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Review: 'Landline,' a rom-com with love crumbling everywhere

20 Jul 2017

There's an eye-popping scene in the new film "Landline" when our heroine is walking around New York City and decides to check her phone messages.


Review: 'Girls Trip' a wonderfully hilarious destination

20 Jul 2017
Get ready to know the name Tiffany Haddish. If there were such a thing as Comedy Oscars, she would win for "Girls Trip ."

Review: In 'Valerian,' cosmic splendor struggles for liftoff

20 Jul 2017

When even most of the good spectacles carry a strong whiff of prepackaging, try taking in the air of Luc Besson's sci-fi extravaganza "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets."


Film Scene: Rare finds, noir and more in and around Savannah this week

20 Jul 2017

Greetings, folks. It’s that time again when we take a look at noteworthy upcoming alternative cinema events in our area over the next seven days. Summer means tons of kid-oriented screenings. So, for better use of space, starting with this week’s column, admission prices will now be found solely in each event’s sidebar listing.


Film Scene: Savannah offers up dozens of great screenings this week

13 Jul 2017

Greetings, fellow movie lovers. This is another banner week for folks around these parts who appreciate special screenings of feature motion pictures, professionally filmed stage performances and documentaries, with more than a dozen such presentations taking place throughout the greater Savannah area over the next seven days. 


Review: 'A Ghost Story' casts a bizarre spell

07 Jul 2017

A fatal, off-screen car crash interrupts the picturesque, suburban lives of a young married couple in David Lowery's "A Ghost Story," marooning the deceased husband musician (Casey Affleck) in a kind of purgatory as a watchful, mostly benign ghost.


Review: In 'City of Ghosts,' true heroism in an IS capital

06 Jul 2017

So-called heroes sling into action just about every weekend of the summer movie season, but if you want to see the genuine article, you'll have to make your way to "City of Ghosts," Matthew Heineman's documentary about the Syrian citizen journalist collective of Raqqa.


Film Scene: Kids of all ages will find cinema delights this week

05 Jul 2017

Looking ahead to the next seven days’ worth of alternative cinema events in our area, there’s plenty of interesting, one- or two-day-only events on tap for both young and old alike. 


Review: 'Baby Driver' is a toe-tapping, engine-revving jolt

29 Jun 2017

There's nothing like an epic getaway chase to kick a movie into high gear, and the first five minutes of "Baby Driver " are pure movie magic.


Review: A thrilling epic in 'War for the Planet of the Apes'

29 Jun 2017

Apparently all the new Planet of the Apes films needed to do to really hit a home run was take the humans out of the equation. 


Review: More Carell, but fewer ideas in 'Despicable Me 3'

29 Jun 2017

One of the many — and we mean many — subplots in "Despicable Me 3" is about a girl's obsession with finding a unicorn. 


Review: Holland, cast delight in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

29 Jun 2017

One thing is certain: Culture has not been lacking in takes on Spider-Man for the past 15 years.


Review: Giant pig movie 'Okja' gives us a lot to chew over

29 Jun 2017

Just in time for summer comes a film that seriously threatens the core component of barbeques, baseball games and block parties. 


Review: In 'The Last Knight,' round 5 for the Transformers

23 Jun 2017

A concussed serenity sets in somewhere in the middle of the ceaseless ballet of metal and machismo in Michael Bay's "Transformers: The Last Knight." 


Review: Fall in love with 'The Big Sick'

23 Jun 2017

That two people could overcome centuries-old cultural obstacles, the perils of modern dating and a critical illness and end up together is a great story. 


Review: Coppola's 'The Beguiled' disturbing and beautiful

23 Jun 2017

"The Beguiled" is a strange and uncomfortable film in both of its iterations. 


Film Scene: Week’s screenings bring both classic and new animation

21 Jun 2017

If you live in the greater Savannah area and have not yet availed yourself of a trip out to Tybee Island’s beautifully restored single-screen movie house, there’s no time like the present.


Mighty Eighth Museum hosts big-screen viewing of war documentary at Lucas Theatre

20 Jun 2017

Here in Savannah, our community is lucky indeed to have several very different museums at our disposal. One of the most unique of these institutions is the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, located in nearby Pooler.


Review: In 'The Mummy,' Tom Cruise dances with the undead

16 Jun 2017

Of all the CGI-ed supernatural forces slung in Alex Kurtzman's "The Mummy" (and, believe me, there are a lot), none can compete with the spectral spectacle of Tom Cruise, at 54.


Review: 'Cars 3' steers a welcome if imperfect gender shift

16 Jun 2017

Three films in, it's time to ask some hard questions about the world of "Cars."


Review: A questionable murder derails 'Rough Night' fun

16 Jun 2017

In "Rough Night," four women on a wild and crazy bachelorette weekend in Miami accidentally kill a guy and try to get away with it.


Review: 'The Book of Henry' loses sight of its own plot

16 Jun 2017

When film students in the future search for terrible movies in 2017, they'll have a hard time locating "The Book of Henry." Not because it's good — trust us, it isn't — but because it will be hard to find.