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Film Scene: Hitting the specialty screening jackpot

16 Apr 2014

This week’s bounty of specialty film screenings is another embarrassment of riches, and though it’s a shopworn phrase, “something for everyone” might apply to the fistful of classics (and one grindhouse obscurity) on display.


Review: ‘Only Lovers’ a moody vampire movie

11 Apr 2014

“The Thin Man” with blood cocktails, an ode to hipsterism through the ages, a mainline shot of cool and a playful tribute to artistic fetishism, Jim Jarmusch’s vampire romance “Only Lovers Left Alive” is an addictive mood and tone piece, a nocturnal reverie that incidentally celebrates a marriage that has lasted untold centuries.


Review: ‘Draft Day’ is an off-season gift

11 Apr 2014

The pre-pre-season opening kickoff of the 2014 National Football League schedule is returned for a score in “Draft Day,” an entirely conventional serio-comic sports world melodrama that pushes its buttons with undeniable professional finesse.


Review: Moving work by Colin Firth anchors ‘Railway Man’

11 Apr 2014

There are, of course, different ways to make war movies. Some are sweeping, some more intimate. Some are visceral and raw, and some take a more understated approach.


Review: ‘Rio 2’ dazzling but overloaded

11 Apr 2014

A vivid and delightful animated spectacle, “Rio 2” is chock-full of colorful 3-D wonder and jubilant musical numbers set against a tale of family dynamics and environmental dilemmas.


Film Scene: Lucas offers an odd one-two film punch

09 Apr 2014

If a cult movie becomes a cultural touchstone for at least a significant swath of middle America, can it still be considered a cult movie?


Review: Johansson invites us into a baffling dream

02 Apr 2014

To say that a movie feels like a dream is not automatically a positive statement. It all depends on the dream.


Review: ‘Captain America’ zippy but hollow

02 Apr 2014

For the latest Marvel release, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” most fan boys might prefer a Consumer Reports-style product review.


Review: Coogan takes his Partridge to big screen

02 Apr 2014

Comedian Steve Coogan steps back into his comfort zone with this first feature-length outing for his long-running signature character, Alan Partridge, a satirical creation born more than 20 years ago on BBC radio and television.


Review: ‘Strangers’ not your ordinary rock doc

02 Apr 2014

The new rock documentary “Mistaken for Strangers” is alternately hilarious, cringe-inducing, inspiring, depressing, stupid and profoundly intelligent.


Medient announces 'The Damned' to be filmed in Savannah

28 Mar 2014

Medient Studios has announced that its 15th feature production will be "The Damned."


Review: Lars von Trier offers sex epic ‘Nymphomaniac’

27 Mar 2014

Lars von Trier’s four-hour “Nymphomaniac,” which is being released in two “volumes,” is a sexual odyssey that could be described as thoughtful, provocative, ridiculous, comically deranged, electrically composed, occasionally beautiful, unforgettable and terrible.


Review: Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’ is everything except boring

27 Mar 2014

What to make of Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah”? Perhaps that’s the wrong question. Indeed, what NOT to make of “Noah”? Because it is so many things.


Review: Body count out of control in ‘Raid 2’

27 Mar 2014

Leaving behind the original’s grungy Jakarta tenement setting for the luxurious hangouts of Indonesia’s organized crime overlords, “The Raid 2” pumps up its production values several notches.


Review: ‘Chavez’ gives leader routine treatment

27 Mar 2014

Diego Luna’s heartfelt biographical drama, “Cesar Chavez,” chronicles the struggle of the United Farm Workers co-founder to get California grape growers to the negotiating table.


Film Scene: One-and-done shows offer up variety

26 Mar 2014

As we look ahead to the independent cinema events in town, one word comes to mind: variety.


Review: The Muppets reteam with mixed results

20 Mar 2014

A strange sense of doom hangs over the rebooted Muppets, and it’s not from the Swedish Chef’s cooking.


Review: ‘Divergent’ doesn’t diverge quite enough

20 Mar 2014

If you have a kid of a certain age — especially a girl, preteen or thereabouts — then you know the young-adult entertainment message of choice these days.


Review: ‘Blood Ties’ long and anemic

20 Mar 2014

Guillaume Canet’s attempt to do a Sidney Lumet flatlines in “Blood Ties”, an anemic drama about a family split, defined by one brother being a cop, the other a criminal.


Film Scene: Catch an under-the-radar new release

19 Mar 2014

Local cinema enthusiasts with a thirst for indie films, foreign features and documentaries likely already know that such fare can be found in our area, provided one keeps their eyes and ears open, and plans a bit in advance.


Review: ‘Ernest & Celestine’ a delicate delight

13 Mar 2014

The delicate and lovingly hand-made “Ernest & Celestine” captures the whimsy and warmth of a dearly felt children’s picture book like few movies before.


Review: ‘Need for Speed’ a thrilling stunt fest

13 Mar 2014

It takes a lot for a film based on a video game to impress a crowd these days, given the dazzling advancements in gaming technology. But “Need for Speed,” based on the hit EA Entertainment racing game that’s sold 150 million units, could now drive some of that success toward the box office.


Review: Bateman channels his inner misanthrope

13 Mar 2014

If you’ve seen the poster for “Bad Words,” starring and directed by Jason Bateman, you’ll see a sneer on Bateman’s face. It’s truly nasty. More than most movie posters, this image sets a perfect tone for the film, much of which really IS that nasty.


Review: ‘Veronica’ a solid cinematic turn

13 Mar 2014

Canceled by the CW in 2007, the cult-fave mystery series “Veronica Mars” completed its third season with an (open-ended) episode titled “The B*tch Is Back.”