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Francophone Film Festival back at Armstrong with five free screenings

03 Feb 2016

Armstrong State University’s French Club will host one of Savannah’s most unique and welcome cultural entertainment events: the Francophone Film Festival.


Review: Third time’s a charm for the witty ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’

28 Jan 2016

If you’re one of those people — and I’m with you — who roll your eyes when handed a pair of 3D glasses at the multiplex, wondering if all this rigmarole is REALLY necessary, then take heart: The lovely, color-popping visuals in “Kung Fu Panda 3” are well worth those darned glasses.


Review: Waves and nostalgia wash over ‘The Finest Hours’

28 Jan 2016

Waves of water and nostalgia wash over the drenched and drippy “The Finest Hours,” a Norman Rockwell painting tossed into stormy CGI seas.


Film Scene: Fill your week with Janis, ‘Legend’ and festivals

27 Jan 2016

Every few years for what seems like an eternity, a succession of movie producers and directors have routinely announced their own disparate plans to bring the somewhat sordid life story of doomed ’60s rock and soul icon/human cannonball Janis Joplin to the big screen.


Savannah Jewish Film Festival features another diverse lineup

27 Jan 2016

It’s hard to believe Savannah’s Jewish Film Festival has been around, in one form or another, since 2003.


Gray’s Reef Ocean Film Festival adds 3D movies to 13th annual event

27 Jan 2016

Living as we do in such close proximity to the beach, it’s far too easy for many in the Savannah area to take the ocean — and the beauty, inspiration and yes, even the prosperity which it provides — for granted.


Nature documentarian: It’s a labor of love

27 Jan 2016

If there’s one thing Shaun MacGillivray knows, it’s how to make a world-class nature-based documentary.


Reviews: Tybee-filmed ‘Dirty Grandpa’ is unfunny, gross, filthy and horrible

25 Jan 2016

“Dirty Grandpa,” the movie starring Robert DeNiro, Zac Efron and Aubrey Plaza that filmed on Tybee Island last year, was released in theaters across the country last week.


Review: Moretz, winsome and one-note, fights for the human race

22 Jan 2016

One major reason young-adult fiction is so alluring — when done well — is that it gives youngsters such a fulfilling scenario of independence from those older adults in their lives who always think they’re smarter and stronger.


Film Scene: Noteworthy screenings include ‘Room,’ several festivals

20 Jan 2016

Area movie enthusiasts are already looking ahead to three more extremely worthwhile local film festivals, not to mention a few buzzworthy standalone screenings over the next few weeks.


Savannah Jewish Film Festival schedule

20 Jan 2016

The Savannah Jewish Film Festival runs from Jan. 27-Feb. 6 at the Savannah Jewish Educational Alliance, 5111 Abercorn St.


Review: ‘13 Hours’ is thrilling, but too video game-like

15 Jan 2016

The most surprising thing about “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” is how Michael Bay makes 144 minutes pass so quickly.


Review: ‘Ride Along 2’ follows silliness formula of original

13 Jan 2016

With the same brand of silliness and a bit more creativity than the original, “Ride Along 2”doesn’t pretend to be anything more than what it is: a sequel designed to offer a second helping of exactly what worked the first time around.


Review: Maggie Smith in her wheelhouse in ‘Lady in the Van’

13 Jan 2016

There are cozy, innocuous pleasures to Nicholas Hytner’s adaption of Alan Bennett’s “The Lady in the Van,” but chief among them is watching two grand old talents — Maggie Smith and Bennett, himself — operating firmly in their self-created wheelhouses.


Mountainfilm on Tour brings specially selected lineup to Savannah

12 Jan 2016

For decades, most folks in the U.S. have likely thought of mediocre canned beer when they hear the phrase “head for the mountains.”


Film Scene: A bounty of great screenings awaits in Savannah

12 Jan 2016

After what might be termed a fairly “dry spell” as far as independent or alternative film events around town, there are now so many different exemplary (or at least notable) screenings or festivals taking place over the next few weeks it will be difficult for folks to attend as many as they might wish.


New Strange But True Film Fest showcases rarely seen documentaries

11 Jan 2016

The inaugural Strange But True Film Fest is a new event dedicated to rarely seen non-feature films, creating another unique addition to Savannah’s cultural scene.


Review: Forgettable horror ‘The Forest’ wastes star Dormer

08 Jan 2016

The January movie has long had a reputation for being among the worst that Hollywood has to offer, as though everyone collectively acknowledges that they need a month to catch up on the glut of prestige offerings and awards hopefuls that hit at the end of December.


Film Scene: ‘Operation Lipstick’ shows best of Shaw Bros.

05 Jan 2016

Heard of the Shaw Brothers before? No? Think a bit harder, and they may strike a chord of recognition.


Review: Charlie Kaufman’s ‘Anomalisa’ will break your heart

30 Dec 2015

In “Anomalisa” everyone looks and sounds the same. They bore our protagonist Michael Stone (voiced by David Thewlis) to death. And this feeling that he’s the only individual on the planet among all these clones might be the cause of his unraveling.


Review: Moore ‘invades’ Europe to teach us all some lessons

29 Dec 2015

Of course Michael Moore exaggerates. Of course he engages in cheerful, unabashed cherry-picking. Of course he sees black and white where most of us see shades of gray.


Film Scene: See what’s in store for Savannah movie lovers in 2016

28 Dec 2015

It’s been both a pleasure and a distinct privilege to cover the local independent cinema community for Do throughout 2015.


Review: ‘45 Years’ a devastating time bomb

28 Dec 2015

How many great movies could be written across the enigmatic, profound face of Charlotte Rampling? Hundreds? Thousands? At any rate, Andrew Haigh’s “45 Years” is one of them.


Review: ‘Daddy’s Home’ a silly romp rife with stereotypes

23 Dec 2015

If you’ve seen a preview — or even a poster — for “Daddy’s Home,” you can imagine how the movie goes.