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Review: A touch of humor invades 'Star Trek Beyond'

22 Jul 2016

In the previous “Star Trek” installment, Spock cried. In the latest, “Star Trek Beyond,” he laughs. And not just a little snicker, either, but a belly-full one. 


Review: 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie' delights in the outrageous

22 Jul 2016

Pour some Champagne, light a smoke and put on something gorgeous, dahling, because the women of “Absolutely Fabulous” are back.


Review: 'Don't Think Twice' explores the trials of improv

22 Jul 2016

When people look back at the movies and television shows and podcasts and web series of today to see what 20- and 30-somethings were doing in 2016, they would not be misguided in assuming everyone was into improv.


Film Scene: Make plans for ‘Close Encounters,’ Claudette Colbert and 48 Hour Film Project

21 Jul 2016

I daresay there have been more multi-installment series of alternative feature film screenings in our area over the course of 2016 than in any year since I moved to Savannah three decades ago.


Review: Woody Allen’s 'Cafe Society' is a disjointed meander

15 Jul 2016

Woody Allen has outdone himself at age 80. Not only has he kept up his blistering pace of pushing out a movie a year, but this time he’s really delivered two films, only loosely connected by jangling neurosis.


Review: Cranston goes undercover in drug war drama 'The Infiltrator'

15 Jul 2016

There’s no shortage of drug trade dramas on the big and small screens, and Bryan Cranston has the unique misfortune of having been in one of the best. It makes his decision to go anywhere near that genre again a curious choice.


Film Scene: Get nostalgic with ‘American Graffiti,’ ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and more

14 Jul 2016

Greetings, movie lovers. I hope you’ve been taking advantage of this recent stifling heat and humidity, and are using that as an excuse to hang out more often in darkened cinemas.


Review: Viggo Mortensen flirts with utopia in 'Captain Fantastic'

08 Jul 2016

“Captain Fantastic” is about the fantasy of being able to create a perfect world for your children, and the crushing realization that such control is ultimately impossible. 


Review: Animal lovers will delight in 'Secret Life of Pets'

08 Jul 2016

Any pet owner who’s imbued their furry or feathered friends with deep thoughts and mysterious intentions will relate to the imagination behind “The Secret Life of Pets.”


Film Scene: Kurt Russell classics, new festival and more fill your week

07 Jul 2016

Both Friday and Saturday nights, the Lucas tips its hat to the one and only Kurt Russell with two relative gems of gonzo, 1980s exploitation flicks.


Big River Film Fest brings features, documentaries, student films and more to Savannah

06 Jul 2016

You may not be aware that there’s a brand-new film festival in town — and it takes place this weekend at (mostly) the Savannah Civic Center.


Review: 'Tarzan' makes a questionable return to the jungle

01 Jul 2016

Tarzan has been dusted off, his abs polished and his vocabulary spruced up in David Yates’ handsome but altogether pointless “The Legend of Tarzan."


Review: Spielberg weaves magic out of Dahl’s 'BFG'

01 Jul 2016

There’s a secret about children that Steven Spielberg, Melissa Mathison and Roald Dahl have always known — that no matter how innocent, kids are as capable of understanding darkness as adults, and sometimes even more so.


Review: Documentary turns Disney-loving autistic man into a star

30 Jun 2016

Owen Suskind had largely retreated into silence in the years after his autism began to manifest, around age 3. Three painfully mute years later, and after countless rapt hours spent watching Disney animated movies, a word broke through.


Gray’s Reef, Tybee Post Theater team up for ocean-themed film series

28 Jun 2016

The world’s oceans are, without a doubt, the key to the continued existence of life as we know it on this big blue marble we call Earth.


Review: 'Independence Day' sequel is big, dumb summer fun

24 Jun 2016

If you have any interest in a sequel to “Independence Day,” you’ll likely not be disappointed by the improbably enjoyable “Independence Day: Resurgence.” It’s silly, light-as-air popcorn entertainment.


Review: In 'Wilderpeople,' a manhunt for Kiwi farce

24 Jun 2016

“Flight of the Conchords” went off the air in 2009, but the beat has gone on in the films of Taika Waititi.


Review: 'Free State of Jones' bares forgotten Civil War tale

24 Jun 2016

Coming three years after “12 Years a Slave” made sure we’d never forget the name Solomon Northup, it’s not unreasonable to expect that maybe “Free State of Jones” could do that for Newton Knight or his fellow rebels.


Review: 'Swiss Army Man' imaginative but tonally imbalanced

24 Jun 2016

Flatulence is a key element of “Swiss Army Man,” but the film isn’t exactly a comedy.


Film Scene: Classic screenings include ‘A Place in the Sun,’ Elvis duo

23 Jun 2016

Heading into the weekend, there will be two very different Hollywood classics shown downtown on June 24.


Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah offers rare screening for Bruce Campbell's birthday

21 Jun 2016

Bruce Campbell’s trademark, pitch-perfect blend of sardonic humor, exaggerated hubris and (occasionally) unrepentant amorism have endeared him to loyal legions of fans the world over.


Review: 'Finding Dory' is no trophy fish but it's a keeper

17 Jun 2016

In Pixar’s hands, the ocean — equal parts danger and wonder — is a vast metaphor for the choppy waters of parenting.


Review: Johnson, Hart light up 'Central Intelligence'

17 Jun 2016

“Central Intelligence,” a buddy action-comedy starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, doesn’t pack many big laughs, but it is likely to keep a smile on your face for the duration.