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Film Scene: ‘Jaws’ on the beach, mind-benders at the Lucas

17 Sep 2014

I’m happy to say the next seven days are another banner week for Savannah-area cinemaniacs, with no less than five noteworthy screenings taking place for your edification and enjoyment.


Review: ‘The Drop’ is a sharp, character-rooted crime film

12 Sep 2014

The kind of solid, honest-feeling, mean-streets movie you might think they only make in Boston these days, Michael R. Roskam’s “The Drop” was, in fact, set there before filmmakers decided to shake things up by moving it to Brooklyn.


Review: ‘Dolphin 2’ a warmly immersive adventure

12 Sep 2014

Containing all the elements that made the 2011 original boy-and-his-dolphin story a hit with audiences and critics, Charles Martin Smith’s “Dolphin Tale 2” is another engaging film inspired by the real-life inhabitants of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.


Film Scene: Take your pick of new ‘worst film’ contenders

10 Sep 2014

When a studio refuses to offer sneak previews of a new film to established critics in advance of said film’s release, there’s probably a very good reason why.


Review: ‘Last Days of Vietnam’ shows Saigon’s fall

04 Sep 2014

There are many differences between America’s troubled exit from Iraq and its ramshackle retreat from Vietnam.


Review: ‘Frontera’ an involving cross-border drama

04 Sep 2014

The contentious policy debate over the U.S.-Mexico border forms the backdrop to “Frontera,” a contemporary crime drama that brings together characters from both sides of that porous geographic line.


Review: ‘Longest Week’ is a pale Allen imitation

04 Sep 2014

In “The Longest Week,” Jason Bateman plays a privileged, pampered, narcissistic New Yorker whose sole effort at productivity in life is his meandering work on a novel called “The Directionless Generation.”


Film Scene: Make time to see ‘Godfather’ on big screen

02 Sep 2014

Folks who either know me from my role as a longtime area presenter of motion pictures or from reading this weekly column routinely ask for my opinion on a wide variety of movies.


Review: ‘Life of Crime’ misses Leonard’s rhythm

28 Aug 2014

Some may pine for George Clooney’s chin or Scarlett Johansson’s lips, but no body part should be more envied than Elmore Leonard’s ear.


Review: ‘As Above, So Below’ just so-so

28 Aug 2014

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here,” is the inscription uncovered by a gang of 20-something treasure hunters in the catacomb-hopping horror flick, “As Above, So Below.”


Review: Ex-007 actor spying again in ‘November Man’

28 Aug 2014

One-time 007 Pierce Brosnan embraces a darker take on spycraft in Roger Donaldson’s “The November Man.”


Review: Meta and mad, ‘The Congress’ is a trip

28 Aug 2014

“Very soon, this whole structure that we all love so much will be gone,” prophesies Danny Huston’s wide-grinning movie studio head in Ari Folman’s “The Congress.”


Sequel to 'Magic Mike' filming in Savannah

27 Aug 2014

The Savannah Film Officehas announced the sequel to "Magic Mike," a 2012 feature film about male strippers, is scheduled to film in the area beginning in September.


Film Scene: A look at Palestine and Pee-wee Herman

27 Aug 2014

Well, film fans, to the best of my knowledge, there are only two noteworthy local, alternative cinema screenings over the next seven days.


Review: 'Sin City' dives back into a noir abyss

22 Aug 2014

After being clonked over the head in 1944's "Murder, My Sweet," Raymond Chandler's immortal private eye Philip Marlowe wryly narrated the experience of being knocked out: "A black pool opened up at my feet. I jumped in."


Review: ‘Love Is Strange’ is tender, meandering

20 Aug 2014

A gay couple who have been together for almost four decades are separated — at least physically — by factors beyond their control in “Love Is Strange,” the latest tender and meandering exploration of human relationships from indie darling Ira Sach.


Review: A sweet Moretz rescues ‘If I Stay’

20 Aug 2014

’Tis clearly the season for exceedingly attractive young adults in mortal peril.


T. Hardy Morris added to Revival Fest lineup

20 Aug 2014

Athens-based T. Hardy Morris has been added to the Sept. 20 Revival Fest lineup, MusicFile Productions has announced.


Film Scene: Go western with weekend’s selections

20 Aug 2014

A year or so ago, Val Kilmer, actor, songwriter and of late, Mark Twain impersonator, opened up to an interviewer and told a wonderfully strange and hitherto unheard anecdote about meeting one of his personal heroes: Bob Dylan.


Review: ‘The Giver’ alters book for softer tale

14 Aug 2014

Phillip Noyce’s “The Giver” greets a man-made Utopia with an eternal question: “If you can’t feel, what’s the point?”


Review: ‘Let’s Be Cops’ falls flat on humor

14 Aug 2014

At one point during “Let’s Be Cops,” actor Damon Wayans Jr. has a scene in which a huge naked man’s groin is inches from his face.


Review: New tricks can’t rescue ‘Expendables 3’

14 Aug 2014

In its third incarnation, “The Expendables” has become, well, expendable.