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Review: 'Queen of Katwe' a story of chess, dreams and Uganda

23 Sep 2016

The colors and rhythms of life in the slums of Uganda are what set “Queen of Katwe” apart from other underdog chess movies.


Review: 'Storks' tells tale of a dormant baby delivery business

23 Sep 2016

The question of “Where do babies come from?” has been answered, throughout movie history, with some unsavory characters. In the case of “Rosemary’s Baby,” a demonic neighbor was to blame. In “Knocked Up,” it was Seth Rogen’s doing. The truth can hurt.


Review: 'The Magnificent Seven' rides again, with more guns

23 Sep 2016

Deciding to remake “The Magnificent Seven “ with a fresh batch of movie stars is certainly no sin. 


Film Scene: ‘Seven Samurai’ schedule change, plus Spanish films, cheesy grindhouse and classic weepers

22 Sep 2016

A couple of hours before this week’s column went to press, I learned that showing of “Seven Samurai” will still take place at Trustees Theater — only it will be next Thursday night, Sept. 29. 


Review: 'Blair Witch Project' sequel gets lost in the woods

16 Sep 2016

People will have different reactions to the new “The Blair Witch Project” sequel, but one thing we all probably can agree on is this: We need to hurry up and clear-cut that haunted forest in Maryland, once and for all.


Review: Patriot games in Oliver Stone's 'Snowden'

16 Sep 2016

Edward Snowden, who cast himself as the hero of his own spy movie, gets the real thing in Oliver Stone’s Hollywoodized biopic of the National Security Agency whistleblower.


Review: 'Bridget Jones's Baby' is a charming return to form

16 Sep 2016

Renee Zellweger is charming as ever in “Bridget Jones’s Baby,” a lively return to form for the unlikely trilogy about an ordinary woman and her professional and romantic woes.


Film Scene: Savannah offers landmark epic ‘Seven Samurai,’ film fests and more

15 Sep 2016

So, this is one of those glorious weeks when I find myself getting just a wee bit giddy while writing this column.


Tybee Post’s Silent Film Fest comes to life with musical accompaniment

14 Sep 2016
When the first Silent Film Festival takes place at Tybee Post Theater, it will afford attendees the chance to experience a live, simultaneous musical performance by one of the most celebrated adherents of this filmic genre alive today.

Review: JT LeRoy doc explores absorbing literary scandal

09 Sep 2016

To the general public, the name JT LeRoy probably rings only the vaguest of bells, if any at all. It didn’t for this particular critic. 


Review: Eastwood's 'Sully' stubbornly refuses to soar

09 Sep 2016
Clint Eastwood has drained away all the superficial, rah-rah heroism of Capt. Chesley Sullenberger's great feat, but he has also sucked the life out of it.

Armstrong offers variety of free screenings at Spanish Film Festival

08 Sep 2016
650 million. That’s the educated estimate of how many people across the globe currently consider either Spanish or Portuguese as their native tongue. 

Film Scene: Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah unearths comedy, new wave gems

08 Sep 2016

In last week’s column, I wrote about the unexpected passing of the legendary actor, author and film director Gene Wilder, who charmed viewers the world over through his wonderful star turns in such 1970s and 1980s.


Review: 'Morgan' a cool, if predictable, exploration of AI

02 Sep 2016

Even if you guess the twist in “Morgan” early on, the title character is still an interesting one.


Film Scene: Remembering Gene Wilder and Kevin McCarthy, plus a look at upcoming film fests

01 Sep 2016

Just as I was writing this week’s Film Scene, word came down the wire that the great and idiosyncratic actor, screenwriter, author and motion picture director Gene Wilder had passed away at the age of 83.


Review: De Niro, Ramirez enter the ring in 'Hands of Stone'

26 Aug 2016

“Hands of Stone” is a sprawling yet fairly conventional biopic about the Panamanian boxing champion Roberto Duran — a man The Associated Press once declared the seventh greatest fighter and No. 1 lightweight of the 20th century. 


Review: In 'Southside With You,' when Barack met Michelle

26 Aug 2016

Writer-director Richard Tanne’s feature film debut “Southside With You” views history through an unlikely, heart-shaped prism: the first date between Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson. 


Review: 'Don't Breathe' is a well-plotted, thrilling trap

26 Aug 2016

To all you Detroit-area robbery crews, we should probably warn you right away: It’s just not a good idea to pick 1837 Buena Vista St. for your big — and final — score. Take our word for it. Walk away.


Film Scene: Tybee Post, PFS salute late, great Ingrid Bergman

25 Aug 2016

The next few days afford movie lovers not one, but two unique opportunities to witness the late, great Bergman’s inimitable cinematic majesty as it was meant to be observed — on the big screen. 


Review: 'Kubo and the Two Strings' strums stop-motion wonder

19 Aug 2016

Early in “Kubo and the Two Strings,” our hero meekly strides into an ancient Japanese village marketplace the way Toshiro Mifune might have entered a Kurosawa film, but with greater bustle.


Review: 'War Dogs' tells a crazy story of young arms dealers

19 Aug 2016

“War Dogs “ is too good of a true story not to get the Hollywood treatment, even if the end result doesn’t entirely do justice to the moral ambiguities and larger geopolitical implications of one of the craziest hustles in modern American history.


Review: New 'Ben-Hur' stands in shadow of Wyler's 1959 epic

19 Aug 2016

Remaking a film that won 11 Academy Awards invites inevitable comparison, but the latest adaptation of “Ben-Hur” distinguishes itself from William Wyler’s 1959 epic by retooling key character and story elements. 


Film Scene: It’s a weekend of classic box office hits at Lucas

18 Aug 2016

Those of you who were lucky enough to catch CinemaSavannah’s blink-and-you-missed-it engagement of “The Innocents” at Muse Arts Warehouse surely know what an impressive and emotional piece of filmmaking it was.