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Review: Cloying and farfetched, 'Mother's Day' unfit for mom

29 Apr 2016

What would it take to make you fall off the upstairs balcony at your house in the middle of the day? Could you imagine being so intoxicated by your own karaoke performance of "The Humpty Dance" that it sends you a-tumbling?


Review: In Key & Peele's 'Keanu,' the true gangster has paws

29 Apr 2016

If you dropped a cute kitten into Michael Mann's "Heat," would Robert De Niro have gone all soft and goo-goo eyed? Might Wesley Snipes' drug empire in "New Jack City" been brought to its knees by a cuddly face with whiskers? Could Al Pacino's rage in "Scarface" have been melted away by a feline "little friend"?


Film Scene: Lucas honors Prince, Meryl Streep; Tybee offers tear-jerker ‘Steel Magnolias’

27 Apr 2016

Those who missed last week's "The Lady From Shanghai" still have two chances to catch a classic Orson Welles feature at Trustees Theater. 


Review: Feminism freezes over in ‘The Huntsman’ sequel

21 Apr 2016

“The Huntsman: Winter’s War” is one of the more bizarre sequels in recent memory.


Review: ‘Elvis & Nixon’ recalls a bizarre moment in history

21 Apr 2016

This we know: On Dec. 21, 1970, Elvis Presley showed up bright and early at the White House gates, delivering a barely legible note he’d scrawled on American Airlines stationery to President Richard Nixon.


Review: Issues in Nina Simone biopic go much more than skin deep

21 Apr 2016

The questionable casting of Zoe Saldana is only one of the many problems with Cynthia Mort’s limp and misjudged Nina Simone biopic “Nina.”


Film Scene: Orson Welles trifecta, charity screenings and ‘American Alfred Hitchcock’

19 Apr 2016

Last Saturday’s screening of the Orson Welles rarity “Chimes at Midnight” at Muse Arts Warehouse could be viewed as a sort of unofficial fourth film in the SCAD Cinema Circle’s forthcoming three-feature salute to that most celebrated of filmic legends.


Review: In 'Green Room' a punk band faces the truly hardcore

14 Apr 2016

“Play your early stuff,” is the advice given to the punk band The Ain’t Rights when their dirt-broke, gas-siphoning tour lands a last-minute gig at an Oregon backwoods roadhouse in Jeremy Saulnier’s brisk and brutal genre exercise “Green Room.”


Review: 'The Jungle Book' is a dazzling visual experience

14 Apr 2016

You can practically feel the beating heart of the jungle in Jon Favreau’s stunning adaptation of “The Jungle Book,” which is easily the most visually dazzling movie to hit theaters this year.


Review: It's worth stopping into 'Barbershop: The Next Cut'

14 Apr 2016

When you come back to a beloved place after many years, sometimes you find all the faces have changed and the vibe is completely different.


Film Scene: Mountain films, foreign gems, Shakespeare and vampires highlight week

13 Apr 2016

April 15 marks the fifth year in a row that the Broughton Street branch of Southeastern clothing and outdoor gear retailer Half-Moon Outfitters has brought the celebrated Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour to our distinctly mountain-challenged city.


Review: ‘Louder Than Bombs’ Innovative storytelling lifts film

07 Apr 2016

Few actors, male or female, are better at portraying an innate sense of mystery than the great French actress Isabelle Huppert. 


Review: Melissa McCarthy’s 'Boss' misses the mark

07 Apr 2016

The search continues for a suitable showcase for the awesome talents of Melissa McCarthy outside of films directed by Paul Feig.


Review: Grief gets weird in 'Demolition'

07 Apr 2016

What if a young man who just lost his young wife in a car accident experienced none of the stages of grief? What if he felt nothing? 


Film Scene: Indie screenings from Savannah to Tybee

06 Apr 2016

There’s barely enough room to even mention all the activities taking place over the next seven days, so let’s dispense with all pleasantries and jump right in, shall we?


Review: 'Everybody Wants Some!!' is Linklater’s portrait of the artist as young frat boy

31 Mar 2016

“Everybody Wants Some!!” is Richard Linklater’s self-described spiritual sequel to “Dazed and Confused,” and, somewhat miraculously, the spirit has remained intact


Review: Don Cheadle stylishly evokes jazz legend in 'Miles Ahead'

31 Mar 2016

“Miles Ahead,” an ambitious, experimental biopic about jazz legend Miles Davis, actually states its mission twice over the course of the movie.


Review: ‘Dark Horse’ a loving portrait of an unlikely hero

31 Mar 2016

You don’t need to know anything about chess, New Zealand or Genesis Potini to fall under the spell of “The Dark Horse.”


Film Scene: Catch final night of ‘Anomalisa’ and unique Japanese horror

30 Mar 2016

Some of you reading this column may have had the great fortune to catch “Anomalisa” in October at the most recent Savannah Film Fest.


Review: ‘Midnight Special’ is an electrifying mystery

17 Mar 2016

“Midnight Special” is one of those rare, stimulating creations that grabs you and penetrates your bloodstream from start to finish.


Review: Latest ‘Divergent’ pic ‘Allegiant’ is dull, lifeless

17 Mar 2016

In “Allegiant,” the latest installment of “The Divergent Series” (three out of four), dystopian Chicago might be in disarray, but it’s also become as dull as our heroine Tris’ shapeless, grey Abnegation frocks from the first pic.


Review: A mother’s faith is tested in ‘Miracles From Heaven’

17 Mar 2016

The rise of the so-called “faith-based film” — typically low-budget films that are almost uniformly evangelical — has occurred largely in a bubble of its own like a sheltering harbor for Christian believers at that heathen meeting place: the multiplex.


Film Scene: A mystery screening birthday salute to James Caan

16 Mar 2016

Next Wednesday, March 23, the PFS presents another one of its trademark “mystery screenings,” this time starring one of Hollywood’s most recognizable leading men: James Caan. And let me tell ya, it’s not a dud.