The circus is coming to town. And so is cabaret. And so are the drag queens.

Atlanta promoters Bedlam Presents is bringing its fabulous, techno-colored bacchanal to Dollhouse Productions on April 12, and it should be a feast for all the senses.

CirqueDeCabaret is a dance party with performance art that combines elements of a live DJ, drag artists, acrobats, costumes and so much more.

Attendees will be treated to a festival atmosphere of aerial performances, Legendary Children drag acts Evah Destruction and Violet Chachki, clowns and spotlight performer Ansley Gwinn from Bedlam's Sing for Your Life series.

"We've been throwing these types of parties for just about four years now," said one of the organizers, Barry Brandon. "We throw them almost every month in Atlanta. We've also thrown some in Tampa and New York City, and now we're bringing the event to Savannah for the first time."

When Brandon and company discovered the Dollhouse space, they knew they'd found the perfect spot for CirqueDeCabaret.

"It's a dance party and the concept behind it is that the performance art pieces happen right in front of you," Brandon said.

"You could be having a drink and all of a sudden, a spotlight will shine on someone and they'll start performing right there in front of your face. We love the human connection concept of you being one with what's happening around you and the energy you build off of it."

Both Blake Olmstead Mavrogeorgis and Peter Mavrogeorgis, who run Dollhouse Productions, are excited to host the event, as it furthers a movement they are more than happy to support.

"What's cool about this event is it's basically furthering a Renaissance in drag culture in Savannah," Peter said.

"Savannah is a city where you can feel comfortable walking around and expressing yourself however you like. We're seeing so many different kinds of fashion and culture that it makes Savannah almost an oasis for many different types of people in the area.

"So what we're doing is helping further what's already going on here in a lot of ways. This is a celebration of people being themselves," he said.

Attendees are highly encouraged to dress up and express themselves however they see fit.

The idea is to have a party that accepts everyone, no matter who you are.

And if this party goes well, Bedlam is looking to continue bringing the event to Savannah as long as people are having fun.

"We love Savannah," Brandon said. "We're really excited to be bringing this party down there. We're hoping the people who live there like what we do, because we'd love to come down and do more of this."