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‘Rosenwald’ doc puts spotlight on under-the-radar philanthropist

18 Nov 2015

When I was a kid, my parents taught me of the intertwined traditional Jewish ideals of “tzedakah,” or charity, and “tikkunolam,” which could be described as the noble and sacred goal of repairing (or improving) the world.


Review: Chilean miners film resorts too often to formula

16 Nov 2015

Movies are forever trying to capture the essence of the human spirit, and by that measure, it’s hard to imagine there was ever a story more tailor-made for the movies than the incredible 2010 Chilean mine rescue.


Review: ‘Love the Coopers’ is a moving, starry holiday pic

16 Nov 2015

“Love the Coopers” is pretty formulaic as far as Christmas dramedies go, but there are always going to be those movies that just get to you — despite, perhaps, your best judgment.


Review: A marriage on the rocks in Jolie Pitt’s ‘By the Sea’

16 Nov 2015

How do we picture the private lives of Angelina Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt? If they were to, say, wind along the Mediterranean coast in a top-down convertible with Serge Gainsbourg lilting on the radio, would that do the trick?


Whedon Weekend benefits Savannah musician's kidney fund

10 Nov 2015

On Nov. 13 and 14, for the first time in its 12-year history, the Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah (a nonprofit community organization I curate) will host an event in Broughton Street’s beautiful, 1,100-seat Trustees Theater.


Review: Cranston commands as blacklisted writer in ‘Trumbo’

06 Nov 2015

Sitting in a bathtub with a pen in one hand and glass of whiskey in the other, a long cigarette holder dangling beneath his wiry moustache, Dalton Trumbo wrote countless Hollywood screenplays. 


Review: Riveting ‘Spotlight’ uncovers church scandal

06 Nov 2015

Mark Ruffalo never walks in “Spotlight.” His very slowest is just shy of a flat out jog. It’s a minor detail, but it’s crucial to appreciating why this studied, smart look at The Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into the abuses of the Catholic Church is also utterly exhilarating.


Review: ‘Spectre’ stirs, doesn’t shake old Bond formulas

06 Nov 2015

Where to go when 53 years of action-scene set pieces have exhausted seemingly every exotic corner of the Earth? How much globe can a globe-trotter trot?


Review: ‘The Peanuts Movie’ a sweet, satisfying 3-D romp

06 Nov 2015

Maybe the Peanuts gang hasn’t been on the big screen in decades because they’ve had so much success on the small one, with specials like “The Great Pumpkin” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” that have been annual TV traditions since the 1960s.


Telluride Mountainfilm on Tour Savannah hosts special screening in time for Veterans Day

04 Nov 2015

Movie lovers in the greater Savannah area have likely become accustomed to hearing about our local branch of the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival. Known as Telluride Mountainfilm on Tour Savannah, this noteworthy nonprofit exists to bring the touring version of that fabled Colorado city’s highly respected annual film festival to our own neck of the woods.


SCAD announces Savannah Film Festival award winners

31 Oct 2015

The Savannah College of Art and Design announced the award winners for the 18th annual Savannah Film Festival.


Review: Sandra Bullock entertains as a ruthless campaign operative

29 Oct 2015

They say timing is everything — or at least a whole lot. And on several fronts, the George Clooney-produced “Our Brand is Crisis,” starring Sandra Bullock as a damaged, ruthless political consultant, has absolutely perfect timing.


Savannah Film Festival: Schedule change for 'Game of Thrones' star Alfie Allen

26 Oct 2015
Due to delayed international travel, Alfie Allen will not be receiving his Rising Star Award on Tuesday night.  

Review: A vibrant Mulligan brings historic struggle to life

23 Oct 2015

First the bad news: “Suffragette” isn’t a Meryl Streep movie, despite what you may have seen in the trailer. She has but a few moments of screen time.


Review: Murray finds some comedy in messy ‘Rock the Kasbah’

23 Oct 2015

Bill Murray is asleep. Or at least he appears to be sleeping when we first meet his character, down-and -ut music manager Richie Lanz, in “Rock the Kasbah.”


Savannah Film Fest adds 'Diary of a Teenage Girl' with Alexander Skarsgard Q&A

22 Oct 2015

The Savannah Film Festival has announced an addition to the lineup, "The Diary of a Teenage Girl," followed by a Q&A with actor Alexander Skarsgard. 


Catherine Hardwicke talks ‘Miss You Already’ ahead of Savannah Film Fest

21 Oct 2015

Having the opportunity to speak with director Catherine Hardwicke proved to be as much of a treat as I suspected it would be. 


Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg to moderate Docs to Watch panel in Savannah

21 Oct 2015

Do you recognize the name Scott Feinberg? If you answered “no” to that question, you likely aren’t the sort of person who keeps track of the relative ranking in popularity and critical acclaim of contemporary films, theatrical productions or TV series, and the folks who make them.


Producer Alison Owen opens up about challenges of Savannah Film Fest's 'Suffragette'

21 Oct 2015

The first prime-time evening slot of the Savannah Film Festival will be filled by the new British-made historical period piece “Suffragette,” which details the sacrifices of the stunningly brave women activists who risked their jobs, families and their very lives to fight for equality in early 20th-century Britain.


Director Marc Abraham’s ‘I Saw the Light’ to be screened during film fest

21 Oct 2015

Marc Abraham made his directorial debut with 2008’s “Flash of Genius.” The biopic explored the life of an unlikely subject, Robert Kearns, whose only claim to fame was inventing the intermittent windshield wiper.


Composer David Lang talks 'Youth'

21 Oct 2015

David Lang might not be a household name, but he’s about as successful as composers come. Highlighted by a 2008 Pulitzer Prize in music, Lang’s career has seen his works performed more than almost any of his contemporaries.


Indian filmmaker Shrihari Sathe screens latest in Savannah

21 Oct 2015

Shrihari Sathe is a Bombay-born film producer whose directorial debut, “Ek Hazarachi Note (1000 Rupee Note),” is making an appearance at the Savannah Film Festival. 


Lois Robbins heads to Savannah to promote Meg Ryan-directed ‘Ithaca’

21 Oct 2015

Meg Ryan is presenting her directorial debut film “Ithaca” at the Savannah Film Festival on Oct. 29 and receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award while she’s at it. Several of the film’s stars will also be at the presentation, including Lois Robbins.