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Review: 'Man Down' waits too long to deliver worthy message

01 Dec 2016

"Man Down" carries a poignant message about American veterans' mental health needs, but you may give up on the movie before it gets there.


Review: Chastain enlivens political thriller 'Miss Sloane'

01 Dec 2016

There's never a hair out of place in "Miss Sloane," a painstakingly slick political thriller from director John Madden about a brilliant lone wolf lobbyist consumed with the win.


Review: In 'Jackie,' a fractured Kennedy fable

01 Dec 2016

History, lately run amok, is ordered with such tidy, forceful finesse by Natalie Portman's Jacqueline Kennedy in the piercing "Jackie." 


Film Scene: Week brings horror premiere, birthday salute and neo-noir

30 Nov 2016

Welcome back, dear readers. I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was free from any and all unnecessary family drama and strife.


Psychotronic Film Society offers local premiere of Savannah-filmed ‘SiREN’

29 Nov 2016

When director Gregg Bishop first read the script for “SiREN,” it occurred to him that Savannah might make an ideal setting for the tale of dark and evil forces.


Review: Can you go home again? The lovely 'Lion' says yes

24 Nov 2016

There are two ways to view "Lion." One is as a heart-warming tale of love beyond boundaries and the incandescent pull of home. The more cynical view is that it's a two-hour advertisement for the wonders of Google Earth.


Review: Brad Pitt's 'Allied' features love in the fog of war

24 Nov 2016

Deeply nostalgic moviemaking is rendered with digital precision in Robert Zemeckis' highly manicured World War II romance "Allied."


Review: Set sail with the spirited, familiar 'Moana'

24 Nov 2016

Stop me if this sounds familiar: A Disney animation film about a bright and spirited young woman who feels stifled by outmoded expectations and dreams of exploring beyond the confines of her home.


Film Scene: Horror, music and sci-fi films all coming up in Savannah

22 Nov 2016

Well, folks, it looks like the people, organizations and venues broadly responsible for providing most of the noteworthy alternative cinema events in our neck of the woods have started binging on tryptophan a little early this year. 


Review: In 'Bleed For This,' A Comeback Times Two

18 Nov 2016

A melee has broken out in the boxing film. The genre's ring is so crowded, a fighter leaning back for a left hook might inadvertently sock the wrong opponent. 


Review: Steinfeld's Angst Shines In 'The Edge Of Seventeen'

18 Nov 2016

When's the last time you saw a truly fresh talent on screen? Someone so charismatic that you couldn't wait to find out who they are, what they've done before and why you've never noticed? 


Review: 'Fantastic Beasts' Promising, Not Yet Potter-Magical

18 Nov 2016

Xenophobia. Prejudice. Oppression. Who's up for a little escapism at the multiplex?


Review: 'Arrival' lumbers, and that's not just the aliens

11 Nov 2016

It turns out that when space aliens do eventually arrive on Earth — and, wouldn't you know it, they traveled all that way without bothering to learn any of our languages beforehand? — we won't need any fancy high-tech gizmos with LED screens to communicate.


Review: Verhoeven's 'Elle' is an inferno of lust

11 Nov 2016

"Inverted flame combustion." That's the kind of heat generated by a self-made furnace that makes a late cameo in Paul Verhoeven's highly flammable "Elle," a violently dark comedy in which passion and cruelty burn together in the same perverted, masochistic fire.


Review: 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk' is a mesmeric trip

11 Nov 2016

"Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk " is not a war movie in the traditional sense.


Film Scene: Screenings include ‘Saving Private Ryan’ to follow up Veterans Day

09 Nov 2016

Over the past several weeks, you may have noticed more than a few mentions of local film organization CinemaSavannah’s exclusive area engagement of “Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World."


Review: Mel Gibson roars back with bruising ‘Hacksaw Ridge’

03 Nov 2016

Is “Hacksaw Ridge” Mel Gibson’s redemption? Is it his atonement, or perhaps his miracle?


Review: ‘Trolls’ is big-hearted sensory overload

03 Nov 2016

It’s somewhat fitting that the new DreamWorks Animation feature “Trolls” is coming out right after Halloween. 


Review: In ‘Loving,’ the revolution power of a true love

03 Nov 2016

Jeff Nichols’ “Loving,” about Richard and Mildred Loving, is about simple-minded people, simply being in love.


Review: 'Other People' a low-key triumph of intelligent filmmaking

03 Nov 2016

It’s a deft trick to successfully blend pathos with humor on screen. Writer-director Chris Kelly’s debut feature “Other People” handles that delicate balancing act – and it does so with grace and charm.


Review: 'Off the Rails' a highlight of Savannah Film Fest's 'Docs to Watch'

03 Nov 2016

The 2016 Savannah Film Fest could hardly have chosen a better feature film to kick off this year’s 19th annual installment of the celebrated, juried international film festival.