Formed all the way back in 2001, Kylesa has - along with such acts as Baroness and Black Tusk - been one of Savannah's standout musical exports in the 21st century.

From the first, Kylesa blended sounds in ways that challenge the very notion of genre.

The music is generally heavy, but "heavy metal" probably doesn't fit as well as "hard rock."

As numerous critics have noted, the band's recent albums seem to have psychedelic, pop and even shoegaze influences that emerge from the typically driving beats.

Like other local acts that have made it big, Kylesa has a hard time coming back to Savannah because we lack appropriately scaled venues.

So it's fitting that on June 22, Kylesa will wrap up its summer tour at The Jinx, the key venue in the development of Savannah's metal scene.

The capacity is considerably less than most of the clubs Kylesa plays, but that means a more intense show for those lucky enough to get inside.

Kylesa is currently promoting its sixth album, "Ultraviolet," which was released in May.

Like other bands that have been together so long and spent so much time on the road, Kylesa has been through some significant lineup changes, but founding members Phillip Cope and Laura Pleasants still form the band's core.

And the changes haven't interfered with the band's growing popularity.

Kylesa will pass 50,000 likes on Facebook later this summer, and each new release is reviewed by the key music sites.

Three other bands are touring with Kylesa: Toronto-based Blood Ceremony, White Hills from New York and Lazer/Wulf, an "experimental metal" trio from Athens.

It's going to be a long, loud night at The Jinx.

And I mean that in a good way.

Admission details had not been published as of press time, but tickets for Kylesa and the same supporting acts are $15 on June 21 at The Earl in Atlanta.

The show seems very likely to sell out, so attendees might want to drop by the club in advance.

The Jinx is at 127 W. Congress St.

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