Butterhead Greens Café, located a few blocks south of Forsyth Park on Bull Street, is equal parts coffee shop, lunch spot and awesome.

I enter the modest-looking building on a scorching Friday afternoon and am greeted by a decent crowd and giant menu boards displaying the foods on offer.

I follow posted directions and peruse the menu before stepping up to the counter to order. Salads and sandwiches are king here. While the menu isn't expansive by any means, there are options for every kind of diner.

After a grueling two-minute mental struggle between numerous delicious-sounding dishes, I glide over to the counter and confidently order the Flightless Heaven, a grilled turkey sandwich, with a side of quinoa salad.

To drink, I overindulge - as a boy who grew up in North Carolina, the sight of Cheerwine on any menu fills me with happiness - and I simply cannot pass up the Enhanced Water of the Day: a refreshing pineapple and mint flavor.

Yes, Enhanced Water of the Day - how cool is that? I am given a number and am instructed that my food will be ready in just a few minutes.

I take this time to explore the restaurant a bit. The main room is an open kitchen, coffee bar and waiting area with a few bar-style chairs along the walls. In the next room, large booths and cafeteria-style seating are available, in addition to a few outdoor tables.

As a single diner, I perch on a stool along the windows and anxiously await No. 83.

Less than 10 minutes later, my dreams come true. The Flightless Heaven is heavenly. Thinly sliced mesquite turkey, house-marinated red onions, oven-dried tomatoes, havarti and a house-made sage sauce on toasted ciabatta - simply fantastic.

This sandwich has the perfect bread-to-filling ratio and each bite is jam-packed with wonderful flavors. A heaping portion of quinoa salad, a dish with high expectations, accompanies the giant sandwich. I'd heard rumors that this may be the best quinoa salad in town, and after only two bites, I decided to wholeheartedly agree. The super food is steamed and tossed with tomatoes, red onions, lemon juice, olive oil and parsley, resulting in a refreshing and delicious dish. I would love to eat this every day. With each successive bite, I can feel myself becoming full but continue to eat because the meal is so delicious.

As I struggle to finish my fantastic lunch, I decide on dessert to go. A honey chai cheesecake bar fits the bill perfectly. Creamy, interesting and a perfect size - I am a very pleased customer. This is one of the best $15 lunches I have ever had.

I clean up after myself and am thanked for coming in. With a promise to return, I wander out into the Savannah heat with a full belly and a smile on my face.

A locally owned, locally sourced eatery and coffee shop, Butterhead Greens Café keeps it simple and gets it right. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly service, great prices and delicious food have made this diner a true fan. I will be back, and I will Eat It and Like It again and again.

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