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El-Rocko Lounge


Strange things: Chicago psych-rockers Post Animal play El-Rocko

20 Jun 2017

The psychedelic rock band Post Animal has emerged out of the rich Chicago music scene in recent years, earning attention not only for their music, but also for an unexpected hit television show.


Wimps debut Seattle punk in Savannah for the first time

12 Jun 2017

Seattle’s Wimps are trading their rain-soaked homestead for the sunny south, touring their own tongue-in-cheek punk through the region for the first time.


Do Savannah's top picks: Time to dance with Street Clothes on 'The Bridge'

24 May 2017

Do editor Heather Henley joins Kim Gusby and Renee LaSalle on WSAV's "The Bridge" to preview the best the weekend has to offer. 


Savannah’s Street Clothes offers up second album, ‘Superautomatica’

22 May 2017

With Savannah band Street Clothes’ second studio album, vocalist Andrew Sutphen “wanted to make music that would make people dance.”


Everymen at The Jinx among this week’s top Savannah shows

03 May 2017

With touring acts like SUSTO and St. Paul & The Broken Bones on the way, we’re headed for another strong week for theSavannah music scene.


Unplugged: A weekend of tough choices

26 Jan 2017

We have all heard about improvisational comedy and theater, but how about an improvised musical?


Top picks: Lots of music and comedy ahead with Do Savannah and 'The Bridge'

25 Jan 2017

Do editor Heather Henley joins Kim Gusby and Renee LaSalle on WSAV's "The Bridge" to preview the best the weekend has to offer. 


Savannah rapper Dope KNife back with new album ‘NineteenEightyFour’

23 Jan 2017

The title is apropos, yet unintentionally so, the beats are thick, homemade bastions of hip-hop, and the lyrics are a mixture of metaphor, portentous jaunts, poignant ruminations and direct hits.


Unplugged: Strong lineups this week at El-Rocko, Sentient Bean

17 Jan 2017

Birdperson’s high-energy, New Wave-influenced rock seems a great fit for the party atmosphere at El-Rocko, and that show kicks off a busy weekend that takes the band to Atlanta and Myrtle Beach.


Top picks: Learn all about Pulse Fest, Garrison Keillor and more with Do Savannah and 'The Bridge'

04 Jan 2017

Do editor Heather Henley joins Kim Gusby and Renee LaSalle on WSAV's "The Bridge" to preview the best the weekend has to offer. 


The Proof: Reflections on Savannah’s watering holes old and new

27 Dec 2016

On New Year’s Day, I’ll be packing up my car and moving out of Savannah after nearly 15 years. For the past three of those, I’ve been truly fortunate to get to share my experiences in Savannah’s bar scene. 


Asheville’s Bask takes on El-Rocko Lounge

08 Nov 2016

No strangers to the Hostess City, Asheville, N.C.-based Bask is returning to Savannah for the first time as headliners and with some fresh music in their proverbial quiver.


The Proof: Going retro at El-Rocko

18 Aug 2016

Even if El-Rocko Lounge, on the corner of Whitaker and State streets, weren’t the closest bar to my office, it would still be one of my favorite spots to stop for happy hour.


A Brilliant Lie, Pseudo Future, Whaleboat bring wave of nostalgia to El-Rocko

03 Aug 2016

Orlando’s A Brilliant Lie is visiting Savannah to wake up a sleepy Tuesday night with danceable rock and ’90s nostalgia.


Unplugged: Punk, indie rock shows among week's best bets in Savannah

03 Aug 2016

Once upon a time, Savannah fell asleep for a few midsummer weeks, but as you can see throughout this issue of Do, the city is bustling with things to do this week and weekend.


Not Blood Paint, Tokalos, Hotplate come together for a night of rock at El-Rocko

28 Jul 2016

To understand the depth of Not Blood Paint, it’s important to know for the upcoming show at El-Rocko, their costumes will match the décor. These guys are dedicated to the theatrical performance. 


Unplugged: Triathalon, The Weeks return to Savannah

26 Jul 2016

For some of us, the highlight of this week’s live music calendar is the return of The Weeks.


Unplugged: 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra plays the new El-Rocko Lounge

28 Apr 2016

As you’re thinking about weekend plans, you might want to consider the 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra at El-Rocko Lounge on April 30.