"My New Year's wish is to get rid of the mayor and all her clowns in City Council and get someone who is more concerned for Savannah than for all the money they can spend."

"I don't see why Pooler and Bloomingdale wouldn't want the CAT bus. There are people there who don't have cars or can't drive and still have to go places. Have you seen the taxi fares lately?"

"What the North Koreans fail to see is that 'The Interview' could be retitled 'Dumb and Dumber 3.' It's a farce and makes the U.S. look terrible."

"I saw that the president is going to Hawaii. I hope he stays there."

"If they ever want to do a study on how to replace Savannah's politicians, I'll be happy to do it for free!"

"I cannot believe that the Savannah-Chatham police department used my tax dollars to get those awful little cars."

"Talk about being ripped off: My daughter was charged $189 to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Savannah."

"Gas has gone down. Why is milk still so expensive?"

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