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Film Scene: See a bona fide classic in ‘Night of the Hunter’

18 Feb 2015

During my youth in the mid-1970s, as far as I was concerned, there was no one on television cooler than Jim Rockford, lead in the weekly series “The Rockford Files.”


'Billy Bates' to screen in Savannah

31 Oct 2014

Producer Julie Pacino and director Jennifer DeLia will bring their feature film "Billy Bates" to Savannah on Nov. 4.


CinemaSavannah looks at Czech communism in ‘Burning Bush’

30 Jul 2014

Savannah’s Tomasz Warchol is likely well known to adventurous moviegoers in our area, either by name or by visage.


First City Films debuts long-awaited Savannah film 'Untouched'

23 Jul 2014

Savannah’s picturesque charm and beguiling historic architecture have endeared it to the motion picture industries for decades, making it something of a “go-to” location for all manner of films.


Film Scene: ‘Top Gun’ features original ambiguously gay duo

02 Jul 2014

The next installment in this series of “Dynamic Duos” takes place July 3 at Trustees Theater, and is, on the surface at least, one of the most shallow and inconsequential Hollywood action blockbusters of the past 30 years.


Review: A pitch-perfect Woodley anchors ‘Fault’

05 Jun 2014

Let’s start with the obvious. For its core audience, “The Fault in Our Stars” is essentially critic-proof.


Review: ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ the right kind of rerun

05 Jun 2014

The time-shifting sci-fi thriller “Edge of Tomorrow” has perfectly encapsulated what it is to be a summertime moviegoer. We’re dropped into a battlefield of digital effects with the fate of the world at stake. Torrents of gunfire and explosions surround. Some alien clonks us over the head.


Review: ‘Mensch’ affectionate tribute to manager

05 Jun 2014

Making his debut as a documentarian with a subject obviously close to his heart, Mike Myers plants a sloppy kiss on an entertainment industry maverick whose management savvy boosted the careers of an eclectic range of artists in “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.”


Lucas salutes king of comedy Mel Brooks with screenings, cabarets

03 Jun 2014

There was a time, starting in the early 1970s and running through the late 1980s, when Mel Brooks was one of the kings of comedy.


Review: Chilling ‘Godzilla’ reboot upholds legacy

15 May 2014

No one can blame Gareth Edwards for admittedly feeling nervous when asked to helm a remake of the biggest monster movie of all time. Sure, the only other film he had directed happened to be 2010’s “Monsters.” But this time, it was Godzilla.


Film Scene: One-and-done shows offer up variety

26 Mar 2014

As we look ahead to the independent cinema events in town, one word comes to mind: variety.