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Adriana Iris Boatwright


SCAD Fashion Show 2016: Photos by Adriana Iris Boatwright

24 May 2016

Photographer Adriana Iris Boatwright captured images from the 2016 SCAD Fashion Show, even catching a few celebrities off the runway. 


Des Ark meets intersection of folky and anthemic at Stopover

03 Mar 2016

“Everything Dies,” the latest album with the latest version of Des Ark, was released on Savannah’s own Graveface label. It’s an album that exists at the intersection of folky and anthemic.


Sydney Eloise & The Palms step straight out of the '70s and into Stopover

03 Mar 2016

From the font to the faux-retro quality of the photograph, the cover for “Faces,” the debut album from Sydney Eloise & The Palms, looks like it was pulled straight off a 1970s LP. 


Damon and the 'Kickers: Savannah stalwarts lead rebellion against fake country pop

03 Mar 2016

It’s not hard to see Damon and the Sh!tkickers live in Savannah. They offer up their local brand of outlaw country regularly at The Jinx, and seem to end up somewhere on the weekly soundboard more often than not.


Wet Socks: Expect 'Georgia peach fuzz' from high-energy Savannah duo

03 Mar 2016

From the very first chord you hear Wet Socks play, you have a pretty clear idea of what the band has to offer. 


Triathalon: Savannah group's latest album brings a more mellow sound

03 Mar 2016

Triathalon is only a few months past releasing their second full-length album, “Nothing Bothers Me,” but already they’re looking ahead.


Garden Giant: Young Savannah band plans to focus on recording after Stopover

03 Mar 2016

Local band Garden Giant rose from a successful Craigslist connection after drummer Luis Salazar met his match with bass player Brad Shields. 


Miquel Moure: ‘Music is stories in movement’ to this Savannah group

03 Mar 2016

“I want to make music people can be a part of,” says Isaac Enen, lead singer and guitarist of Miquel Moure. 


Curbdogs: Savannah natives get in the groove at Stopover

03 Mar 2016

Curbdogs have no pedigree. Their sound is not easily recognizable and they do not fall under any specific genre.


Sundial Kings: Listen for garage, glam and ‘robot riffs’ at Stopover

03 Mar 2016

Formerly The Raven Mockers, this Savannah four-piece changed sound and direction early in 2015 and have since been known as Sundial Kings.


Culture Vulture: Get outside the box with local instrumental trio

03 Mar 2016

“Dancey to the brave, complex to the analyst, sexy to the depraved” is an illustration of the music produced by local band Culture Vulture, as they describe it on their website.


Street Clothes: More musical diversity than hand-me-downs in this Savannah band

03 Mar 2016

"I want to be like Blondie or the Clash. Very original but very eclectic,” said Andrew Sutphen, lead singer for Savannah-based Street Clothes. 


Sunglow: Savannah electronic artist turns ‘bummerville’ into an authentic experience

03 Mar 2016

Sunglow is an electronic groove experience orchestrated by Daniel Lynch, whose ripping bass and quick stabs of sound are guaranteed to make you dance.


Twisty Cats: Dollhouse proprietors get into the music game themselves

03 Mar 2016

On a Wednesday night in February, Twisty Cats invited me into the music video for their second single, “Starlet.” 


Jeff Zagers: Solo act offers a taste of Savannah at Stopover

03 Mar 2016

You can never truly tell what you are going to get with some of the music scene around Savannah. It is certainly a competitive place to be. 


Breakers: Savannah band gets distinct honor of kicking off Stopover 2016

03 Mar 2016

It’s rare that a fairly new band opens up a weekend-long music festival, but that’s exactly what Savannah’s own Breakers will be doing on March 10. 


Homegrown Savannah: 2015 featured music, fashion and lots of fun

07 Jan 2016

A year in review of my work for Do Savannah is an easy task. Just as easy has been my time as a contributor for this publication.


Do Savannah's New Year’s Eve style guide features four local retailers

23 Dec 2015

Need some inspiration for the upcoming holiday? Look no further than Savannah's most unique retailers.


Homegrown Savannah: The Toxic Shock to tackle The Jinx stage for first time

25 Aug 2015

One night, by a series of serendipitous events, I ended up at an underground show and for the first time, watched The Toxic Shock perform. I was in awe by the raw strength and beauty that is Greta Odrezin.


Explore underwater photography with Do Savannah

24 Aug 2015

Learn a little more about Do's underwater photo shoot for the upcoming AquaCurean seafood and spirits celebration. 


Homegrown Savannah: Stylist Tavoya Conover shows two sides of the city

22 Jul 2015

A little spark of imagination helped stylist Tavoya Conover create Savannah Shopping Tours.


Homegrown Savannah: A first for new photographer Robert Patrick

13 Jul 2015

Even the most seasoned photographers would not allow themselves to be so open and vulnerable in such a short amount of time.