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Review: Love triangle undoes historical epic 'The Promise'

21 Apr 2017

The Armenian Genocide is a curiously unexplored moment in our modern history, cinematically speaking. That fact alone makes director and co-writer Terry George's "The Promise" intriguing enough. 


Review: An uneasy mishmash, 'Unforgettable' is forgettable

21 Apr 2017

True story: Right after the final line of "Unforgettable" was uttered, I felt a sudden stinging on the side of my face. Someone in a nearby row at the multiplex had thrown a roasted peanut toward the screen, in what I can only assume was frustration or scorn, and it landed on me.


Review: When the bullets fly, 'Free Fire' comes to a crawl

21 Apr 2017

The shootout, often a ballet, is a battle royale in Ben Wheatley's "Free Fire."


Review: Emily Dickinson tale 'A Quiet Passion' burns bright

14 Apr 2017

There is something deeply funny and also beautiful about the idea that it would take a British man in his 70s to make the definitive film about one of America's greatest female poets.


Review: 'The Lost City of Z' is a mesmerizing adventure

14 Apr 2017

Modest and majestic at once, the films of James Gray patiently burrow their way into the souls of their characters and, maybe, into you. 


Review: 'Fate of the Furious' ups action, dials down story

14 Apr 2017

"The Fast and the Furious" hasn't become a billion-dollar global franchise because of its scintillating dialogue and high-minded drama. 


Review: Justin Townes Earle offers up originals steeped in tradition at acoustic Savannah Music Fest show

11 Apr 2017

April 7 saw acclaimed singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle stride onto the stage at Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum for his second appearance in five years at the esteemed Savannah Music Festival.


Review: Sanam Marvi brings a night of exhilarating Pakistani acoustic music to Savannah

11 Apr 2017

The intimate confines of the Charles H. Morris Center played host to one of the top exponents of traditional Sufi music in the world courtesy of the Savannah Music Festival.


Review: Savannah Music Festival is overall educational and endearing

10 Apr 2017

The 28th annual Savannah Music Festival was a global experience, an education with high production value and unique performances, all delivered by some of the most talented living musicians the world over.


Review: A lesson in Brazilian music with masters Hermeto Pascoal and Danilo Brito

10 Apr 2017

I have to admit, I chose to review this concert not because I had a tremendous wealth of knowledge about Brazilian music, but rather because I didn’t.


Review: 'Their Finest' stylishly blends wit, romance in WWII

07 Apr 2017

"Their Finest" is a movie about making a movie, specifically a glossy propaganda film meant to bolster morale in Britain in the darkest days of the Second World War. 


Review: Math film 'Gifted' is less than the sum of its parts

07 Apr 2017

There are several positive factors in the mixed equation that is "Gifted," starring Chris Evans and the appealing 10-year-old Mckenna Grace.


Review: In 'Colossal,' the inner monsters are literal

05 Apr 2017

The Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo makes funny, fantastical, Frankenstein-like films that playfully combine small-scale with big-concept.


Review: Wunderkind Sarah Jarosz, legendary Richard Thompson well-matched at SMF

04 Apr 2017

April 2 saw the Savannah Music Festival present a somewhat unlikely — yet superbly well-matched — double bill of acoustic-based songwriting at the Lucas Theatre.


Review: Savannah Music Fest's Swing Central Jazz Finale proves future is in good hands

03 Apr 2017

The Swing Central Jazz Finale has become a highlight of the Savannah Music Festival. This year was no exception. The young bloods and the old bloods came to play.


Review: 'The Zookeeper's Wife' tells a riveting true story

31 Mar 2017

In German-occupied Poland during the darkest days of World War II, a zookeeper and his wife managed to save the lives hundreds of Jewish people, many of whom were detained in the Warsaw Ghetto, by giving them shelter and refuge on the zoo grounds. 


Review: In 'The Boss Baby,' it's clear who wears the diapers

31 Mar 2017

Some of the best animated films have been inspired by fairy tales, ancient Greek fables or mythology. Now comes one clearly inspired by, of all people, David Mamet.


Review: Dazzling 'Ghost in the Shell' is lost in translation

31 Mar 2017

"I've been having glitches," Scarlett Johansson's part-human, mostly cyborg robot says in "The Ghost in the Shell." "It will pass."


Review: When Brahms takes on Tchaikovsky in Savannah, everyone wins

28 Mar 2017

In yet another unique showcase for the Savannah Music Festival, the U.S. premiere of “Brahms vs. Tchaikovsky” was a superb display of chamber music from two titan composers.


Review: William Bell offers master class in southern soul at SMF

27 Mar 2017

If memory serves, the very first 45 RPM single I purchased with my own allowance money was a reissue of two classic sides from Memphis’ legendary Stax label: William Bell’s smash 1961 debut “You Don’t Miss Your Water” backed with Eddie Floyd’s original 1966 version of “Knock on Wood.”


Review: Arias & Encores a healthy dose of all the best at Savannah Music Fest

26 Mar 2017

Over the years, and to some degree especially this year, the Savannah Music Festival has strived to offer patrons unique experiences that are equally educational and entertaining. 


Review: So-so 'Power Rangers' reboot is cheesy, self-serious

24 Mar 2017

There's a question every piece of intellectual property needs to ask itself before a new version is made: How seriously should we treat the source material?


Review: Big-screen 'CHiPs' a tawdry, sexist disappointment

24 Mar 2017

Reimagined by Dax Shepard, the big-screen "CHiPs" is a tawdry, testosterone-fueled tale built around penis jokes and endless evaluation of women's appearances.


Review: 'Life' is a mediocre science-fiction thriller

24 Mar 2017

Life is a box of chocolates, a highway and, alas, a mediocre science-fiction thriller.