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Jepson Center


‘Animal Instinct’ offers variety at Telfair

10 Jul 2017

Telfair has a new, smallish show going up in its second floor hallway at the Jepson Center titled “Animal Instinct,” which is drawn from the permanent collection and organized by assistant curator Erin Dunn.


Top picks: Food truck fun and more with Do Savannah on 'The Bridge'

31 May 2017

Do editor Heather Henley joins Kim Gusby and Renee LaSalle on WSAV's "The Bridge" to preview the best the weekend has to offer. 


Savannah’s Jepson Center celebrates freedom at annual Juneteenth events

31 May 2017

Juneteenth is the celebration of the emancipation of enslaved African Americans across the Confederate South.


Do Savannah's top picks: Time to dance with Street Clothes on 'The Bridge'

24 May 2017

Do editor Heather Henley joins Kim Gusby and Renee LaSalle on WSAV's "The Bridge" to preview the best the weekend has to offer. 


Iraqi-Canadian family of artists aims to start conversation in Jepson’s ‘Generation’

22 May 2017

Art is one of the most versatile tools humans have to communicate with each other. In its purest sense, it can of course be a source of creative expression, but it can also be utilized to educate, to expand consciousness and to bridge boundaries.


Telfair features photos from William Wegman’s long, varied career

09 May 2017

He may be internationally renowned for his photographs, but William Wegman was never interested in photography.


Telfair Museums presents collection of Kahlil Gibran’s artwork

17 Apr 2017

Opening April 21 at the Jepson Center, Telfair Museums presents a treasured selection of work from its permanent collection in “Kahlil Gibran and the Feminine Divine.”


Top picks: Savannah Music Fest continues, plus theater and more with The Bridge

29 Mar 2017

Do editor Heather Henley joins Kim Gusby and Renee LaSalle on WSAV's "The Bridge" to preview the best the weekend has to offer. 


Jepson Center showcases Neal Slavin’s group portraiture

28 Mar 2017

Brooklyn-born photographer Neal Slavin's group portraiture is the subject of a small-ish exhibition on view at Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center.


Film Scene: Catch these unique screenings while you can

01 Mar 2017

I must admit, I don’t pay that much attention to the Academy Awards anymore. 


KCHUNG Radio to engage public at Savannah’s Jepson Center

27 Feb 2017

From March 6 through April 14 — that’s six weeks — the atrium of the Jepson Center will be especially groovy. And if you pass by on your lunch break, you may even spot a few folks dancing around at one of the lunchtime discos.


‘Wundercamera: Savannah’ explores role of museums as art

13 Feb 2017

Step in front of the lens, and you become the art. It’s part of the multi-layered concept allowing each viewer to look past an individual piece of work and encompass the scenery as a whole.


Film Scene: Documentaries, foreign films and hurricane makeup dates on

02 Nov 2016

I hope all you loyal Film Scene readers (and yes, I have met a couple) had the opportunity to catch at least a few screenings at the Savannah Film Festival. 


Savannah Philharmonic raises funds for the future with ‘Four Hands and a Steinway’ concert

01 Nov 2016

When the Savannah Philharmonic plans concerts and events, they rarely do so without a little bit of awe included in the programming. 


‘Watershed’ showcases Telfair’s photography collection with an environmental edge

12 Oct 2016
As part of Telfair’s ongoing pursuit to share more of its permanent collection with the viewing public, an exciting new photography exhibition will run from Oct. 21 through Jan. 29. 

Decorative art from the ‘Tsars’ Cabinet’ on display at Jepson Center

28 Sep 2016

How often do you use your fine China? The Jepson Center’s new exhibition may inspire you to make use of your own fancy dinnerware again.


Telfair showcases contemporary collection in ‘Complex Uncertainties’

28 Sep 2016

“Complex Uncertainties: Artists in Postwar America,” which opens Sept. 30 at the Jepson Center, is a five-year rotating exhibition showcasing contemporary works from the Telfair’s permanent collection. 


Tibetan monks return for sand mandala tradition at Jepson Center

08 Sep 2016

The Tibetan Monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery are returning to Savannah for a week-long residency, during which they will create a breathtaking sand mandala painting in the atrium of the Jepson Center.


Beat the heat with Telfair's ongoing exhibits, interactive workshops

20 Jul 2016

Telfair Museums is famously the oldest public art museum in the Southeast and has plenty of climate-controlled art experiences for all ages in each of its three locations.


Walking sticks, wooden sculptures on display at Jepson Center’s ‘Stick Men’

11 Jul 2016

Most people see a stick on the ground and only see a gnarled, curvy piece of wood. A wood carver looks at the same stick and sees a snake, an alligator, or even historical figures. 


Slideshow: See the looks from 'State of the Art: Savannah Style'

04 May 2016

Photographer Adriana Iris Boatwright captured images from behind the scenes and on the runway during Telfair Museums' "State of the Art: Savannah Style" fashion show on April 30. 


Jepson highlights local fashion as part of ‘State of the Art’ exhibit

27 Apr 2016

Local fashionistas are surely missing events like Savannah Fashion Week and Savannah’s Fashion Night, both postponed in 2015. 


Telfair's ‘Elvis at 21’ photo exhibit shows evolution of an idol

19 Apr 2016

It’s almost hard to imagine now, but the legendary Elvis Presley was once a fresh-faced newcomer to the music industry. 


Telfair in Bloom interprets art through flowers

07 Apr 2016

The inaugural Telfair in Bloom, a festival featuring floral arrangements inspired by iconic Telfair artwork, will take place at the Jepson Center and Telfair Academy from April 14-17.