Do Savannnah



Savannah's The Sentient Bean celebrates 15 years of coffee and conversations

01 Sep 2016
Kristin Russell and Kelli Pearson long wanted to offer a meeting place where people could talk about what was happening around them and how it impacted them.

Mix up some Savannah flavor at Tamp & Tap

01 Dec 2015

What happens when you get coffee in your beer and beer in your barbecue sauce? The third annual Tamp & Tap might have some answers for you. 


Tamp & Tap Festival celebrates Savannah's tastiest treats

13 Jan 2015

Coffee, beer, barbecue sauce and honey — they are among the most necessary products in life.


Eat Squad: The Collins Quarter exceeds expectations

22 Sep 2014

When I got the call to review The Collins Quarter, I was really excited. There was already a buzz just two weeks after its opening, but would it live up to expectations?


The Collins Quarter up and running on Bull Street

11 Aug 2014

The transformation at 151 Bull Street has been a slow one.


Armstrong's Dangerfield talks likely to come to an end

13 Mar 2014

With all the fun St. Patrick’s Day brings, this year, there will be a bit of woe. The annual Sebastian Dangerfield talk will likely be the last.


Eat It and Like It: Missing the joys of modern technology

05 Feb 2014

Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, right? Wasn’t that a song by Cinderella?


PERC celebrates grand opening with Southbound collaboration

07 Jan 2014

Now, in the red brick building occupying 1802 E. Broad St., a shimmering coat of fresh paint designates PERC’s newest facility in an area quickly becoming home to an enclave of creative types.