Where is the group from and how long have you been here?

The band formed in early 2012. The members come from all around the Lowcountry, with Jack coming from Ellabell, Rebecca from Rincon, Tim from the Pooler area, Mike from Statesboro and Whiskey John in Claxton.

Who are some of your musical influences?

The band draws from the very diverse influences of all the members. The members of Six Times Sinned have played country, rock, punk, funk and jazz in various bands and as solo artists. The current sound of Six Times Sinned is heavily influenced by current and classic country music and Southern rock, but elements of other styles come through, giving unique qualities to cover songs and original compositions.

Describe your sound in three words.

Country rock jam.

What are some of your favorite Savannah venues and why?

We really love each and every venue we play at and it is very difficult to single out any in particular. Let us just say that we want to thank every bar and venue owner that lets us come and entertain their customers and introduce SXS to new audiences.

What's in the future for your band?

Oh lord, we have lots to do! We are continuing to compose and rehearse original songs with the intent of getting into the studio to cut an album. We also want to continue to expand the SXS Nation throughout Georgia and the world by taking the show to as many new audiences as we can.

Anything else to add?

Come visit us live and on the web and get on our mailing list to receive updates from the band!