In her youth, Kristina Train volunteered at the Savannah Music Festival.

In 2003, Train returned there as a performer. She's coming back March 29 and 30 for a double bill with Pokey LaFarge and will perform music from her latest album, "Dark Black," her first release on Mercury Records.

Born in New York, Train moved to Savannah with her mother, a teacher, when she was 11 years old. Their house had no television or radio, but there were plenty of classic rock, pop and soul records.

The violin was the first instrument Train learned to play. As a teen, she toughened her voice by standing on the roof during thunderstorms, lifting her head and yelling at the sky.

When she was just 19, Train signed a development deal with Blue Note Records, but her mother insisted she stay in college. For a time, Train attended classes, touring as she was able, but eventually dropped out of college and began her music career again.

In 2001, Train joined the Park Bench Blues Band in Athens. In 2003, she performed for the first time at the Savannah Music Festival and began recording with the band Scrapomatic.

Train signed with Blue Note Records again in 2006. She moved to New York City first, then relocated to London in 2007 to record her debut album, returning to live in London full-time in 2011.

In 2009, Train's debut album, "Spilt Milk," was released. After an 18-month tour as the lead singer of Herbie Hancock's band, she started work on her new album, "Dark Black."

Train's music blends influences from country, soul, gospel, blues, folk and jazz. She was just 4 years old when she started studying classical violin and ballet.

Later, Train taught herself to play piano and guitar. She was a dancer in the Garden State Ballet, Savannah Danse Theatre and Ballet South.

When she was 12, Train began singing and fiddling traditional Celtic music at Kevin Barry's Irish Pub with performers such as Mary Black and members of Cherish The Ladies. At 13, she was the youngest member accepted to play in the Beaufort Symphony Orchestra, and at 16, was a recurring guest soloist with the Savannah Symphony Orchestra.

Train performed regularly with Ben Tucker, who was an influence in fostering her interest in jazz music. She performed in the Savannah Jazz Festival with the Savannah Jazz Orchestra led by trombonist Teddy Adams.

Hers is the voice of the Lexus Amazing In Motion 2013 global campaign, in which she sings "I'm Wandering." Train also sings "Waltz With Me Under The Sun," the theme song of the 2013 film "The Queen of Carthage."