Desotorow Gallery will be making Savannah a little brighter on Aug. 15 during its Illuminate the Art of Savannah fundraiser.

Attendees will be able to purchase light bulbs for $15 to draw on and decorate. They will also have the opportunity to be photographed with their creation and will receive a digital copy of the image. The money raised will be used to upgrade the electrical system at the gallery, including adding professional track lighting inside the studio, increasing the circuit's electrical capacity and placing more power outlets, both inside and outside.

Lauren Flotte, president of the Desotorow board of directors, said the event is more than just a fundraiser. It's also an opportunity for community engagement.

"By creating a fundraising event where supporters become participants in the art-making, we believe that we can raise more than money," Flotte said. "We can encourage the community to partake in the creative process that our mission supports."

She said the upgrade will benefit the other fundraisers and outdoor events hosted by the gallery, most notably the First Friday Art March and the Exhibition Fellowship Program, which allows four artists chosen at random to have a free exhibition during the art march.

"While this definitely increases the accessibility of our space to local artists, we believe wholeheartedly that the space we are offering should be of the highest professional quality, and that definitely includes track lighting that can appropriately and beautifully light the shows in our gallery space," she said.

Along with decorating the light bulbs, the event aims to create a fun and festive atmosphere and will feature a variety of local musicians. Keeping with the "illuminate" theme, Flotte said there will be a special light show element.

"This is the first time we have tried a fundraiser like this. In the past, we have had other types of fundraising events that were more general in their goals. But the idea behind this campaign is to be specific, transparent and direct with our supporters," Flotte said, "Reaching our goal and everyone having a great time helping us do that would be the ultimate success story for us in this endeavor."


What: Illuminate the Art of Savannah fundraiser

When: 6-9 p.m. Aug. 15

Where: Desotorow Gallery Inc., 2427 Desoto Ave.

Info: All donations are tax-deductible; go to or mail to Desotorow Inc., 2427 Desoto Ave. Savannah, GA 31401

Get shirts: Order at, Elev8ed Clothing, 404 W. Broughton St., or Red Light Tobacco, 123 E. Congress St.