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Savannah Stopover releases full lineup for year seven

17 Jan 2017

The 2017 edition of the Savannah Stopover Music Festival is shaping up to be yet another great year of discovering your favorite new band.


Paleface returns to Savannah

16 Jan 2017

Paleface might not be a household name, but after nearly three decades in the music industry, his impact and importance is undeniable.


Savannah Baroque uses period instruments to make music dance, sing, cry

10 Jan 2017

The members of Savannah Baroque will delight listeners with two concerts on Jan. 13 at St. John’s Episcopal Church.


WRUU Savannah Soundings hosts fundraising party to get on the air

09 Jan 2017

A true community radio station is on the brink of becoming a reality after years of planning and work from several dedicated local volunteers.


Unplugged: Looking ahead to the Savannah music scene in 2017

27 Dec 2016

In last week’s column, I looked back at some personal highlights from the Savannah music scene in 2016, so today let’s look ahead to 2017.


Unplugged: 2016 dotted with outstanding, memorable performances

20 Dec 2016

One of my favorite musical performances of 2016 was way back in early January.


Empire of Sound: Nightingale News releases long-awaited ‘Bell Rope’

19 Dec 2016

This is in part an album review and in part a thank-you note. Since this is a column on which my face appears, I bear the right to opine.


Promoter plans new 1,000-seat arena on Savannah's Bay Street

09 Dec 2016

A new downtown concert venue will soon be welcoming well known acts in music and entertainment plus about 1,000 attendees when it opens its doors in February.


Savannah songwriter A.M. Rodriguez debuts new EP

16 Nov 2016

A.M. Rodriguez is one of the most unique singer-songwriters living in Savannah today.


Unplugged: It’s a good time to support Savannah establishments, musicians

12 Oct 2016

Savannah took a hard hit last weekend, but things should be largely back to normal by the time you’re looking for things to do this weekend. 


Damad reunites for the first time in 10 years for benefit show

28 Sep 2016

Every music scene has legendary stories and legendary bands those stories are built around. 


Tybee Post’s Silent Film Fest comes to life with musical accompaniment

14 Sep 2016
When the first Silent Film Festival takes place at Tybee Post Theater, it will afford attendees the chance to experience a live, simultaneous musical performance by one of the most celebrated adherents of this filmic genre alive today.

Passafire and Perpetual Groove offer full weekend at Lucas Theatre, Southbound Brewing

14 Sep 2016
It says a lot about our local original music scene that most of the few modern-day Savannah bands that have earned significant national and even international followings can only rarely be found playing live gigs in the city where their music was first born.

Empire of Sound: COEDS kick off the school year with a thrill

07 Sep 2016

Savannah’s garage-pop quartet COEDS holds a unique title in my memory. From what I can recall of this life, they are the only band I have witnessed evolve as a group from their first show to their first album. 


Savannah's The Sentient Bean celebrates 15 years of coffee and conversations

01 Sep 2016
Kristin Russell and Kelli Pearson long wanted to offer a meeting place where people could talk about what was happening around them and how it impacted them.

Bluffton’s Roasting Room offers intimate space, great acoustics and bountiful bourbon selection

21 Jul 2016

Josh Cook, owner of Corner Perk in Bluffton, is the real mastermind behind Bluffton’s Roasting Room, according to Jordan Ross.


Jesup native Randall Bramblett brings 'Devil Music' to Tybee

19 Jul 2016

Randall Bramblett’s July 23 concert at the Tybee Post Theater will be a homecoming of sorts. 


1964 The Tribute takes audiences back to the early Beatles

21 Jun 2016

He signs autographs “Mark for John” because he is Mark Benson, except when he’s not. When on stage for 1964 The Tribute, he’s John Lennon, and has been for 32 years. 


Love and Soul Experience brings live entertainment, shopping to couples event

16 Jun 2016

An entertainment and networking event that raises funds for the homeless will be presented June 17 at Crosswinds Golf Club. 


Instrumental trio Culture Vulture says goodbye to Savannah

14 Jun 2016

Culture Vulture was born and raised in a two-story, faded yellow party mansion on the corner of Price and 30-something in Savannah.