny new coat of paint, the Tybee Island Light Station is gussied up and ready to open its doors for the Tybee Wine Festival Grand Tasting.


The canned beer revolution

31 Mar 2014

Our Industry is experiencing a craft beer can revolution that is rapidly sweeping the nation.


AquaCurean extends deadline, seeks volunteers

31 Mar 2014

AquaCurean, Savannah's new gourmet seafood and spirits celebration, has announced an extended deadline for competition entries.


The Proof: Blends battle back

26 Mar 2014

Like many whiskey drinkers, once I discovered single malt Scotch, I went through a phase of drinking almost only single malt Scotch.


Eat It and Like It: AquaCurean goes into hyperdrive mode

26 Mar 2014

About a month ago, we spent time together in this space talking about a seafood festival that was coming to Savannah in late April.


Forsyth Farmers' Market rings in spring

21 Mar 2014

Forsyth Park Farmers' Market manager Teri Schell and the rest of the market volunteers are excited to welcome spring, according to their weekly newsletter.


Review: Fill up with starchy goodness at Spudnik

12 Mar 2014

When Spudnik landed at 416 W. Broughton St. a few months back, I will admit to being more than a little skeptical.


Eat it and Like It: Robert Irvine offers new Nosh

12 Mar 2014

With all of the attention Paula Deen and her family get here in the Savannah area, it’s many times lost on the population that there is another high-octane celebrity chef doing business just over the river in the Lowcountry.


Forsyth Farmers' Market looking forward to more time in the sun

07 Mar 2014

The Forsyth Farmers' Market returns Saturday with plenty of fresh, local produce for your dinner table.


AquaCurean announces poster contest winner

05 Mar 2014

Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime, right? How about teach a man to enjoy eating fish and accomplish the same thing? Either way you slice it, the AquaCurean has itself a new fan, for more reasons than one.


Eat It and Like It: New reception, convention venues take shape

05 Mar 2014

I’m chatting over dinner with the owner of a major catering company in Savannah when he says, “The wedding business is booming in this town.”


Forsyth Farmers' Market gets local youth in on organic game

28 Feb 2014

Forsyth Park Farmers' Market organizers were recently at the Georgia Organics #GreenAcres confererence on Jekyll Island.


Beer Buzz: Georgia craft breweries need continued support

26 Feb 2014

You may have heard rumblings of a new law trying to be passed in Georgia regarding craft breweries. You may have even been asked to sign a petition or two. Do you know what you were supporting?