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Christian Bale


Review: Love triangle undoes historical epic 'The Promise'

21 Apr 2017

The Armenian Genocide is a curiously unexplored moment in our modern history, cinematically speaking. That fact alone makes director and co-writer Terry George's "The Promise" intriguing enough. 


Review: A wayward screenwriter in Malick’s ‘Knight of Cups’

04 Mar 2016

After making lyrical, rapturous films set in the Pacific theater of World War II (“The Thin Red Line”) and Jamestown (“The New World”), Terrence Malick has steadily moved closer to present day and his own stories, too. 


Review: ‘Exodus’ plagued by casting, script issues

11 Dec 2014

A genre that was once as moldy as stale communion wafers has been reborn this year, first with Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” and now with Ridley Scott’s “Exodus: Gods & Kings.”


Review: Corruption saga ‘Hustle’ a solid riot

11 Dec 2013

In the 1970s-set con artist tale “American Hustle,” director David O. Russell’s ability to depict an audacious take on a bedlam breakdown peaks, making this his most entertaining jaunt yet.


Review: ‘Out of the Furnace’ rusted over

04 Dec 2013

“Out of the Furnace” is an earnestly crafted, passionately acted working-class drama rusted over by its noble intentions of steel-town sympathizing.