FORM has gotten the go-ahead from the city of Savannah to make its move from Habersham and 33rd to the Bonna Bella area on Skidaway Road.  Name is tentative right now, but Brian Torres, co-founder of FORM, tells me "The Chef Table at Form" is seriously being considered. For those of you who think Brian, Jimmy and Claude are all about cheesecake, you'd be mistaken. They've been turning out one private dinner after another at their Habersham location. That spot downtown will stay in the family, get a bit of a makeover and roll on. Don't know what will become of the ping pong table, but I'm going to guess it won't ever be too far away. "We will have full service coffee, a true juice bar and full lunch service and the most creative small plates farm-to-table style menu," Brian says. The biggest question is when? They aren't sure of that yet. There was talk of September, but no one is putting an open date in ink yet. I will keep you posted. Group expandsDaniel Reed Hospitality continues to spread its wings. The restaurant group that currently owns Local 11ten on Bull and Duffy and Public Kitchen and Bar on Liberty and Bull is expanding. I'm told they will acquire the space now occupied by Soho South Café across Liberty Street from Mellow Mushroom. No one is talking in an official capacity, but I am told once they take over in mid-September, they are going to close Soho for about two weeks to make a few nips and tucks. The concept will stay the same ... for now. A year or so down the road, the entire building will get a Daniel Reed makeover. I'm certain creative director Robbie Perkins is licking his chops. That Soho space has a ton of potential. PERCPERC Coffee is moving, growing, expanding. Philip tells me he is moving his production from the Starland District to a new warehouse at East Broad and 34th. "We have a coffee roaster twice the size of the old one," he says. "New labels, a new website and much, much more." Great to see sweat equity paying off. You have to wonder if Philip will be able to continue delivering beans via bicycle. Scooter, maybe? Food and wine festI'm going to keep beating this drum until you all have a ticket and it's all sold out. Ticket sales for the first Savannah Food and Wine Festival are making a lot of people happy.  I'm told some events are getting close to selling out. It's not even September yet.  I have a friend who is planning to attend tell me, "I keep forgetting to buy my tickets."  I am certain no one is really thinking about an event in November because the kids just went back to school. Fair enough. But if you are a really planning on going, don't delay.  Taste of Savannah will be a huge event/celebration in Ellis Square. But other events? They will sell out. I have very little doubt. SmackdownSmackdown No. 2 is in the books. The Pinot 4 Ways Smackdown was a great event at the Bohemian Hotel on Bay Street. An interesting concept. Great turnout and a lot of people asking questions and taking the time to learn about wines they may have never had before. At the end of the day, that is what it is all about. No matter if your threshold for a bottle of wine is $15 or $150. Get a peek at what you missed over at Doors shuttingDo you ever think an established restaurant is in trouble when you get emails twice a week offering $20 worth of food for $5?   I'm no business major, but too many mass discounts might just be a fast-track to shutting doors.Speaking of shutting doors: Sage closed its doors a month or so ago. I ran into a principal in that venture the other day. He said he's going to work for Sysco, a national food supplier. Hey, they say "good things come from Sysco." We wish him well. A restaurant called "Hercules Bar and Grill" is going in that spot soon. Wiley's cookbookWiley's Championship BBQ on Whitemarsh Island is in the cookbook business. Look for it perhaps by spring 2014. Booming in BloomingdaleFew things make us happier here at Eat It and Like It than shining a giant spotlight on people doing things the right way. After our write-up, Roma Pizza in Bloomingdale is enjoying its busiest run in 3 ½ years. So far, I'm getting a lot of love from the people who have driven out there. Haven't heard about it? Go to Then head out for a great, great pizza. Whole FoodsSpeaking of good pizza, gotta give the new Whole Foods some love. Pizza is good there, though $17 is a bit of a punch in the gut. But hey, you wanna save some money, go to a pizza buffet. Yuck. The gridironHappy football season everyone! We made it. 'Canes over FAU, Bama over Virginia Tech, USC over UNC and UGA over Clemson ... but the Dawgs better be careful.See you on TV!