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Empire of Sound: Trinity sanctuary shows, local bands and new discoveries highlight 2017 Savannah Stopover

13 Mar 2017

Every year, Savannah Stopover Music Festival features a wide range of up-and-coming bands, and every year there is at least one band — often many more than that — audiences are sure to fall in love with.


Top picks: We talk Stopover, Tara Feis, more Savannah spring fun with The Bridge

08 Mar 2017

Do editor Heather Henley joins Kim Gusby and Renee LaSalle on WSAV's "The Bridge" to preview the best the weekend has to offer. Read more in Renee's weekly column.


Savannah Stopover: Unique venues for secret shows, charity partners new for 2017 festival

07 Mar 2017

The seventh iteration of Savannah Stopover is tackling a new model that might become the standard for the annual indie music festival.


Empire of Sound: Savannah Stopover Music Festival the best part of March

07 Mar 2017

There is a small but growing contingent of people in and around Savannah for whom March is one of the best months of the year, but not for anything related to the Irish.


Savannah Stopover: Psychedelic garage rock titans JEFF the Brotherhood hit The Jinx

07 Mar 2017

Nashville, Tenn., is increasingly becoming the former home of country music and the new birthplace of really great rock ’n’ roll.


Savannah Stopover: Alt-rock goes old-school with Walker Lukens’ soulful tenor

07 Mar 2017

Walker Lukens is a vocal juggernaut whose soulful tenor helms an old-school rock ’n’ roll band influenced by a range of musical styles.


Savannah Stopover: A Tribe Called Red tackles social issues with ‘pow wow step’

07 Mar 2017

It’s been called “pow wow step,” with music mixing genres to create a style of contemporary sound that rouses the dance club scene.


Savannah Stopover: Wreckless Eric on punk, politics and pensions

07 Mar 2017

His name is Eric Goulden, but he’s better known around the globe as Wreckless Eric, and he’s returning to Savannah for Stopover on March 10.


Savannah Stopover: AJ Davila brings ‘dirty pop’ to The Jinx

07 Mar 2017

AJ Davila was born and raised in Puerto Rico, like me, so our interview was conducted completely in Spanish and in a very Puerto Rican way. 


Savannah Stopover: Kishi Bashi battle-tested, ready to rock

07 Mar 2017

Kishi Bashi is one of those musical geniuses who can fly by your radar like a comet. If you have never seen him live, you may turn to the person next to you and say: “Whoa! Who’s that?!”


Savannah Stopover: GGOOLLDD turns to darker, laid-back pop sound

07 Mar 2017

Milwaukee’s synth-pop band GGOOLLDD loves to create, from their look to their organic sound.


Savannah Stopover: Ruby Amanfu voices opinions while staying ‘above the noise’

07 Mar 2017

After hustling the Nashville scene as an R&B singer/songwriter for years, Ruby Amanfu is stepping into her own.


Savannah Stopover: Country Mice reunites for festival

07 Mar 2017

After a three-year hiatus, the Brooklyn, N.Y.,-based rock group Country Mice is reuniting for a 2017 tour. 


Savannah Stopover: Alanna Royale diversifies Nashville with some soul

07 Mar 2017

Alanna Royale will be adding to all the fun at Savannah Stopover in a big way this year.


Savannah Stopover: Frances Cone offers emotional blend of soul, folk and pop

07 Mar 2017 from the Lowcountry’s Charleston, S.C., to the heart of Brooklyn, N.Y., vocalist Christina Cone delivers an astounding blend of soul, folk and pop that leaves fans craving more.m


Savannah Stopover: River Whyless’ baroque folk influenced by nature

07 Mar 2017

With their new nature-inspired song “Hold Me To Ya,” Stopover veterans River Whyless are a sure hit for the crowd March 11 at Trinity church.


Savannah Stopover: Vita and the Woolf create a layered sound with synth and soul

07 Mar 2017

Vita and the Woolf, a band out of Philadelphia, will bring their tour to Savannah Stopover on March 10.


Savannah Stopover: The Bones of J.R. Jones brings wistful, eerie sound

07 Mar 2017

Brooklyn-based musician The Bones of J.R. Jones brings an eerie and inspired blues-folk sound to Savannah Stopover.


Savannah Stopover: U.K.’s Chain of Flowers ‘just friends playing music’

07 Mar 2017

Post-punk and rock music are the links that pulled together Chain of Flowers, which will make their first appearance at Stopover on March 9.


Savannah Stopover: Australian duo Hockey Dad brings cheerful surf rock vibe

07 Mar 2017

In the grand tradition of duos who grew up together — Simon & Garfunkel, say, or the Indigo Girls — childhood friends Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson comprise Hockey Dad, an Australian surf rock band coming to Savannah.


Savannah Stopover: Surf rockers High Waisted just want to have fun

07 Mar 2017

“It’s beneficial to put yourself into a specific category,” said Jessica Louise Dye, frontwoman for the surf rock band High Waisted. “That’s our roots; that’s where people can find us. From there we can all grow musically. Open up our palates.”


Savannah Stopover: Crocodiles take a bite out of Savannah with guitar-driven riffs

07 Mar 2017

Originally gaining steam as an aggressive, noisy, yet poppy rock outfit, Crocodiles have switched gears on their latest release, “Dreamless.”