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Review: De Niro, Ramirez enter the ring in 'Hands of Stone'

26 Aug 2016

“Hands of Stone” is a sprawling yet fairly conventional biopic about the Panamanian boxing champion Roberto Duran — a man The Associated Press once declared the seventh greatest fighter and No. 1 lightweight of the 20th century. 


Review: In 'Southside With You,' when Barack met Michelle

26 Aug 2016

Writer-director Richard Tanne’s feature film debut “Southside With You” views history through an unlikely, heart-shaped prism: the first date between Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson. 


Review: 'Don't Breathe' is a well-plotted, thrilling trap

26 Aug 2016

To all you Detroit-area robbery crews, we should probably warn you right away: It’s just not a good idea to pick 1837 Buena Vista St. for your big — and final — score. Take our word for it. Walk away.


Film Scene: Tybee Post, PFS salute late, great Ingrid Bergman

25 Aug 2016

The next few days afford movie lovers not one, but two unique opportunities to witness the late, great Bergman’s inimitable cinematic majesty as it was meant to be observed — on the big screen. 


Review: 'Kubo and the Two Strings' strums stop-motion wonder

19 Aug 2016

Early in “Kubo and the Two Strings,” our hero meekly strides into an ancient Japanese village marketplace the way Toshiro Mifune might have entered a Kurosawa film, but with greater bustle.


Review: 'War Dogs' tells a crazy story of young arms dealers

19 Aug 2016

“War Dogs “ is too good of a true story not to get the Hollywood treatment, even if the end result doesn’t entirely do justice to the moral ambiguities and larger geopolitical implications of one of the craziest hustles in modern American history.


Review: New 'Ben-Hur' stands in shadow of Wyler's 1959 epic

19 Aug 2016

Remaking a film that won 11 Academy Awards invites inevitable comparison, but the latest adaptation of “Ben-Hur” distinguishes itself from William Wyler’s 1959 epic by retooling key character and story elements. 


Film Scene: It’s a weekend of classic box office hits at Lucas

18 Aug 2016

Those of you who were lucky enough to catch CinemaSavannah’s blink-and-you-missed-it engagement of “The Innocents” at Muse Arts Warehouse surely know what an impressive and emotional piece of filmmaking it was. 


Review: ‘Pete’s Dragon’ (pleasantly) stays earthbound

12 Aug 2016

After an exhausting summer buffet of set pieces, superheroes and whatever s-word you might use for “Suicide Squad,” the gentle “Pete’s Dragon” is a welcome palate cleanser. 


Review: Audacious ‘Sausage Party’ is a delicious feast

12 Aug 2016
It’s happened. Someone has outdone the “Team America” puppet sex scene and even made it look somewhat quaint in comparison. 

Review: 'Florence Foster Jenkins' never nails the right tone

12 Aug 2016

Give Meryl Streep her due: She’s mastered drama and comedy, musicals and various accents. In her latest film, the multiple Oscar-winner has even crushed an unexpected skill — singing very poorly indeed.


Review: Antiheros prove no antidote for 'Suicide Squad'

05 Aug 2016

The superhero movie is at a strange crossroads. It generally either takes itself too seriously (“Man of Steel,” “Batman v Superman”) or delights in not caring a bit (“Deadpool”).


Review: A poignant tale of everyday drama in 'Little Men'

05 Aug 2016

When a generous patriarch dies, the lives of two families are altered in Ira Sachs’ beautifully poignant slice of life drama “Little Men.”


Film Scene: Lucas hosts First City Network fundraiser with ‘Grease,’ ‘Hairspray’

04 Aug 2016

The Lucas Theatre offers up two popular examples of celluloid kitsch, both of which will serve as a fundraiser for local LGBT social services organization First City Network.


Review: In artful documentary 'Gleason,' a hero battles ALS

29 Jul 2016

Football star Steve Gleason was known for throwing caution to the wind. He’d launch himself down the field with seemingly no regard for his own well-being.


Digital dragnet tightens as Matt Damon returns in 'Jason Bourne'

29 Jul 2016

Jason Bourne, as played by Matt Damon across four movies, is forever disappearing off the grid only to reluctantly resurface years later and again menace the CIA. 


Review: 'Bad Moms' flirts with anarchy but comes up short

29 Jul 2016

The comedy “Bad Moms” fancies itself a “Hangover” for the PTA set.


Film Scene: Catch critical darling ‘The Fits,’ classics with Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball and more

28 Jul 2016

My recollections of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” dovetail with some of the glowing comments being made by critics enamored with buzzworthy director Anna Rose Holmer’s breakout ultra-indie feature “The Fits.”


Review: 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie' delights in the outrageous

22 Jul 2016

Pour some Champagne, light a smoke and put on something gorgeous, dahling, because the women of “Absolutely Fabulous” are back.


Review: 'Don't Think Twice' explores the trials of improv

22 Jul 2016

When people look back at the movies and television shows and podcasts and web series of today to see what 20- and 30-somethings were doing in 2016, they would not be misguided in assuming everyone was into improv.


Review: A touch of humor invades 'Star Trek Beyond'

22 Jul 2016

In the previous “Star Trek” installment, Spock cried. In the latest, “Star Trek Beyond,” he laughs. And not just a little snicker, either, but a belly-full one. 


Film Scene: Make plans for ‘Close Encounters,’ Claudette Colbert and 48 Hour Film Project

21 Jul 2016

I daresay there have been more multi-installment series of alternative feature film screenings in our area over the course of 2016 than in any year since I moved to Savannah three decades ago.


Review: Woody Allen’s 'Cafe Society' is a disjointed meander

15 Jul 2016

Woody Allen has outdone himself at age 80. Not only has he kept up his blistering pace of pushing out a movie a year, but this time he’s really delivered two films, only loosely connected by jangling neurosis.