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Review: 'Independence Day' sequel is big, dumb summer fun

24 Jun 2016

If you have any interest in a sequel to “Independence Day,” you’ll likely not be disappointed by the improbably enjoyable “Independence Day: Resurgence.” It’s silly, light-as-air popcorn entertainment.


Review: In 'Wilderpeople,' a manhunt for Kiwi farce

24 Jun 2016

“Flight of the Conchords” went off the air in 2009, but the beat has gone on in the films of Taika Waititi.


Review: 'Swiss Army Man' imaginative but tonally imbalanced

24 Jun 2016

Flatulence is a key element of “Swiss Army Man,” but the film isn’t exactly a comedy.


Review: 'Free State of Jones' bares forgotten Civil War tale

24 Jun 2016

Coming three years after “12 Years a Slave” made sure we’d never forget the name Solomon Northup, it’s not unreasonable to expect that maybe “Free State of Jones” could do that for Newton Knight or his fellow rebels.


Film Scene: Classic screenings include ‘A Place in the Sun,’ Elvis duo

23 Jun 2016

Heading into the weekend, there will be two very different Hollywood classics shown downtown on June 24.


Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah offers rare screening for Bruce Campbell's birthday

21 Jun 2016

Bruce Campbell’s trademark, pitch-perfect blend of sardonic humor, exaggerated hubris and (occasionally) unrepentant amorism have endeared him to loyal legions of fans the world over.


Review: 'Finding Dory' is no trophy fish but it's a keeper

17 Jun 2016

In Pixar’s hands, the ocean — equal parts danger and wonder — is a vast metaphor for the choppy waters of parenting.


Review: Johnson, Hart light up 'Central Intelligence'

17 Jun 2016

“Central Intelligence,” a buddy action-comedy starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, doesn’t pack many big laughs, but it is likely to keep a smile on your face for the duration.


Film Scene: Bogie and Bacall light up the big screen in ‘The Big Sleep’

16 Jun 2016

Anyone who appreciates bold, thought-provoking filmmaking should run, not walk, directly to the Regal Cinemas to catch Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos’ perplexing, disturbing triumph “The Lobster” before its unexpected local run ends.


Review: ‘Conjuring 2’ scares but not as well as the first

10 Jun 2016

If “The Conjuring” was a chilling whisper, the sequel is a deafening shriek.


Review: ‘Warcraft’ is a visual spectacle

10 Jun 2016

It can be hard to tell orcs apart at first. The fictional giants of the “Warcraft” video game franchise all have mean faces, protruding tusks and muscles so massive, they make The Rock look puny.


Review: ‘Now You See Me 2’ The hocus pocus wears thin in sequel

10 Jun 2016

The magician heist movie “Now You See Me 2” disappears with not a poof, but in a hyper-kinetic blur.


Film Scene: ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Zootopia,’ ‘LEGO Movie’ on tap for summer family schedule

09 Jun 2016

Two of the area’s recently reopened historic cinemas have launched series geared toward providing an inexpensive entertainment option during the hottest (and most fetid) months of our year here in the Coastal Empire.


Review: 'Ninja Turtles' sequel is a cartoon on steroids

03 Jun 2016

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” is a Saturday morning cartoon on Michael Bay steroids. For the under-12 set, that’s fine. For the rest of us? It’s something to actively avoid.


Review: 'Me Before You' evokes tears, but lacks depth

03 Jun 2016

Well, I cried anyway. I cried even though halfway through “Me Before You,” I swore to myself I wouldn’t. 


Review: A mix-tape of music parody, 'Popstar' cranks it to 11

03 Jun 2016

In such a state, where reality seems to be engaged in an arms race of absurdity, the bar for parody is higher than a Mariah Carey vocal exercise.


Film Scene: Tybee Post, Mars theaters gear up for family-friendly summer flicks

02 Jun 2016

Here at Film Scene, we’d like to assist our readers in dealing proactively with the unfortunate attributes of the warm weather months in this neck of the woods.


Review: ‘Weiner’ is riveting fly-on-the-wall filmmaking

27 May 2016

There are lots of fly-on-the-wall documentaries. But occasionally there’s one that makes you want to ask the fly: Just HOW did you get onto that wall, and how did you manage to stay there?


Review: ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ a curious sequel

27 May 2016

“Alice Through the Looking Glass,” like its predecessor, owes very little to Lewis Carroll.


Review: ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ satisfies in superhero summer

27 May 2016

It’s a bit of bad timing for “X-Men: Apocalypse” coming third in this summer’s superhero lineup.


Film Scene: SCAD students seek interview subjects for Ben Tucker documentary

26 May 2016

A crew of SCAD film and TV students will be conducting on-camera interviews for a documentary on the life, career and legacy of the late, great jazz bassist, composer and Savannah resident Ben Tucker.


Review: An app comes to life in 'The Angry Birds Movie'

20 May 2016

It’s hard not to have a few biases going into “The Angry Birds Movie.”


Review: 'Neighbors 2' is a funny but ill-conceived retread

20 May 2016

Heaven help the next generation of American women if “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” represents what Hollywood thinks of them.


Review: Gosling-Crowe chemistry livens uneven 'Nice Guys'

20 May 2016

Take two charismatic actors. Give them characters that are, on the surface, totally incompatible. Stir in some shoot-em-up action, and poof: You have a buddy cop movie.