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Do Savannah's top 10 list: Kick off St. Patrick's season with Irish Fest

18 Feb 2016

Savannah kicks off the annual season of St. Patrick's with the Irish Festival, which celebrates traditions of music, dance, storytelling and more. This great family event is just one on our top 10 list this week:


Broken Glow releases first full-length with brewery party

17 Feb 2016

Broken Glow is a band that has proven their tenacity time after time: The 8-year-old band took shape in Hartford, Conn., before moving to Brooklyn for three years. 


Unplugged: Eclectic Savannah summer rolls on

22 Jul 2015

We’ve had a busy summer on the Savannah music scene — maybe the best summer ever. The schedule is a little slower this weekend, but there are plenty of promising shows.


Unplugged: Savannah-based bands dominate the week’s lineup

19 Nov 2014

The weeks on either side of Thanksgiving are always interesting ones in Savannah clubs. There’s a familiar pattern.


Saturate the senses at Synesthesia art/music event

23 Jul 2014

Synesthesia will hit the second floor of Ampersand on July 25, a sensory saturation complete with live music, aerial performers and visual artists.


Eyeheart the Savannah Music Scene show to benefit band, venue unpaid by promoter

07 Jul 2014

Eyeheart the Savannah Music Scene will not only showcase nine Savannah-based rock/metal/punk bands in a benefit show at Dollhouse Productions, but it will also be a standing testament to the camaraderie and solidarity of musicians in Savannah.


Savannah band Broken Glow offers new album, teams up with music collective

18 Jun 2014

If you spend much time at The Wormhole, chances are you’re familiar with the band Broken Glow.


Arc & Stones headlines Wormhole’s Freaky Free Friday

09 Jun 2014

If it’s true that a band is only as good as its live show, then four-piece rock group Arc & Stones is doing just fine.


The Wormhole hosts Shamrock Jamrock Festival

12 Mar 2014

In the mix of green-clad insanity, The Wormhole will be hosting an entire day of free music March 17, aptly titled the Shamrock Jamrock Festival.


Northern two-piece Broken Glow finds its footing in the Hostess City

29 Dec 2013

They hail from Brooklyn, the venerable mecca for up-and-coming artists and musicians toiling in a city shrouded in certain uncertainty. But one Northeast duo traveled south to find peace, solace and relative success amid Spanish moss and the welcoming musical community of the Hostess City.


Savannah Rocks: Broken Glow

30 Oct 2013

All the details on a local band you should know about. To get your group and its upcoming shows featured, email