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Review: ‘Boy Next Door’ way too predictable

22 Jan 2015

No good adulterous affair goes unpunished in Hollywood movies. The latest proof is J.Lo’s latest, “The Boy Next Door.”


Review: Pacino bristles with comic energy in ‘The Humbling’

22 Jan 2015

Al Pacino delivers his best performance in years in “The Humbling,” a tragicomic look at a veteran stage and film actor on the edge of a nervous breakdown.


Review: Aniston de-glams for drab ‘Cake’

22 Jan 2015

Ah, to de-glam. It’s one of the surest shortcuts to newfound artistic appreciation: A bedraggled deviation into dowdy drama by a beautiful star. Acclaim by way of sweatpants.


Review: Depp indulges inner clown in charmless ‘Mortdecai’

22 Jan 2015

Any film credited with its own “mustache wrangler” really should have been much more fun than Johnny Depp’s latest misfiring action-comedy.


Film Scene: Discover ‘Dave’ and an Iranian vampire western

21 Jan 2015

This is another one of those weeks where there are far too many cinematic events taking place than room in this column easily allows me to discuss. So let’s jump right in, shall we?


Savannah Jewish Film Fest encompasses all backgrounds

21 Jan 2015

The Savannah Jewish Film Festival is one of the city's (sadly) best kept secrets.


Mountainfilm on Tour brings the world to Savannah

21 Jan 2015

For almost three decades, the Telluride MountainFilm Festival has showcased outstanding films on a variety of subjects related to exploring and preserving our environment.


Review: Been there, done that in ‘Wedding Ringer’

16 Jan 2015

The first version of the script for “The Wedding Ringer,” a new comedy about a friendless schlub who rents a best man for his big day, was written back in 2002 — a fact that partly accounts for the whiff of stale leftovers that hangs over the movie from start to finish.


Review: Sweet, clever and cuddly, ‘Paddington’ is just right

15 Jan 2015

Paddington Bear. How well we know him. He’s cuddly, he’s loyal, he’s sensitive. He’s well-traveled — but loves to stay home, too. And he can whip up a mean homemade marmalade.


Review: Michael Mann’s cyber-thriller ‘Blackhat’ clicks with urgency

15 Jan 2015

Michael Mann’s “Blackhat” begins with the camera slowly descending from above Earth, diving down into a nuclear facility and submerging into the underlying, twisting maze of electronic circuitry.


Film Scene: Unique fests and ‘super crazy’ mystery screening

14 Jan 2015

Anyone catch the Golden Globes on Sunday night? Well, even if you did not, you may have heard director Richard Linklater pulled off something of a great surprise.


Gray’s Reef Ocean Film Festival celebrates ocean explorers

14 Jan 2015

From the moment Amy Rath heard of a job opening at Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Georgia, she made it her goal to win that position.


Review: ‘American Sniper’ is quintessential Eastwood

07 Jan 2015

A mere six months after releasing the Four Seasons drama “Jersey Boys,” Clint Eastwood has again lapped his younger directing colleagues with his second film of 2014 and his best movie in years.


Film Scene: Don’t miss a second chance at ‘The Babadook’

06 Jan 2015

Those of you fortunate enough to view the low-budget Australian thriller “The Babadook” during October’s sneak preview at the 2014 Savannah Film Fest likely know just how lucky you were to catch it on the big screen.


Review: Cotillard shines in moving social drama ‘Two Days, One Night’

02 Jan 2015

“Put yourself in my place.” It’s a line heard a number of times in “Two Days, One Night,” the exquisitely simple and moving new film from Belgium’s Dardenne brothers.


Review: Desperation runs deep in Russia’s ‘Leviathan’

02 Jan 2015

Desperation runs through the frozen ground and swelling seas in “Leviathan,” director Andrey Zvyagintsev’s devastatingly beautiful and grand tale of man’s ever deepening helplessness against a corrupt state and an indifferent God.


Review: In ‘A Most Violent Year,’ the capitalist as gangster

02 Jan 2015

In his exciting first three films, writer-director J.C. Chandor, the son of a Merrill Lynch investment banker, has proven to be a canny, clear-eyed studier of capitalism, sensitive to its strivers and alert to its ethical storms.


Film Scene: January schedule looks to be action-packed

31 Dec 2014

January is already shaping up to be packed with a rather amazing variety of specialty screenings at a number of familiar venues.


Review: True story eye-poppingly told in Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’

24 Dec 2014

You’ve likely seen the images, even if you have no idea who painted them: Those waifs with the huge, saucer-like eyes, appearing in oil paintings, posters, postcards, refrigerator magnets.


Review: 'Selma' a history lesson that throbs with today

24 Dec 2014

To say Ava DuVernay's "Selma" feels relevant is a mammoth understatement.


Review: Mike Leigh paints his masterpiece in ‘Mr. Turner’

24 Dec 2014

Survey countless films about artistic geniuses and you will not encounter one quite like Mike Leigh’s J.M.W. Turner, as played by Timothy Spall.


Film Scene: Another future award winner screens locally

24 Dec 2014

For many years now, two organizations have been instrumental in curating and presenting foreign, alternative and independent films here in Savannah.


Review: ‘Unbroken’ a beautiful film that doesn’t break surface

24 Dec 2014

"Unbroken" is a story about Louis Zamperini that seems to have little interest in Louis Zamperini.


Review: Don’t bet on this oddly lifeless ‘Gambler’ remake

22 Dec 2014

“If you’re not a genius, don’t bother,” the English professor played by Mark Walhberg in “The Gambler” blithely tells his students. That should be one clue that you’re not gonna like this guy.